Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 175 - Magma (3)

Chapter 175: Magma (3)

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Ye Qingtang panted with lingering fear. Even if it was her, she still had to be extremely cautious when facing all of this.

The team of ten completely dispersed. Even if Ye Qingtang wanted to find the group, there was no such chance to do so in this magma havoc.

However, she remembered that the Giant Rock Canyon’s natural disaster was over in less than half a day. Gu Yanqiu and the rest’s condition was way better than in the previous life as they did not suffer any torture from Qinglin Sect. Given their skills, escaping from here was not too difficult.

Ye Qingtang checked her own condition and realized that she was still fine other than the few holes that the lava burnt in one of her legs.

Despite so, Ye Qingtang still did not dare to move around casually.

The Giant Rock Canyon natural disaster was chaos, and many demonic beasts had escaped. No one dared to ascertain that no high-level demonic beasts would appear nearby. If she really encountered them, it would be risky even for her given her current abilities.

Ye Qingtang puffed, took out from her space ring an elixir which could reduce her breaths, and consumed it. She cautiously explored her surroundings in search of an escape route.

She was still within the Giant Rock Canyon at that time, but that area was of a slightly higher altitude and was relatively safe. The surrounding was mostly huge rocks and lava trees, which were the only vegetation that could survive in high temperatures. While its leaves were a shade of emerald green, each leaf carried flame toxin.

Ye Qingtang took each step cautiously.

“I thought that there were only hideous demonic beasts in this Giant Rock Canyon and did not expect that… I would meet such a beauty…” Suddenly, a voice rang behind Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang turned around instantly and saw a tall, feminine-looking male looking at her direction in a smile.

With just a look, Ye Qingtang identified the person before her eyes and was on her fullest alert.

The man who appeared behind Ye Qingtang was called Wu Qi. Although he had a gentle and soft appearance which made him seem harmless, this person was a famous villain on the Assassination Roll!

Wu Qi looked young and at most twenty-six, but his real age was more than seventy to eighty years old. He cultivated an evil cultivation technique since young which could absorb one’s essence to extend his own life. This cultivation technique was extremely wicked, and Wu Qi found joy in murdering others; thus, he was listed on the Assassination Roll.

The moment Ye Qingtang saw Wu Qi, she only felt her body tremble. No wonder those Qinglin Sect people would suddenly appear at the Giant Rock Canyon; they were here because they were chasing after Wu Qi!

“Little beauty, this Giant Rock Canyon is extremely dangerous, but don’t panic. I will protect you,” Wu Qi said while looking at Ye Qingtang with a grin. He sensed that there were people secretly tailing him from long ago and got rid of them by some methods. He did not think that he could still see such a little beauty on the way.

“Judging from your clothes, you should be a Xuanling Sect disciple right… It has been so long since I tasted a sect disciple,” Wu Qi licked his lips gently, and an evil glint flashed across his eyes.

Ye Qingtang’s mental alarm went off. Not waiting for Wu Qi to return to his senses, she immediately fled into the lava trees at a side.

It was almost impossible for her to deal with Wu Qi given her current abilities, and if she ended up in Wu Qi’s hands, she would end up worse than dead!

Damned Qinglin Sect! If she knew these troubles that they stirred for her, she would have broken Du Qiang’s feet tendons as well at that time!

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