Reborn: Super God of War

Chapter 152 - Qiu Yuan’s Outburst of Rage

Chapter 152: Qiu Yuan’s Outburst of Rage

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The Priestess’ lips slowly moved closer and closer. Her sexy tender pink lips were written with seduction. It was as if they could even suck his tongue into them…

Kissing with a Boss, Lin Jie could not really accept it in his heart.

Just when Lin Jie was at a loss of what to do and in a dazed mode, an angry shout suddenly broke the silence!

“Trying to take advantage of him in broad daylight, try, I let you try!”

Qiu Yuan angrily sucked a mouthful of the ball of Destruction Potion, then suddenly rushed towards the Boss as though it was a ferocious tiger pouncing on a sheep. She grabbed the Boss’ head, then aimed at her mouth and with a crisp bang…

That scene, left Lin Jie dumbfounded.

Priestess Grace was also shocked, she waved her staff, and Qiu Yuan flew far away from the blow! Qiu Yuan immediately stood up, her health bar was almost all empty! Fortunately, she was only hit with a normal attack, if not she would have been insta-killed…

Qiu Yuan wiped her mouth and said hatefully, “Who told you to try to take advantage of him! You try! You try!”

The potion became effective!

The Boss’ mana decreased so much that it was visible with one’s naked eyes. What the potion decreased was the mana limit, the Boss would be unable to recover her upper limit in the next few hours!

“Forward Charge!”

“Forward Charge!”

Mixed Breathless and Water immediately closed up the distance between them and the Boss, Lin Jie raised his dual swords, then slashed them towards the Boss’ head. Before her Devils Armor appeared, the attacks were all real and solid!

‘Army Obliteration!’




The Boss’ defense was also not just for show. After losing about 1,000 points, Grace quickly raised her hand and enveloped herself with Devils Armor. That skill originally did not count as a skill that spent much mana, but the mana consumed made her remaining mana decrease by 1/5 again!

The MTs were ready, damage output was in place!

The Boss started to summon devils, this time their luck was not bad, it was two Fire Imps. They were killed smoothly by everyone, and also another 1⁄5 of the Boss’ mana was consumed! Coupled with Mana Destruction Potion, the Boss’ mana regen speed decreased to 0.

The second wave of summoning spawned a Blood Imp and a Hellhound. The Blood Imp had Stealth Move, immune to Perception and Detection-type skills. The Blood Imp recovered 300 points of health points every 10 seconds for allies.

The Boss had Devil Armor, that kind of abnormally strong damage reduction spell—300 points of health points were equals to hundreds of thousands of points. However now, it was no longer a problem anymore! Lin Jie even looked forward to the Boss summoning a few more Blood Imps that almost did not have attacking abilities.

Maybe it was due to the influence of Qiu Yuan’s forceful barbaric kiss that the Boss actually raised her hand and summoned Blood Imps again. Then, everyone continued and killed the Blood Imps. The consumption of summoning devils together with Devils Armor almost emptied the Boss’ mana pool!

As a crisp sound could be heard, the Devils Armor exploded!

The Boss’ mana pool was empty!

“Hahaha, attack!” shouted Mixed Breathless as he steadily pulled the aggro.

Devil Spellcasters that could not summon underlings were simply just a joke!

Eighteen Massacres may be able to empty the Boss’ mana, but due to the existence of the Boss auto mana regen attribute and in addition to Spellcaster of Curse not having damage output abilities, he had to change to his original team. The Boss still had its summoning ability, just the number of times of her summoning decreased only.

However, Lin Jie was different! The Infinite Mana Potion had mutated, forming Mana Destruction Potion, which completely cut off the Boss’ method of obtaining mana!

After losing Devils Armor, everyone’s damage output instantly increased explosively! Don’t forget, Grace only had 10,000 points of Health Points, and after being beaten up by everyone, her health bar instantly decreased by over 70%!

“Enough! All of you detestable intruders, obey me!” Grace raged, activating Spirit Control! She entered the second stage!

