Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 412 - Slaughter

Chapter 412: Slaughter

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The two sides were locked in confrontation. Gambling on Lu Shu’s inability to take the first move, the CoG leader let out a loud roar, “Go!”

Quick as specters, the two Class C’s double-teamed Lu Shu while the other four provided support from the side. Their shurikens were already in their hands, aiming to hold Lu Shu up if not to cause harm.

Even if Lu Shu’s action was slowed by only one second, their bosses would have an easier time taking him down.

It was a well coordinated team. Leaping into the air, one of the Class C’s raised his katana high, ready to slash down from above Lu Shu’s head, his blade glowing with an eerie purple light. Meanwhile, the other expert suddenly unleashed his body tricks, lowering his torso in a twisted manner, and struck towards Lu Shu’s lower legs with incredible accuracy and force!

Lu Shu would be dead no matter who he attacked with his flying dagger!

Yet, in a split second, Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow thundered out of Lu Shu’s celestial map. Even the atmosphere started trembling!

All CoG members stared at the two flying daggers in disbelief. None of them expected to see two!

Among the many Heavenly Network pros they had met, Lu Shu was the first to master the use of two flying daggers concurrently!

The divine water swished forward, sinuating in the air like a winding dragon. As the CoG Class C’s were busy guarding themselves against the assailing Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow, Lu Shu had vanished from their sight.

With a loud bang, Lu Shu punched hard into a supporting member on the outside of the formulation. Unable to withstand the impact, that low-level Practitioner’s bones caved in under his fist.

Before that poor man could even touch the land after being thrown into the air, Lu Shu had come to his second victim. Inhale, exhale, and punch! The ground shook under him.


In the blink of an eye, two CoG fighters were down. Yet, the two Class C’s were still being held back by the flying daggers, fully concentrated on the defense against the agile daggers. Clearly, Lu Shu had mastered the skill of utilizing his weapons as an extension of his own body!

Just when they were content that Lu Shu would prioritize wiping out the Class D’s before shifting his target to themselves, Lu Shu suddenly turned towards one of them. Under his feet, gray soils collapsed at once due to the reaction force, and his shoes soon cracked into pieces.

Managing to dodge Corpsedog, the leader immediately thrust his katana towards Lu Shu, but the sword missed its target. As though being controlled, the katana instantly swerved a hundred and eighty degrees in the air and aimed at Lu Shu’s back!

At the same time, a shuriken shot out from the other hand of his, intending to slow down Corpsedog’s action. At this crucial instant, the divine water reached the site and immediately wrapped itself around the katana behind Lu Shu’s back!

The CoG person felt sorry for his lost weapons. Despite having no idea of the identity of that golden liquid, its destructive ability on magical weapons was terrific!

However, seeing that Lu Shu had been fighting with bare hands, it seemed that that was all he had. But the CoG member had yet to unveil all his cards.

Instantly, he retrieved a dagger from his lower leg. He was armed but Lu Shu was not!

But in a split second, a spear suddenly conjured up in Lu Shu’s hands out of thin air, gleaming across its entire length!

It was totally unexpected. The Collection of Gods was known for their unpredictable fighting techniques, but to their surprise, their young opponent was way better at this!

He was equipped with invisible storage! What kind of monster was he!

The spear pierced through the man’s body. What a surprise!

Yet, Lu Shu did not stop there. His flying daggers immediately surrounded the other Class C, scraping their blades against his body without mercy!

Joy and anger instantly evaporated from that man. Defense against two flying daggers was not within his abilities.

The intense fight only lasted for less than a minute. Often times, a typical combat between pros happens at lightning speed. Throughout the entire duration, there was neither speech nor screams, but only silence. All there was inside their brains was the fight!

Following the blades, splashes of blood were pulled out from the man’s wounds, owing to Lu Shu’s water control abilities.

When the man’s consciousness was hanging on the edge, he was punctured by the flying daggers!

Thus, the two experts had met their demise. If they had picked a fight with another ordinary Class C, they would have certainly claimed their victory effortlessly. However, they were unlucky to have run into Lu Shu.

Rapidly Corpsedog and Concealed Arrow finished off the remaining two before returning to the celestial map.

Until then, merely one minute had just passed.

Then, Lu Shu heard Coral’s voice from not far away, “Run towards me, Lu Shu! I’m coming to help you!”

Lu Shu’s spear disappeared at once, even his divine water was back to his Seal of Lands.

When Coral arrived at the site, she was startled to see stains of fresh blood on Lu Shu’s body, but CoG members were all lying on the floor, breathless.

And there he was, gazing at her from pools of blood and corpses, with tranquility displayed on his face.

His clean and elegant facial features posed a stark contrast against the hellish background. Despite simply standing there still, an unquenched thirst for blood seemed to be emitting from him.

Coral froze. She had seen blood, even more than other ordinary individual Practitioners, but never had she expected Lu Shu to slaughter so many CoG pros so fast. It suddenly struck her that the true reason for Lu Shu’s escape was to conceal his trump cards.

Wounds were clearly visible on the corpses, obviously left behind by sharp blades. But there was nothing in Lu Shu’s hands. Being a smart girl, Coral instantly knew the truth.

But she had no intention to inquire further. On the contrary, a sense of worship was cultivated in her young heart, and soon went into full bloom.

Only then did she truly realize how powerful Lu Shu could get. Certainly he had yet to reach Class B, as in that instance he would have killed the CoG’s with a wave of his hand, no need for his trump cards. It had been tried and tested numerous times that only a coordinated team of more than six Class C’s had a chance at overthrowing a low-Class B.

Moreover, even if he was only Class C, he must be one of the top. Coral had heard of such existences, as some Class C’s in Northern Europe were already shining stars of the realm.

As it was widely acknowledged that they would surely become terrific monsters should they ascend to Class B.

Coral’s smile was as bright as the spring sun. She whispered, “I like you, Lu Shu.”

She chose to reveal her feelings beside the gory battlefield, as she was scared that there might not be a second chance.

It was never wrong to admire the strong. What made her even more delighted was that she had fallen for him before she found out how strong he was, though Lu Shu did not think it was a big deal at all.

Lu Shu was stunned by her confession. Then, hesitant, he replied shyly, “Well, so do I.”

Coral’s eyes lit up. “Really?!”

Lu Shu nodded his head, sheepish. “Yea. I like myself too.”

Coral, “???”

“From Coral Johnson’s distress, +666..”

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