Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 116 - Absolute-Kill Sword Array (2)

Chapter 116: Absolute-Kill Sword Array (2)

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“That’s right. The sword array assessment had already ended, and there should not be any more problems in the future. I believe Elder Lin will be more careful in the future,” echoed the Herbal Faction Elder.

Elder Qin scoffed secretly. The Sword Faction was powerful, so naturally, the Fist and Herbal factions would be biased towards Elder Lin.

“Just because nothing happened doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem. Previously, you all thought that Ye Qingtang’s spirit root was too inferior, yet who would have thought that she could actually withstand the absolute-kill sword array. Honestly speaking, what do you think will happen if it happened to other candidates? Even if it was Lu Xiuwen from the Formidable Heavens Royals or Yun Shu from the Liu Yun family clan, they would most probably die should they encounter the absolute-kill sword array, wouldn’t they?”

Elder Qin’s words were rather sharp.

As his voice sounded, Elder Lin’s expression turned even uglier.

The appearance of the absolute-kill sword array was unexpected, but what made him more shocked was the fact that Ye Qingtang could actually bear its attacks.

“As seen, Ye Qingtang does have some abilities. She is obviously first for the sword array segment today,” said the Herbal Faction Elder thoughtfully with a hint of admiration towards Ye Qingtang in his tone.

Lu Xiuwen and Yun Shu’s results were already the best, but they went through only the weakened sword array. Moreover, they only withstood the attack of a few dozen lightsabers.

However, Ye Qingtang…

In the absolute-kill sword array, she dealt with hundreds of lightsabers and retreated safely. Such a splendid record was indeed stunning.

None of the outer sect disciples would have performed better than her, much less other candidates.

Ye Qingtang, whom they had been pessimistic towards, brought them surprise after surprise. Not only was the Herbal Faction Elder shocked over this, even the Fist Faction Elder could not help but pay more attention to her.

“There is a strong correlation between the fact that she could bear the absolute-kill sword array and that set of footsteps. If those footsteps really originated from the Seven Stars on Moon footstep and she could retreat safely, it is also not impossible.” Elder Lin took a deep breath, though he was still unwilling to approve of Ye Qingtang. As he said this, his eyes were obviously looking at Elder Qin, who had been strongly supporting Ye Qingtang all this while.

Upon hearing Elder Qin’s words, the two elders from the Herbal and Fist factions felt that it was logical.

After all, the Seven Stars on Moon footstep was that mighty figure’s special skill which allowed him to retreat safely even when surrounded by hordes of troops.

Elder Qin scoffed. He knew that Elder Lin was using Ye Qingtang’s incident to go against him, but he was also unwilling to argue with Elder Lin any further.

The place of the third segment was much simpler.

A huge stone pillar stood on top of the clouds. It was ten meters tall and could only be encircled with the joint force of four grown men. Large lifelike dragons were carved on the stone pillar, making it appear very majestic.

A black stone slate, with a dimension of one square meter, was hung on the stone pillar.

Ye Qingtang rushed up to where other candidates stood, but her pale complexion attracted both Yun Shu and Lu Xiuwen’s attention.

“Miss Ye, are you alright?” Yun Shu stood forward and asked.

Ye Qingtang shook her head slightly, but her lack of strength made her look frail.

“Not anyone can go up against the sword array.” Looking at Ye Qingtang’s miserable appearance and estimating the time, Lu Xiuwen knew that she withstood one wave of attack at most.


A red spirit root is still a red spirit root. There was no way she could make any shocking achievements.

Ye Qingtang glanced at Lu Xiuwen, and a sneer hung on the corner of her lips.

There was still one more segment in the assessment, and she wanted to see how “exciting” Lu Xiuwen’s expression would be when the final results were revealed.

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