Rise of Humanity

Chapter 879 - Plotting Against Wu Dulang

Chapter 879: Plotting Against Wu Dulang

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“Mister!” Mu Suge shrieked in fear as Wu Dulang’s palm grew bigger in his eyes. It was an Innate Demon Dao brimmed with boundless despair!

The innate demon god’s mortal body, Yuan Shen, and Dao were a unity, every move he made and every skill he cast all brimming with the Dao’s power!

To be able to wield the pure power of the Dao was a level sought by all prenate cultivators, a feat that was nearly impossible to achieve!

The skills Qi Practitioners and Gods cast were the expressions of the Daos that they cultivated, and the Daos they cultivated were their understandings and own interpretations on the actual Daos in the universe.

But on the other hand, innate gods were manifestations of Daos themselves, they were quite the same just like the skills cast out by the Qi Practitioners and gods.

The innate gods wielded the purest energy, the essence of the Dao itself!

As the palm that heralded their demise drew nearer, Mu Suge’s body began twisting in weird angles and his flesh started to rot. His Yuan Shen collapsed, disintegrating into the tiniest particles as the pure Demon Dao shattered his Dao, his arcane energy, his cultivation base, his psyche, his mortal body, his Yuan Shen, and his mind!

His face, limbs, and skins were rotting, turning into ashes, exposing his blood and flesh bare in the air while they were also rapidly vaporized and desiccated.

His face was the first reduced to ashes, leaving only a bare skull behind.

Before Wu Dulang’s palm had even touched him, he was already on the verge of death.

It was at this point that Mu Suge knew just exactly how difficult it was for Zhong Yue to command the 600 million insect gods and fight against Wu Dulang. Wu Dulang’s prowess was so overwhelming that even a peaked Creator like him couldn’t even stand a single strike!

“Your Highness, keep calm!” Zhong Yue’s voice sounded in his ears.

But this was the time of life and death, how could Mu Suge actually stay calm?

Then, just as he was galvanizing into action to flash out of Zhong Yue’s palm, a surge of irresistible godly aura burst out from his forehead. It came from within his psyche ocean and its power was unexplainably strong, inexplicably powerful!

It was the life-saving measure left in him by Imperial Emperor Xian Tian, a trump card to safeguard Mu Suge’s life. And surely it did, fulfilling its destiny to save Mu Suge from death’s jaws once it sensed him in great danger!

As Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s skill was triggered, a wave of energy harboring a deep air of Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s Dao filled the space in just an instant. The stars sank and dimmed, distorted and collapsed into a center!

And Mu Suge was that center, the core where the stars were sucked into!

What an overwhelming aura!

The skill came in a flash, it clashed quietly with Wu Dulang’s palm strike and emitted no single noise when it clashed. While Zhong Yue, Mu Suge, and Fu Li were still feeling no different, nothing odd had come into their senses; in their eyes, they were seeing the stars and suns speeding away from them!

This was a stunning view that would happen because the space in front of them was torn apart and the new space was filling up the void of the space rifts.

With the stars and suns flying further away from them, it meant that the two innate gods’ skills were still constantly unleashing their powers, resulting in the space around getting torn continuously, tremendously expanding the space.

Wu Dulang muffled a groan, he raised his other hand and pushed back against Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s skill. His charming face contorted and the Dao patterns on his hands were also twisting and breaking!

Wu Dulang roared and his cape was blown straight in the gales!

“Worship me now, my children!”

Immediately, in the Sacred Land of Capital Wu and the demon stars orbiting around it, the countless Wu Du demons heard Wu Dulang’s roar. They quickly knelt down and worshipped while there were also the Wu Du demon gods that brought out the billions of slaves to slaughter and blood worshipped it to Wu Dulang.

There were blood altars rising above the demon stars, mists of blood surged like dragons whereas in the Capital Wu itself, an enormous altar bigger than all of the rest rose high above in the sky. Countless slaves were slaughtered on the altar by the Wu Du demons to be sacrificed to Wu Dulang.

Essences of life fueled into Wu Dulang’s body from the worshippings and sacrifices, the additional powers replenished his lost energy and even more, boosting his power!

The only reason he brought the whole of his demon race here was to prepare himself better when facing any unexpected arrival of opponents stronger than him. With the powers from the worship and sacrifices, he would be able to continuously elevate his combat ability for a short period of time!

In his Capital Wu, other than the over 200 million gods sold to him by Fu Li, there were also the demons that worshipped and gave rise to his existence in the past were also taken as slaves. And it was them that were blood sacrificed on the altars.

The Wu Du demons cold-bloodedly massacred more than countless demons to boost his power to a peak he has never reached in his whole life. Yet, the power he was fighting against was still much stronger than he was, even with him boosted stronger, his hands were still enduring immeasurable pressure!

What he was facing was an energy multiple folds stronger than his, a Dao of a much higher level than the one he cultivated. The skin on his hands tore apart, and his flesh exploded and twisted. Then, all of a sudden, Wu Dulang’s legs buckled and he was forced to his knees.

As he knelt in the space, his heart plunged into shock and anger, he cursed, “Sissy…”


Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s skill unleashed all of its last strand of energy, shattering the innate Demon Dao around Wu Dulang, ravaging his body. The thousand wings on his back were also utterly destroyed while he was shot backward!

A beam of blinding light rays pierced through the stars, shooting down on Wu Dulang!


A terrifying shockwave rumbled across space and he crashed into the Capital Wu, driving yet another terrifying shockwave, it shuddered and cracked. This sacred land that nurtured Wu Dulang’s rise now had a nearly five thousand miles wide hole boring through Wu Dulang himself.

