Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 748: Angel of Eternity (I)

On this King’s Sword, there were eight glows of light. Yes, even more than the seven colors of the Divine Equipment. That powerful aura even surpassed that of the Violet-gold Moonlight Sword. And the aura it exuded was the pure energy of a King, more compatible with Long Haochen’s own Light God Domain.

Lifting up his right hand, Long Haochen grasped this huge sword, and his body trembled slightly. Feeling the connection between his blood and veins, his breath instantly merged with this King’s Sword.

An eight-colored golden light burst forth, forming a curtain of light that separated Long Haochen from the outside world. The misty white luster that had been weakening Long Haochen before immediately stopped affecting him.

At the same time. The holy unicorn behind Long Haochen also turned into a multicolored stream of light and landed on Long Haochen’s body, turning into a holy armor, fully amplifying his strength.

"Huh? Even the Light of Eternity can resist? " The Angel of Eternity looked at him in surprise.

Long Haochen replied in a deep voice, “Your Chaotic Attribute can obviously be used to communicate with any attribute. However, if any of these attributes are able to reach the pinnacle, it is not something that your primal chaos can swallow. My light is the purest light. Perhaps my domain is no match for yours. But thought you want to weaken me with your domain, you can’t do it.”

As he said that, the six wings on Long Haochen’s back flapped, and his body turned into a golden flash, appearing in front of the Angel of Eternity like a bolt of lightning. The King’s Sword in his hand instantly glinted, and a myriad of golden lights scattered in all directions.

The body of the Angel of Eternity became illusory, and in the next instant, she was already a kilometer away.

“Since my domain can’t defeat you, then let’s just rely on strength.” The Angel of Eternity let out a cold snort, then pointed with her staff. Immediately, a huge white light expanded in front of her.

The white light soared upwards, and in the blink of an eye, it had turned into a thousand-meter-tall giant. This giant was completely white, completely formed from the power of . White armor covered its body. No weapons.

With a stuffy groan, Long Haochen was sent flying back this time. His expression really changed. This thousand-meter tall giant gave him the same feeling he had when facing the Demon God Emperor. Even though he was no longer as weak as he used to be, and he would not feel completely helpless, however, that terrifying oppression was too much powerful. This Angel of Eternity possessed the same strength as the Demon God Emperor?

The King’s Sword was raised, and with a flash of golden light, a thick streak of golden lightning shot toward the huge figure of light with an extremely sharp sword intent.

The figure of light let out an angry roar, and his entire body let out an explosive sound. A white light gushed out from his body. The sword intent released by the King’s Sword of Long Haochen was dispersed just like that. In fact, this strike contained the power of the Light of Trial.

The suppression from domain, plus the power of this figure of light, made Long Haochen suddenly feel at the end of his tether. The oppression that figure of light gave him was too strong. It was so strong that even his will was being suppressed.

This was an opponent he was completely unable to contend with! But if that was the case, what was the point of the test of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation?

At that very moment, Long Haochen’s thoughts were like bolts of lightning. The huge figure of light had already thrown a punch at him.

Long Haochen’s expression became serious. How firm was his determination? Even if he had to face the Demon God Emperor’s suicidal situation in the past, he didn’t intend to admit defeat either. Although his opponent was strong, he wouldn’t retreat.

Grasping the King’s Sword with both hands, Long Haochen’s eyes glinted brilliantly, and a multicolored flame abruptly rose from them. What he ignited was his own domain. Even if he used up his source energy, he wouldn’t admit defeat.

“Clang!” In mid-air, the King’s Sword clashed with that fist, letting out a resplendent eight-colored light. The multicolored golden flames on Long Haochen’s body also burst forth with a dazzling luster. It ferociously struck the fist.

However, all of this was only a piece of cake to the white figure of light, and in the next instant, Long Haochen’s body was sent flying like an artillery shell.

Easton’s King stared and stunned. After the Angel of Eternity appeared, the seal that had been placed on him by the Lord of Nature was lifted. However, when he saw what was happening, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Old Dragon. How was this possible? Even if the Angel of Eternity is stronger than you and me, she couldn’t be as powerful as this.”

The holy dragon responded with a voice transmission, “You know nothing! This is the test the Lord of Eternity has placed on the human. Angel of Eternity only temporarily obtained the authority to control the Eternal Realm. If it was in the outside world, even if there were ten of her, she wouldn’t have such a cultivation.”

Easton’s King said in confusion, “If that’s the case, then what the hell am I taking the exam for? Who could have won her!”

The holy dragon disdainfully said, “What else does your brain have other than muscles? You know nothing! Watch by yourself.”