The most abnormally strong stage had come! Grace had controlled 10 people at once. Mixed Breathless blocked in front of the Boss and created a Health Contract, any damage to the Boss would be transferred to him. Bu Yi could not even control her body and started to regen the Boss’ health!

What was more infuriating was that Qiu Yuan was controlled too. With an angry face, she was controlled to go up to the Boss. She took out a Restoring Mana Potion from her backpack and knelt down with a thud!

“Ahhhhhh, you bitch!” Qiu Yuan became aggrieved, but she suffered from the Spirit Control status so she could only give the potion to the Boss. In an instant, the Boss’ mana recovered quite a bit. She then immediately activated Devils Armor. In the second stage, the Devils Armor’s effect was weakened by 70%.

Netherblue rushed towards Lin Jie with Forward Charge, and her heavy sword vigorously pierced towards his lower body.

“Hide!” Lin Jie took a look, the ones who were not controlled were himself, Star Kill, Dejected Night, Zheng Ziliang and Domestic Fat Cattle.

In the second stage, the Boss would randomly control 1 to 10 units every two minutes and release the units from before. In that period of time, all the damage dealt to the Boss would land on one’s teammates. Only in the 1.5 seconds that the Boss channeled her skill were they allowed to attack. All the other times, they must dodge their teammates’ attacks.

When one was controlled by Spirit Control once, then a layer of “Schizophrenia” Debuff (negative status) would be produced. Every layer shall provide an additional 300% attributes for one, and once stacked till 10 layers, then one would die! Also, every team only had 15 people, once the number of people that died surpassed 5, then they would face the situation where everyone would be controlled!

“Wait for the time when the control is released, and then throw away all your Restoring Mana Potion!” Lin Jie was giving out instructions while dodging his teammates’ attacks. In the blink of an eye, Netherblue and Mixed Breathless had already rushed right in front of him, with a blood red name, they attacked him!

Lin Jie gritted his teeth. ‘Ice Spirit Slash!’

The two of them were frozen!

Netherblue’s squinted her eyes slightly, she seemed to have thought of something.

Lin Jie did not notice that. He turned and sprinted away in full speed. In that process, he could not kill his teammates, nor could he be killed, it really sucked.

The most annoyed one was Qiu Yuan. The Boss seemed to be very angry about that forced kiss, so she was still kneeling down.

The two minutes of running had ended! The Boss raised her hand again and released the Spirit Control.

“Quick throw!” Everyone immediately threw away all the Mana Restoring Potions onto the grounds when the control was released! The pale blue potions merged to form a stream. The sight could cause someone a heart attack—all of them were money!

Forward Charge!

At the instant after finishing throwing the potions, everyone hurriedly attacked the Boss.

“Obey me!” Spirit Control was activated again, Lin Jie’s body trembled, he was controlled!

With Schizophrenia debuff, one’s attributes increased explosively by 300%!

Thud… Qiu Yuan knelt down in front of the Boss again. It made her so mad she gritted her teeth.

This time, only two were controlled!

“Hurry and run!” said Lin Jie in horror. His body had already started to release skills uncontrollably!

Enrage! Hunter’s Forward Charge! Wild Charge!

Speed-increasing skills were all activated, Lin Jie’s speed was even faster than Star Kill that was a Bandit! He turned into a dark figure and charged towards Bu Yi crazily.

“Control him!” Dejected Night activated Flash to appear in front of Lin Jie. He waved his staff, activating Frost Nova!

Lin Jie’s legs suddenly generated a frightening explosion of wind! Not only did Frost Nova not restrict his speed, but on the contrary, it doubled his speed. He charged forward like a bomb. Lin Jie’s Broken Blade activated Flame Boost and Wind Rider Blade Aura Executioner, slashing at Dejected Night’s stomach. The good thing was that Dejected Night’s dodging movement was fast enough. Mixed Breathless immediately used Block and saved Dejected Night.

Against the Wind!

