Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 808 - Eliminating ‘Scourges’ For Humanity

Chapter 808: Eliminating ‘Scourges’ For Humanity

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Adopting Kuwako’s suggestion, Tang Xiu’s fingers were as though turning into shadows as his hands reached out to the virtual keyboard. Just as the Americans and French teams had reached an agreement and prepared to divide the pile of energy crystals, all the lights in the hall where the two teams were staying suddenly shut off.

“What’s happening here?”

Both Sorod and Allante shouted at the same time as members of both teams backtracked in an instant and vigilantly watched the surroundings, wary against each other that the other party would be up to no good and taking necessary caution to guard against it.



Both teams had members with fire attributes abilities. Blazing flame rose from the hands of the Fire Elementalists of both teams and illuminated the dark hall.

Just as they carefully observed the opposite party, the closed wall suddenly split and weak lights appeared from the cracks. A line of red eyes appeared as the eight cracks grew bigger and bigger, showing off eight fully activated robots that stepped out from the inside, each with a robodog at their feet.

Weng, weng…

A swarm of robotic bees followed and instantly overtook the autobots and robodogs, swarming over towards the nine people in the hall. The autobees were fist-sized and numbered in the hundreds, each with their respective sharp sting. Even their foreheads were decorated with a several centimeters long sharp spike.

“Be careful.”

“Get away. Quickly!”

Both Sorod and Allante furiously shouted and unleashed each of their abilities in an attempt to eliminate these robot bees. Unfortunately, flame only had slight effects on these machine bee and the same for lightning. The only thing that made the Americans feel at ease was that they had water attribute ability users who worked in conjunction with the lightning attribute Elementalist and were able to destroy a large number of autobees.

Pew, pew…

16 laser pulses were fired while the eight robodogs spread out strangely-shaped wings on their backs. The moment they flew into the air, sprays of flame jetted out from them.

The Elementalists evaded them timely, yet it was still hazardous to them. Just after they had escaped the first barrage of attacks from the robots, robodogs, and autobees, a large grid of electrical net sparked out from four directions and covered them nearly in an instant.

Shortly after, beams of laser pulses penetrated the bodies of ability users from both teams, straightly taking their lives. The flames shot by the robodogs came spraying and burnt their bodies to ashes.

Kuwako’s eyes glittered with excitement as she watched the holographic images, seeing how the elite ability users from the United States and France were reduced to ashes. She clenched her fists and excitedly exclaimed, “I’ve been watching those bunch of assholes with disgust and now they meet their makers. You’ve just eliminated the scourges, Boss.”

Eliminating the scourges?

It was so weird, so Tang Xiu glanced at her with a strange expression and smilingly asked, “Are they really that evil?”

“Damn they are.” Kuwako heavily nodded. “Just like that damned Sorod, the American team captain. He’s a through and through bastard. I dunno how many times he killed innocent people just because he was an ability user with formidable strength and stature. Most importantly, I saw him wantonly murdered hobos with his special ability.”

“Eh. You didn’t forget your own identity, did you?” asked Tang Xiu, looking at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry. “Just from when did you care about some hobos?”

“Ugh, well, it’s not like I really care about those tramps.” Kuwako’s face turned red, looking embarrassed, and then said, “It’s just mainly… the main reason is that I once led a team to snatch element attribute stone from Sorod’s hand. He was seriously injured but 20 of my team members died, so it’s just a feud between him and me.”

Tang Xiu instantly caught the gist and nodded. “So, you just wanted to kill him as revenge for your comrades, didn’t you?”

“My current team has two of my people; the rest are from the House of Yamamoto.” Kuwako waved and said, “Whether they live or die has little to do with me.”

“By the way, how is the development of the House of Yamamoto at present?” asked Tang Xiu.

“It’s naturally very smooth with the help from you, Boss.” Kuwako smilingly replied, “If it wasn’t because I don’t dare to develop my influence on the grand-scale, the entire House of Yamamoto could’ve been in my hands right now. Even though I’m working on it in the dark, I have controlled a third of Yamamoto’s armed forces, as well as half of the Northstar One Blade School’s forces.

“You’ve done great.” Tang Xiu raised his thumb up.

“Anyway, if you could send me some top experts, I’ll become the true Patriarch of Yamamoto House as well as the Schoolmaster of Northstar One Blade in a short time, Boss,” continued Kuwako. “Thinking of it, there’s an adage from your country stating that you can capture the entire kingdom if you catch the king first. As long as I can control those high-ranking bigshots, I can guarantee complete success.”

Tang Xiu mulled it over and nodded. “Alright, I’ll send over two experts to assist you when we leave this place. You’ll be able to control those two forces quickly with their help. But after that, what exactly are you gonna do once you’ve controlled those two forces?”

