Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Kunlun Prefecture’s Yi family

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Yi Xiao’s disposition was considered outstanding among her cultivator peers. However, she could not help but feel nervous when she was stared at by numerous demons. She knew that both she and Qin Yun no longer had much Quintessential Essence. They had only managed to intimidate the demons.

“Is he not nervous at all? Is there no panic?” Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun, who was walking beside her. At that moment, he was walking calmly. He was even scanning the demons around him, as though he was a hunter watching his prey. It left the demons shuddering in fear.

Yi Xiao discovered the differences between Qin Yun and her junior and senior brothers.

Her male peers were also disciples of the Divine Firmament Chapter, one of the three sacred Daoist lands. Those that could enter were either extremely talented and were brought back by sect experts who toured the mortal world, or they had extraordinary talent who came from top families. Therefore, they had a pride that came from being a sacred land disciple.

However, Qin Yun appeared normal before coming to Green Tooth Mountain. He had the typical bearing of a disciple from a top sect but in the face of life and death, he showed great heroic spirit! It left Yi Xiao impressed.

“Perhaps, this is obtained from three years in the northern borders.” Yi Xiao thought to herself.

The duo walked alongside each other and was leaving the area.

White Tiger watched them from high up in the sky. He clenched his teeth but did not pursue them.

“To think that I encountered two disciples of top sects in a place like Grand Dominance County!? Ignoring the fact that one can conjure divine lightning spells, the other sword immortal is too powerful. His flying sword is at least a seventh-grade Dharma treasure! Ridiculous!” White Tiger looked at his left arm. His claw was gone and he had lost an axe. To gather that many rare materials was very difficult.

Some materials were hard to buy even with gold and silver.

For example, Astral Patterned Steel was a controlled commodity by the imperial government! The Frostmuster Spirit Liquid that Qin Yun was in need of was found deep in the northern seabed. Cultivation experts might not necessarily find it by going to the bottom of the sea. They were found by chance while underwater. It was not worth it to deliberately search for it.

The more valuable the materials, the harder it was to find.

For example, the thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit was something with a price but impossible to buy. At what price did the county governor pay to commission Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, and Jia Huairen and his servant to retrieve it for him? Furthermore, with such great danger, if not for Qin Yun and Yi Xiao being strong, there was no way for them to obtain the spirit fruit.

“I have to think of a way to get back my axe.” White Tiger pondered. “How do I get it back? Senior Brother Water God’s strength is above mine but due to the atrocities he has committed, he does not dare leave the river. None of the other fellow disciples would dare enter the county city either.”

“Is my axe gone just like that? No, no, no. I have to find Senior Brother Water God. Having suffered this loss, I can’t let him just watch idly!”

Immediately, White Tiger flew towards Mist Lake Valley and retrieved the items he had left in the house, such as his beloved portrait, incense cauldron, etc. Then, he flew towards Water God’s manor.

When the gathered demons saw White Tiger fly away, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“Where did such a powerful cultivator come from!? That divine lightning from just now gave me the frights. The lightning struck the daylights out of even King White Tiger.”

“That swordsman was even stronger! He was on par with King White Tiger originally. But after King White Tiger was struck by the divine lightning, he managed to cleave off King White Tiger’s claw and even took away his axe.”

“He was really powerful. Even with so many of us attacking him, none of us could touch even his clothes. The ones that were close to him were all killed. More than sixty died in a blink of an eye. How terrifying!”

“When did such a powerful cultivator come to our Grand Dominance County?”

The surrounding demons broke out into a flurry of discussion.

They were shocked and frightened.

“I know that swordsman. He’s the second young master of Grand Dominance County’s Qin Manor, Qin Yun. I heard that during the Courtesan Belle selection, the three demonic slaves that Water God refined had launched an attack. One of them was a rhinoceros demon whose physique was so strong that it could easily block Demon Annihilation Crossbows. Yet, it was slew by Qin Yun in one strike.”

“Even King White Tiger was injured by him. Who gives a shit about the rhinoceros demon?”

“He’s a Grand Dominance County local? That will be problematic. In the future, watch out. If you see that Young Master Qin, it’s best you hide. Even with all of us joining forces, it will only mean suicide.”

“What about that female cultivator? That palm lightning was very powerful as well. There was no way of dodging it. Being struck meant death.”

“I don’t know. Such a beautiful female cultivator would be known if she was a local of Grand Dominance County. She must be some foreign cultivator that passed by.”

“It’s good that she’s a foreigner. It’s good that she’s a foreigner.”

The demons lamented and sighed. They began dispersing in groups when they saw other demons that were rushing over.

“Time to leave, time to leave. Go back.” The demons that were heading back shouted loudly.

“Go back? Didn’t Green Tooth Mountain trumpet just sound?” The demons that had rushed over were puzzled.

“The battle is over.”

“You guys were lucky to not have encountered that frightening human.”

“Tell me, what frightening human?”

