Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Qin Yun’s Strongest Move

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High in the sky, White Tiger was dumbstruck.

The demons in all shapes and sizes that were scattered everywhere, with some looking very ugly, were also dumbfounded. They included wolf, pig, ox, bear, scorpion, snake, worm demons, etc. Some of them could fly in the sky, some could burrow underground, while others could swim in water. At that moment, these demons were first feeling dumbfounded before feeling enraged. Many demons’ eyes turn red immediately.

Some demons had low intelligence, to begin with. The moment their eyes turned red, they were capable of anything.

“Kill him!”

“How dare he act arrogant?”

“To think he dares acts arrogant in front of us.” The demons roared.

High in the sky, White Tiger glared down at Qin Yun. His golden eyes burned with fury as he immediately roared, “Go, surround and kill him!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The demons shouted in unison as they swarmed over from every direction like a tumultuous tsunami. There were some demons who burrowed underground while there were flying demons in the sky that swooped downwards. Although they knew that the human cultivator was powerful, the demons grew braver when their numbers reached a critical mass! A cultivator that had yet to reach the Connate realm could be easily vanquished by their collective efforts no matter how powerful he was.

Qin Yun’s words from before had left the demons furious. It was an act of provocation!

“With so many of us around, you dare taunt us instead of begging for mercy?”

“Rip him apart!”

“Eat him!”

“I want a piece of his flesh!”

Many of the demons appeared to be in a frenzy. When all the demons charged forward, they truly seemed emboldened as murderous intent filled the skies.

It would be quite an astounding sight if hundreds of ordinary humans charged together. Thus, with hundreds of demons of all shapes and sizes, the commanding presence was just too terrifying! High in the sky, even White Tiger’s eyes lit up. As for Yi Xiao, who was using her Dharma treasure to conjure three blurry layers of light barriers around her, she felt her heart tighten. “What means does Brother Qin have?”

Qin Yun stood his ground and waited quietly.

“Kill him!” White Tiger roared excitedly.

“Phew—” Almost instantly, more than twenty demons swarmed forward from every angle. Furthermore, there were a few flying demons that swooped down from the sky. There were also demons that attacked from beneath Qin Yun’s feet.

Qin Yun’s eyes flashed as he instantly unsheathed his sword.

A sword flash flared!

“He’s really relying on one sword?” Qin Yun’s confidence of facing the enemies had convinced Yi Xiao that he had a powerful technique. “No matter how powerful a sword is, how can it defend against all the demons?”

Yi Xiao began preparing to cast Five-elemental Lightning Dharma at any time so as to save Qin Yun.

“Haha, he thought too highly of himself. He overdid it.” White Tiger was even more excited when he saw the situation.

“Eat that human cultivator.”

“Rip him apart!”

“Eat him!”

There were all sorts of crazy roars.

One had to know that every demon had either fangs, or sharp claws, or even special attributes like poisonous stings and tail stingers. But suddenly, the demon roars gradually weakened because they realized in horror that when they approached him, Qin Yun’s surroundings was filled with a lustrous sword beam. It was in a contiguous fashion that completely enveloped him.

Qin Yun had received forty to five attacks. Typically, no matter how strong one’s sword techniques were, there was no way to defend against so many attacks with a single sword.

The sword beams had formed into a ball!

It left no holes.

Any attack was blocked by the blurry sword beams. And the demons that approached were slew by the blurry sword beams. With a flash of the sword beam, no visible injuries appeared on the demons’ bodies but in fact, they were already split into two! Some had their heads beheaded, some had their hearts or vital organs sliced through… It was so fast that there was no way of blocking it.

Three, five, ten, twenty…

The ball of sword flashes around Qin Yun was like a meat grinder. Any demon that approached him would immediately collapse to the ground and reveal their true forms. Most importantly, not a single demon managed to penetrate the lustrous ball. Qin Yun was not injured at all.

White Tiger and Yi Xiao watched in a daze at the scene happening far away. They were momentarily rendered speechless.

“Dharma treasure, it has to be a flying sword Dharma treasure. That flying sword has extremely powerful defensive capabilities.”White Tiger glared. “How can a junior that has yet to enter the Connate realm be given such a powerful flying sword?”

He had heard of legends that speak of powerful flying sword Dharma treasures. There were some swords that could form thousands of sword beams.


White Tiger indignantly launched his nine Wind Thunder Rocks.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The nine Wind Thunder Rocks expanded upon contact with the wind. About the size of human heads, they tore through the air from a high altitude like nine meteorites! All of them were headed for Qin Yun.

“Peng!” “Peng!” “Peng!” … When the nine Wind Thunder Rocks struck the lustrous ball around Qin Yun, they rebounded. None of the nine enjoyed any exception. Even the runic patterns on the Wind Thunder Rocks’ surface trembled.

White Tiger stared at Qin Yun, as his pupils burst with anger. “How can there be such a powerful flying sword Dharma treasure? Furthermore, it’s in the hands of a junior?”