A cold gleam flashed in Kuwako’s eyes and she replied with a heavy voice, “I’ll eliminate Sakura Circle.”

Tang Xiu didn’t know the situation of this Sakura Circle in Japan. After learning of it, he then understood that Sakura Circle had always been mortal enemies with the House of Yamamoto. The situation between the two forces looked uneventful on the surface, yet there was always constant friction between them under the radar. They even had an intense conflict a while ago. Kuwako led her team of experts to murder a lot of Sakura Circle’s experts in that conflict, resulting in her being rewarded by the Yamamoto House, elevating her status as the leader of the new generation of the Yamamoto House.

“You’ve got the courage to do what you will! I have tons of things I need you to handle in the future, so the stronger you are, the easier it will be to deal with some issues in the future. Just tell me whenever you need some funds or manpower even if you want me to come in person. But make sure you can solve your enemies smoothly.”

Kuwako knelt on one knee and excitedly said, “Thank you, Boss. I’ll definitely do everything I can to control more power and do my best to work for you. Even… Even if you want to be the sole sovereign of Japan, I’ll be right behind you to accomplish it.”

Tang Xiu gently patted her shoulder and smilingly said, “Stand! I’m not interested in being the sovereign of Japan, nor do I have the slightest idea about it. But you may one day become the master of your country. Just work hard. I’m looking forward to your success.”

Shortly after that, Tang Xiu heard some sounds from the holographic images and saw the four Chinese ability users were now cautiously exploring the arsenal which stored a large number of various weapons. After testing some of them, the four people looked very excited and put some small but powerful weapons into their military bags. Had it not been because of their limited physical strength, they could’ve swept the entire arsenal clean.

“Boss, this vestige is fully under your control. Do you really want to let them take all the weapons in the arsenal?” asked Kuwako, looking a bit puzzled upon finding Tang Xiu didn’t make even a sound nor expression.

“It’s impossible for them to take all those weapons out,” said Tang Xiu calmly. “Though I’ll give them a big gift when they are about to leave.”

“A great gift?”

Kuwako seemed to look forward to what it was as she really wanted to see what kind of plan Tang Xiu had for these Chinese ability users.

Half an hour later, Tang Xiu watched Zhu Long’s group of four leave the arsenal and prepare to continue exploring other areas. A smile suddenly appeared on his face as his hands continued tapping the virtual keyboard and he finished setting up a series of procedures. Then, he smiled and indifferently said, “I’ll take a stroll to some areas, you do the monitoring here. Do remember, I have set up a series of procedures to make them not to fall to dangers but incidents will always happen in battle, so press this button immediately if you find them in danger.”

Kuwako looked at the place Tang Xiu’s finger pointed at as she nodded and said, “Got it, Boss. I’ll definitely monitor it.”

The entirety of three-star vestige boasted a vast area, but Tang Xiu had received the memory inheritance and was now very familiar with the place. After leaving the main console hall, he immediately rushed to the other areas: the arsenal, energy storehouse, living quarter, sports area…

And finally, he came to the nursery plant area where Cheng Xuemei was stranded.

As he saw the dark green light cocoon in front of him, Tang Xiu detected that Cheng Xuemei’s vital signs were stable and she was in good condition, even getting stronger. Then he immediately turned his vision to the tens of thousands of plants in the nursery garden. Though he already knew through the memory card that all the plants planted in this area were just what’s left after more than a million years, each one of them had magical power which made him very excited.

It must be noted that if these plants were to learn Shapeshifting Art and transform into human beings, the power they possessed was definitely terrifying and they would still become a considerable force to be reckoned with, even if they were in the Immortal World.

However, so as to prevent unnecessary trouble after leaving, he would still need to make all the plants with sentience and high intelligence submit to him before teaching them the Shapeshifting Art.

Tang Xiu inhaled a deep breath before speaking in the common language of the Blackcloud star region, “I know you can hear me and understand what I’m talking about. I have now become the owner of this vestige and I accepted the inheritance left behind by the last remnant of Starnet Empire. So, I’m giving you all two choices. First, to be killed here; second, to accept my ruling and become my subordinates!”


The tens of thousands of sentient plants in the entire nursery garden emitted a burst of intermittent humming sounds, which was their unique method to communicate as they quickly fell into conversation with their kind. After a long while, a several meters high plant with a full white body transmitted its thought to Tang Xiu’s mind, “Why should we believe in you? We can casually kill you even if we can’t leave this particular area.”

“You’re right that you live in an area where people from the Starnet Empire have laid out a special array formation around you. But you can only move here and can’t appear anywhere else in this steely vestige,” sneered Tang Xiu. “Hence, you’ll forever be trapped here if no one helps you and that is the very reason why you can’t kill me now. On the contrary, I have many ways to reduce you to ashes, such as using this fire!”

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