The demons began chatting about the battle that had just happened. It was a rare battle that Green Tooth Mountain saw in years. From that day on, the legend of the couple, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao, began spreading among the Green Tooth Mountain demons. Soon, the demons in Grand Dominance County heard of it.

Qin Yun and Yi Xiao rushed down the mountain.

“Miss Yi, you might not think much of this tiger claw but this axe is made of pretty impressive materials.” Qin Yun said, “When we are back at Grand Dominance County, I’ll give half of this axe to you.”

Qin Yun had long coveted the axe.

It was definitely a treasure needed in cultivating his Intrinsic Flying Sword. However, the nine hundred kilograms of rare materials were nearly all Metal-elemental! They could be absorbed by his Intrinsic Flying Sword, and in addition to the Frostmuster Spirit Liquid… his Intrinsic Flying Sword had a chance of reaching an eighth-grade Dharma treasure upon completion! However, he did not need nine hundred kilograms.

“Give half to me?” Yi Xiao took a glance and smiled. “There’s no need.”

“No need?” Qin Yun was taken aback.

Did disciples of a top sect have no lack of treasures?

“I’m from the Kunlun Prefecture’s Yi family. I have no lack of treasures,” said Yi Xiao.

Qin Yun was alarmed when he heard that.

Yi Xiao was considered a disciple of a sacred land. It was nothing much either. After all, even a sacred land talked about fairness. It was impossible they would spend large amounts of resources on a single disciple.

But the Kunlun Prefecture’s Yi family was different! It was impressive if a young member of a huge family clan entered a sacred land. Having two was enormous luck. The large family would naturally go to great extents to groom them.

Kunlun Prefecture’s Yi family was powerful. It was ranked one of the top few family clans in the world. Even the imperial government had conferred them royal titles!

“Kunlun Prefecture’s Yi family?” Qin Yun smiled as he looked at Yi Xiao. “Alright then, I’ll accept it brazenly. However, I was really given a shock that Miss Yi comes from the Kunlun Prefecture’s Yi family.”

“Why? Brother Qin is able to be at ease when facing death but now, you are given a shock?” Yi Xiao glanced at Qin Yun with a smile.

With Yi Xiao smiling, it stirred Qin Yun’s heart.

“It just gave me a shock.” Qin Yun calmed his emotions and said.


Beneath Green Tooth Mountain.

The county governor, along with hundreds of men, were waiting. Even the county governor had alighted the carriage. He was looking at the mountain range in front of him with a palpitating heart.

The county governor faltered after standing for too long. After all, he was getting on in years.

“Father, why don’t you wait inside the carriage?” Wen Chong hurriedly helped his father.

“I’m fine.”

The county governor looked up and silently looked ahead.

If Qin Yun and Yi Xiao failed and died, the Divine Firmament Chapter and the Kunlun Prefecture’s Yi family would not let the matter rest that easily.

And most importantly, the spirit fruit. It was able to extend twenty years of his life…

“There’s someone!” Commander Fang suddenly said.

“Who? Is Qin Yun and Yi Xiao coming?” The county governor hurriedly walked over.

Commander Fang was a Connate False Core realm expert. He could tell at a glance that in the clouds far away, there was a figure running in panic. He was none other than Jia Huairen. His clothes were torn and tattered and he looked miserable.

Jia Huairen was seized with panic. The only thought on his mind was Qin Yun’s battle with White Tiger and the scene of more than a hundred demons chasing after him with Uncle Qian doing his best to stop them. While escaping, he saw many demons swarming toward Mist Lake Valley! As the demons were rushing with all their might, they were very conspicuous. From afar, Jia Huairen could sense the commotion. It allowed him to carefully flee for his life. Indeed, he had succeeded in escaping.

However, he had fought twice on the way. He killed one demon and injured another! As all the demons in Green Tooth Mountain were rushing to Mist Lake Valley after hearing the trumpet, none of them had deliberately stopped him.

“I’ve escaped! I’ve escaped out of Green Tooth Mountain!” Jia Huairen only had that thought on his mind. He had escaped the demon-infested Green Tooth Mountain. The demons’ nest was too terrifying.


Jia Huairen leaped down and touched his foot on a boulder before jumping down thrice consecutively. Finally, he landed at the foot of the mountain and could at a glance, see the huge convoy in the distance. There, he saw the county governor, Wen Chong, Commander Fang, and company. They were all staring right at him.

“Lord County Governor!” Jia Huairen felt relieved. He was safe! However, his heart tensed up. After all, he was the only one who escaped.

Commander Fang bellowed, “Jia Huairen, aren’t you coming over!?”

Jia Huairen did not dare hesitate as he hurriedly went over.

“Greetings Lord County Governor and Commander Fang!” Jia Huairen immediately went forward and bowed.

The county governor looked at Jia Huairen, whose clothes were tattered. “You came out alone? Where’s Qin Yun and Yi Xiao? Also, where’s that demon servant of yours?”

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