Renegade Immortal

Chapter 1822 - Main Earth Fire Vein

Chapter 1822 - Main Earth Fire Vein

Fan Shanlu wasn’t stopped at all on her way to the cave under the mountain. Even when she passed by other people’s caves, when they noticed it was Fan Shanlu, they no longer cared.

They didn’t think an outsider could enter here under the watch of their teacher. Fan Shanlu was also a core disciple, and her elder sister had caught the attention of their teacher. It looked like their teacher was going to make her the inheritor.

As a result, the other members of the sect wouldn’t cause any problems for Fan Shanlu. She smoothly arrived at the cave at the bottom and stopped outside a stone room.

The door to this stone room was red and gave off an endless amount of heat. An ordinary cultivator would feel like their blood was boiling just when standing outside, much less inside.

To be more precise, this stone room was opened inside the main earth fire vein. Cultivating inside was the same as cultivating inside the main earth fire vein.

This place wasn’t made to only cultivate the fire essence. Under the will of the earth fire vein, aside from water essence, all other ethereal essences could be cultivated here.

The key was to borrow the pressure formed by the fire here, which could achieve an effect similar to time distortion. A day here was equal to several days outside due to the pressure.

This stone chamber was the most valuable place in this mountain, and only core disciples could enter.

Fan Shanlu told Wang Lin all of this as they closed in. At this moment, outside the stone room, Fan Shanlu waved her right hand and the red door opened up a sliver for a person to pass through. The moment the door opened, a crazed roar came out from within.

Shortly after, a sea of fire spread out from the opening and turned into a fire dragon that attempted to devour Fan Shanlu.

Fan Shanlu’s eyes lit up. As the fire dragon closed in, she softly spoke and made a strange sound.


Once this sound appeared, the fire dragon trembled and collapsed into specks of fire before Fan Shanlu. She no longer hesitated and walked into the opening of the door. After she entered, the door slowly closed.

When this happened, at the cave on top of the mountain, a young woman around age 30 who was wearing a white daoist robe suddenly opened her eyes.

The young woman was extremely stunning and could cause the heart of anyone who saw her to skip a beat. Her eyebrows were like the crescent moon, eyes like the phoenix, and there were some shining five-star decorations on her forehead, making her look very alluring.

She seemed to casually look ahead, and her divine sense went out to the stone room below. However, her divine sense didn’t enter; it returned after sweeping once. 

“This is the first time Lu Er has come here since returning to the sect. It is good for her to forget all those things that bother her.” This young woman was Fan Shanlu’s teacher.

Opposite of this young woman was a woman that looked similar to Fan Shanlu but was obviously colder. Wang Lin was also familiar with this woman, it was Fan Shanmeng!

Her eyelashes trembled and she slowly opened her eyes. After pondering a bit, she let out a sigh and closed her eyes to continue cultivating.

Inside the stone room at the bottom of the mountain, Fan Shanlu felt the heat wave from the cave and sweat appeared on her forehead. This was only secondary; a will of fire came from all sides of the cave, creating a powerful pressure. Anyone who entered would be shrouded by this pressure. You would need to sit down and adjust yourself to the pressure first.

“I can’t enter too deep into the stone room. I haven’t come here in a long time and can only wait for you here…” As Fan Shanluy spoke, a strand of smoke came out of her sleeve. Wang Lin appeared beside her.

As soon as Wang Lin appeared, the surrounding heat rushed toward him. However, just it they closed in, Wang Lin inhaled the heatwave.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. The inhaled heatwave turned into fire essence that nourished his body.

“It is indeed the main vein. This heat wave is equal to more than a dozen branches….” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. This was the place he was looking for.

Looking at the stone room, it was not square, and it wasn’t even really a stone room. This was a long strip where the surrounding walls were red. The deeper one went, the more shocking the red color became.

“Every 10 feet is a new level, and there is a total of 370 feet. You can find the best spot for your needs.” In just a moment, Fan Shanlu was almost soaked in sweat, and she sat down by the door.

“You can leave in three days. I’ll probably take a bit longer here. If you do that, it won’t affect you too much if I cause some change.” Wang Lin clasped his hands at Fan Shanlu and went into the depths of the room.

In a flash, he moved more than 200 feet. The moment he landed, a large surge of fire surrounded him but was immediately absorbed by him.