Easton’s King was furious. “Hell, if you keep on saying that, I’ll smash your butt with a hammer.”

The holy dragon stared at the battlefield. The thing that responded to Easton’s King’s fury was one of its five dragon claws. However, it had its middle finger erected …

In the air, Long Haochen felt the light essence in his body violently shaking, flying a few thousand meters before stabilizing his body. Although the pain from his body was intense, he was surprised to see that he hadn’t suffered any serious injuries. On the contrary, the sharpness of the King’s Sword had left a deep scar on the huge figure of light’s fist.

A thought immediately appeared in Long Haochen’s mind: this figure of light’s attack power didn’t seem as powerful as the one he displayed.

The figure of light’s attack didn’t stop there. Lifting his right hand in the air, his entire arm actually turned into a thousand meters long huge sword, slashing down from the sky. Before the greatsword landed, a deep gully had already appeared in the ground a few thousand meters below, causing King Easton to feel great heartache. However, he did not dare to rush forward to stop. The power that this glowing figure was displaying was truly terrifying. Even if he and the Holy Dragon combined, they wouldn’t be a match for him!

In the air, all the elemental essence seemed to be mobilized in a split-second, and Long Haochen’s body was locked in place, making it impossible for him to dodge. Even if space was sealed, even if he had the power to travel through space, he wouldn’t be able to escape. This feeling was exactly the same as when he was sealed by the three great demon gods in the Star Demon Tower.

Blood surged, and Long Haochen’s eyes lit up, the hot blood in his body already boiling. The battle at the Star Demon Tower was the biggest failure of his life. For this reason, the Cai Rr he loved the most suffered so much before reviving him!

Feeling the same sensation once again, Long Haochen’s whole body immediately gained a burst of energy. Grasping the King’s Sword tightly in both hands, the rainbow glow surrounding the sword turned into eight colors, and a one meter diameter area, bright as the sun, lit up the sky.

Compressed version, the Divine Light Dance.

With the existence of the King’s Sword, an existence between a divine tool and a supra-divine tool, Long Haochen’s field of application and amplification had a great change.


The sky was filled with white light, and the powerful cutting power of the Divine Light Dance was able to cut that thousand-meter long light sword in half. When it arrived in front of Long Haochen once again, its momentum was far inferior to before.

The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon sparkled in seven colors, turning into an enormous shield above his head. However, the power of that light sword was indeed terrifying, and it smashed Long Haochen ruthlessly into the ravine on the ground. As he hovered in midair, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Lifting his feet, he took a step forward, directly aiming for the place where Long Haochen had just landed. From the looks of it, he wasn’t going to give him any chance of survival.

However, at that moment, the radiance in the sky suddenly changed. The bright sunlight suddenly dimmed, and the sun began to set in the west. It seemed as if night was about to fall.

This change left the Angel of Eternity stunned. However, the light blade still ruthlessly stomped down. The roar of the earth made King Easton close his eyes. With such a terrifying step, even if Long Haochen didn’t die, he wouldn’t be able to take a single breath.

“Divine Stone of Sun and Moon?” The Eternal Angel stared at the sky, puzzled.

The Divine Stone of Sun and Moon was a treasure that contained the purest essence of the sun and moon. With enough power, it could change the entire day and night, changing the time in advance. It had always been one of Easton’s greatest treasures, but the Angel of Eternity had heard earlier that the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon had been stolen. Who would have thought that at this time. If it wasn’t used by King Easton and the Holy Dragon, it would naturally be Long Haochen.

At this time, that mighty and almost invincible figure of light suddenly trembled. Although its movement range was not large, because of its body size, everyone present was still able to see it clearly.

Immediately, a strange luster started to spread from under the feet of this figure of light, and its body seemed to solidify.

Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, black and white.

The nine-colored light twinkled, carrying a special kind of gentleness as they ascended. At the same time, the sun and moon in the sky seemed to come to a standstill. Sunlight and moonlight swirled and merged in the air, and the terrifying might of the world caused the Angel of Eternity, the Holy Dragon, and King Easton to shudder.

No matter how powerful they were, they were still insignificant in front of the divine might of Heaven and Earth. Even a god would not be able to contend against heavenly might. Because God was born in heaven and earth!

In the blink of an eye, the nine-colored light spread to every corner of the glowing person’s body. At this time, the divine light of the sun and moon seemed to have completed its final fusion.

An enormous golden and white pillar of light descended from the sky, combining the brilliance of the sun and the moon perfectly, gathering fire with a beautiful luster on that thousand meter figure of figure of light.

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