Right where the hole before it was formed stayed countless Wu Du demon gods, but they were all now reduced to ashes in the crash. But that was not the end of all, with the hole as its origin, the shockwave spread in all directions; ravaging the sacred land and perished more than countable Wu Du demons!

The light beam formed of godly ray shot through the sacred land, its energy pushed Capital Wu backward far into the deeper region of this galaxy. Along its way, space was torn into pieces and a trail of demonic blood was left behind, surging and expanding. The astronomical bodies flashed past in their eyes.

“Li Yang, you plotted against me with Mu Xiantian the sissy’s skill!” Wu Dulang was shouting from far, his voice turned into a lady’s and shrieked, “I will be back and by then, you’ll rather be dead than to fall into my hands!”

Zhong Yue glared his eyes and stared dumbly at the scene and while blood was drooling down Mu Suge’s face, he too, was glaring his eyes wide and his mouth agape at Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s dominating skill.

“What the shit, Imperial Emperor Xian Tian is far too overpowering, isn’t he!?” Fu Li’s mouth was wide as he murmured.


A loud rumble came from beneath and suddenly, the whole of Capital Wu shattered into smaller pieces of continents.

It couldn’t bear the skills’ shockwaves and splintered away. The elements of water, fire, wind, and earth were tumbling while the demon stars that orbited the sacred land were also swung out of their orbits. Some were hurled far away and some crashed into the fractured continents!

The scenes were the apocalypses themselves, countless Wu Du demons were crying in fear and shouting in terror, they were all struggling to save themselves, but even the demon gods couldn’t see themselves surviving this!

Whereas the three Wu Du Creators were launched far away firsthand from the shockwaves, they were nowhere to be seen now. If only they were here, they could’ve saved quite a number of their Wu Du clansmen. But even they couldn’t resist the shockwaves and were all gravely wounded.

I wonder how many surviving Wu Du demons will there be left… Zhong Yue shook and thought. The battle gave him a clearer look at Mu Xiantian’s prowess.

It was… insurmountable.

Wu Dulang was already an innate demon god on the level of an Imperial Emperor, he was much more ancient than Mu Xiantian but even so, he was no match for Mu Xiantian at all. Furthermore…

This was just half of Mu Xiantian’s prowess. Mu Xiantian held both the celestial body and demon body at the same time. This is just a part of his celestial body’s power. If he revealed his complete form, perhaps… he may even be able to stand on par with monarch-level presences.

Zhong Yue thought, Is Wu Dulang taken down by Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s skill? But Wu Dulang’s voice wasn’t much weaker, it sounds like he is fine from death. After all, he is an innate demon god, it’s not easy to kill him. This is no place to linger any much longer, Mu Xiantian’s skill will run out of energy soon and Wu Dulang will surely pursue us again. Even when he is gravely injured, the three of us are still far from a match for him.

“Your Highness, now you should understand my intentions?”

Zhong Yue released Mu Suge and smiled, “My apologies for placing you in such a distressing situation, Your Highness.”

Mu Suge was still in shock when he was released. Then, he heaved a long breath, the wounds on his face were recovering, and he said while smiling, “Mister, you scared me to death.”

“We shouldn’t delay anymore, we need to leave right now, or else, Wu Dulang will soon be up on our tails again. I have no more cards that can hold him off anymore.” Zhong Yue smiled.

They were only able to hold Wu Dulang down this time because of the life-saving trump card left by Mu Xiantian as a means to protect Mu Suge. Using it as a ploy against Wu Dulang. If they encountered Wu Dulang again, Zhong Yue would really be out of options.

Fu Li and Mu Suge struggled to get up, their injuries were getting tended to; at the very least, their wounds wouldn’t have burst open and bled again while they were moving. The three helped each other and rushed for the Sixth Divine City.

After a long time, space shuddered like an abyss. In the black hole-like center, demonic Qi surged out like seas. Wu Dulang whose body was now perforated, shabby, and covered in blood crawled out from it.

He turned back and saw the sacred land in a devastated state. A majority of the Wu Du demons were wiped away and the remaining ones were also mostly heavily injured. Seeing it, he gritted his teeth and howled in anger, “Li Yang, how unexpectedly sly and cunning are you now in your new life. Good, good! I’d like to see if you little bug can run away from me!”

The innate demon god’s body swayed and the blood essences in the bodies of the dead shot out toward him. These blood essences containing the blood of the innate god had surged into Wu Dulang’s body.

These demons were his direct descendants, their blood consisted his own in it. And now, Wu Dulang was so gravely wounded that chasing after Zhong Yue and the others now seemed impossible.

However, siphoning the innate demon god’s blood flowing in his descendants’ veins enabled him to recover faster.

After he sucked the blood essence from his dead descendants, he suddenly muffled a deep groan and frowned deeply. Wounds were treatable but the shattered Innate Demon Dao and Yuan Shen weren’t that easy to treat.

Mu Xiantian’s skill nearly struck my cultivation down from the level of Imperial Emperor. He is truly strong, but that won’t stop me from taking revenge!

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue and company reached close to the Sixth Divine City. Their wounds were mostly healed now and Fu Li scratched his head while grinning dumbly, “This Sixth Divine City is one I’ve sieged many times, will the city lord attack us when he sees me?”

“Wildman Fu Li is here!” As soon as he finished, the city guards have seen him and they shouted. Many weltered down the city walls in fear.

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