With another step, Wang Lin was 370 feet deep into the cave. This was the deepest part of the cave. Wang Lin sat down and didn’t hesitate to press his hand on the ground!

At this moment, he was inside the main fire vein to devour its fire essence and will! And to do it among the powerhouses of the Great Soul Sect was the same as pulling a tooth out of a tiger’s mouth!

Fan Shanlu watched Wang Lin’s figure go into the depths of the cave. The higher temperature from the walls made it impossible to see him clearly. After a long time, she let out a sigh and closed her eyes to begin cultivating.

As for Wang Lin, his eyes shined and he placed his hands on the earth. Waves of fire essence rushed toward his hands and entered his body.

Wang Lin’s body was gradually surrounded by fire, and three days later, his aura disappeared. He had become one with the earth fire vein and was extremely difficult to detect. At this point, his divine sense slowly spread out toward the bottom of the stone room, heading toward the main earth fire vein.

Wang Lin’s body had been saturated with fire essence, so absorbing more wouldn’t help him complete his essence true body. What he needed to do was devour the will of the earth fire vein!

Only by devouring that will and becoming the lord of the fire in the Heavenly Bull Continent could Wang Lin’s fire essence true body form completely.

“This time, I must succeed!”

Wang Lin’s divine sense turned into his essence true body in the earth fire vein. Although the head was still that of a Vermillion Bird, which looked strange, the essence and will of fire coming from it was shocking.

With his divine sense, Wang Lin could see that the main earth fire vein was an endless fire dragon lying in the depths of the earth. It gave off an ancient aura of decay as if it had existed for countless years and was formed by the main earth fire vein.

It had no intelligence, only a will. This will was like the might of the heavens, and it continuously applied pressure on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s essence true body’s eyes lit up and revealed a cold smile. Not only did he not dodge, but as the will closed in on him, he began to devour it.

Devour this will!

Nourish his own will!

Form his own will of fire!

While he devoured, the entire main earth fire vein trembled. Following that, an even more powerful will of fire suddenly appeared, as if it wanted to crush Wang Lin.

But this wasn’t Wang Lin’s real body, it was his essence true body. So not only did it not cause him any discomfort, it allowed him to devour even more. His head began to show signs of change. His chin was no longer that of a Vermillion Bird - skin could be seen!

This change caused Wang Lin to become spirited.

“Follow this will to the head of the soul of this main earth fire vein. If Ibsorb the will there, my essence true body will be complete!” Wang Lin knew that time was of the essence, so he didn’t hesitate. He followed the main earth fire vein into the depths of the earth.

He was going to find the head of the soul of the main earth fire vein! He had to complete forming his essence true body before the powerhouses of the Great Soul Sect found him, or else everything would be lost.

In a flash, three days passed. Fan Shanlu opened her eyes. She could no longer feel Wang Lin’s presence. After pondering for a moment, she got up and walked out of the stone room.

After Fan Shanlu left, no one came to the stone room or noticed Wang Lin’s existence, but this was only temporary! Wang Lin’s divine sense was descending down into the earth while facing the endless pressure from the will of fire. He charged toward the source of the will that was the head of the earth fire vein like he was racing against time!

Another three days passed. By dusk of the third day, Wang Lin had descended an unknown amount of distance underground. He could now see the head of the soul of the earth fire vein!

This head was hundreds of thousands of feet large. It looked ancient, and even its breathing was filled with decay. Wang Lin’s essence true body charged forward and entered the head of the dragon.

The moment he entered, the main dragon soul of the main earth fire vein trembled and let out a shocking roar.

This roar spread toward the surface and caused the vein to tremble. The mountain above trembled, large amounts of rocks fell, and a dense sea of fire spread out from the mountain.

This sudden change caused the expression of the young woman in the cave at the mountain peak to change. Her divine sense spread out without hesitation and enveloped the mountain!

“What guts!” The young woman charged out and arrived at the bottom of the mountain in a flash. She rushed into the cave and blew open the red door to the stone room.

The moment the door was blasted open, Wang Lin’s body, which was 370 feet away, was surrounded by fire. A suction force came from below and dragged his body toward the main earth fire vein below.

“Want to run?!” The young woman’s face was filled with killing intent.

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