Lin Jie smiled bitterly, he actually used this skill for the first time on his teammate!

“Childe, Camel, use traps to restrict me! Star Kill, try to stun me!” shouted Lin Jie.

Unexpected Childe was an Assassin Hunter, not a professional in trap skills. He threw a trap that looked like a mouse trap towards Lin Jie, but just as it seemed like Lin Jie was about to activate the trap, with a ‘kaccha’ sound, the trap was destroyed by being stepped on!

Lin Jie’s Strength Judgement directly ignored the trap!

“F*ck, leader you really are a monster!” Unexpected Childe was astonished.

“Stop!” Star Kill’s figure suddenly appeared behind Lin Jie. Je used his dagger to pierce into the back of Lin Jie’s head. Lin Jie’s eyes darkened, he had entered stun state!

Netherblue immediately followed up with a Tendon Tear!

Mixed Breathless and Water stood ready to tank Lin Jie’s crazy attack anytime.

Lin Jie’s eyes suddenly turned blood red, the blood reservoir was slowly filled up…

‘Not good!’ It was the enhanced version of Blood Soul Multi-Slash! After having his attributes increased explosively by 300%, it was equal to Lin Jie activating Death Rage all the time. Mixed Breathless could tank normal attacks, but facing the enhanced Blood Soul Multi-Slash, it was impossible for him to take it!

“Run!” yelled Lin Jie. However, it was already too late, the light from the blood reservoir shone brightly! He had already slashed towards Mixed Breathless!


With a crisp sound, Baili Changcheng suddenly rushed in front of Mixed Breathless, his armor that was made of gathered ice crystals was smashed into pieces. His body flew away, and he rolled on the ground for a few rounds before finally coming to a stop.

Ice Crystal Armor, immune to physical attacks for a short period of time! Finally, he was able to tank the attack by the enhanced Blood Soul Multi-Slash.

Two minutes, in the hell-like 120 seconds, everyone was brutally tortured by Lin Jie! If he was to be controlled the second time, his attributes would be stacked and increased by 600%! It would be over then!

1.5 seconds of damage output!

In the short period of damage output time, under the effects of the Devils Armor, everyone had only dealt a meager 800 points of damage! That was to say, everyone had to at least go through another five rounds of the Boss’ Spirit Control!

“Obey…” The Boss raised her hands again, preparing to carry out the third round of control.

“Control my arse!”

“Wu…” The Boss’ skill was actually interrupted!!!

They could only see that the barbaric girl Qiu Yuan had actually pounced onto the Boss, forcibly sealing the Boss’ mouth! She actually interrupted the Boss channeling her skill!

“That… That…” Everyone was shocked.

In the team channel, Qiu Yuan’s written message was sent: Attack! Are y’ all in a daze!?

“Attack!” Everyone only reacted after seeing the message. They immediately concentrated their attacks. The Boss’ health bar was rapidly decreasing for a total of five seconds! Qiu Yuan had actually stalled the Boss and gave everyone five seconds of attacking time!

“Kneel down!” The Boss furiously ordered after freeing herself from Qiu Yuan’s kiss. Qiu Yuan was controlled, and she knelt in front of the Boss again.

This time, the Boss only controlled her alone! Kneeling down!

“Kill me! Hurry! Help me get revenge!” Qiu Yuan simmered with anger. She was originally quick-tempered and kneeling in front of Boss for three times in succession was simply humiliating her!

Lin Jie held the dual sword in his hands, and he said ferociously. “Kill Qiu Yuan, then kill the Boss!”

Originally, if everyone survived after killing Grace, they could find Renault’s corpse behind the Devil Statue. After reviving him, Grace would be revived too, thereby entering the Hero-level. They would need to face Grace again.

However, Grace’s memory would not disappear. According to Grace’s hate towards Qiu Yuan now, wouldn’t she make Qiu Yuan kneel to forever?

What Hero-level first clear, what skill points reward, he didn’t f*cking want them anymore!

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