Yi Xiao maintained her bracelet’s protection. Upon seeing the scene, she could not help but feel astounded. “No wonder Brother Qin was so confident. I never expected him to have such defensive measures. This should be some property of the flying sword? Its offensive strength is great and it’s also extremely impressive at defense. What grade is that Dharma treasure? Could it be a seventh-grade Dharma treasure? Is it Numinous Treasure Mountain or Sword Tower? He has not reached the Connate realm but he has been bestowed such a powerful flying sword Dharma treasure? Isn’t he afraid that the other disciples in his sect will find it unfair?”

“Or is it possible that Brother Qin is just too impressive, making him stand out from his peers so much that his elders gave him such a powerful flying sword Dharma treasure?” Yi Xiao guessed.

The demons that were frenetically attacking Qin Yun began with tumultuous momentum but as large numbers of them died, with them not even being able to touch Qin Yun, they began to feel fear from a lack of hope. They too were afraid to send themselves to their deaths en masse!

One by one, they began to retreat backward.

Once one retreated, more naturally followed. Other than the dumb ones that had been slain by Qin Yun, no demon dared to approach him. The demons retreated a distance away as they looked at Qin Yun with fear.

With divine sword in hand, Qin Yun scanned the surroundings demons and said loudly, “Come on here if you want to die!”

His voice echoed through the mountains but not a single demon dared to say a word.

“Hmph!” Qin Yun sneered as he turned his head and walked towards Yi Xiao.

Yi Xiao revealed a look of delight. When Qin Yun came close, she said with a voice transmission, “Brother Qin, I’m impressed. I never expected you to have such means.”

“Miss Yi, haven’t you considered where I come from?” Qin Yun replied with a voice transmission.

“Where? The northern borders?” Yi Xiao was stunned.

“Yes, the northern borders.” Qin Yun said with a voice transmission. “To survive for three years in such a place, what’s most important is life preservation, not the killing of enemies.”

He had stayed in the battlefields of the northern borders, engaging in life-and-death battles before he created the Misty Rain Sword! That was how he gained insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent.

During the creation process of the Misty Rain Sword, he paid most attention to dealing with a siege! His defense needed to be impregnable. And eventually, he figured out Misty Rain Sword Intent. It naturally was able to push his defense to his limits.

There were many kinds of sword intent.

However, the Misty Rain Sword Intent that Qin Yun figured out was not best at killing but to defend and preserve his life!

Misty Rain Sword Intent was his best life-preserving move. It was also the attack that was imbued with the true essence of Misty Rain Sword Intent. He named it Cyclic Sword Flash.

Once he used all his strength, creating a continuous sword intent, even to the point of the sword flashes enveloping his entire surroundings, it could form Cyclic Sword Flash! It did not expose any flaws.

But such a Cyclic Sword Flash…had an expenditure which was more than a hundred times the typical sword technique. It was akin to how ordinary people could walk slowly and cover a hundred kilometers but run out of stamina by the time they ran three to six hundred meters at full speed. By the same logic, Cyclic Sword Flash was extremely powerful but its only weakness was that it drained a lot of Quintessential Essence.

Although Qin Yun had only used it for a short moment, he had managed to kill more than sixty demons!

“Yes, life preservation. So what Brother Qin is best at is life preservation. He’s least afraid of being besieged.” Yi Xiao revealed her delight.

Qin Yun transmitted his voice. “Next, I’ll be telling you something but do not reveal your thoughts. Continue maintaining that look of pleasant surprise. My attack that attacked en masse drains a great deal of Quintessential Essence. Now, I have less than thirty percent of it left.”

Yi Xiao maintained her expression of ‘pleasant surprise’. However, she said with a voice transmission, “What? It’s a life preservation method of the flying sword Dharma treasure, yet it demands so much of your Quintessential Essence?”

“But in my opinion, the demons have been startled from fear.” Qin Yun replied with a voice transmission.

“So, Miss Yi, we have to put on a good act.”

Qin Yun sheathed his sword and lifted Uncle Qian’s corpse over his shoulder. In one hand, he held the axe, and in the other, he held the tiger claw.

“If you want to die, come on over!” Qin Yun’s swept his glance at the surrounding demons. His voice was filled with bloodlust as it echoed throughout the mountains.

The demons were shuddering in fear. None of them dared to proceed forward.

Qin Yun looked up at White Tiger. He laughed out loud and said, “Tiger demon, thank you for this axe of yours. Unfortunately, there’s too little fur and skin on this tiger claw. If you come down, I’ll give you one strike, and I’ll have more fur and skin.”

“Hmph!” White Tiger clenched his teeth. However, with him losing a claw and having only one axe, White Tiger, who had also been struck by a divine lightning spell, did not have the courage to descend. He was afraid that he would truly die under the sword immortal’s hand.

“Hmph. Let’s go.” Qin Yun glanced at White Tiger before leading Yi Xiao away.

Although the mountain path was difficult, they scaled it quickly like it were flat ground.

“Walk freely. After scaring them, they would not dare make a move.” Although there were many demons surrounding them in the distance, Qin Yun appeared extremely calm while he transmitted his voice to Yi Xiao.

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