Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 35: The Moon of Blood Appears

Chapter 35: The Moon of Blood Appears

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The wave of heat came so suddenly. It was as if the heat had always been inside Su Ming’s body and was only activated due to the Scattering Dust. Su Ming shuddered. He felt as though his entire body was about to burn. It even made him think of the man from Black Mountain Tribe who died due to his Scattering Blood.

Su Ming did not panic. Instead, he remained calm. While he did feel like he was burning, in his state of calm he discovered the difference slowly. The burning sensation did not come from his blood. In fact, the blood in his body was flowing and circulating around his body at a frightening speed.

The fact that Su Ming felt as if he was burning was because his blood was circulating too quickly. He could even feel his own heartbeat increasing at a maddening speed. It felt like exploding.

"What a strong medicine!" Su Ming’s face was red,but, still he never lost his calm in the slightest. As he mumbled to himself, he closed his eyes. He immediately sank into the feeling of his blood and Qi circulating in his body.

Sweat covered his body. The 11 blood veins also appeared simultaneously and gave off a piercing light. The red light lit up the entire cave. It looked like hell dyed in the color of blood.

As his Qi circulated throughout his body, the red light on his body became even stronger. A large amount of blue veins also appeared on his body and looked as if they were pulsing. They made Su Ming look positively ferocious.

Two hours passed by. Within those two hours, the beast skin shirt Su Ming wore appeared to be soaked in water. It was dripping with a large amount of sweat. Su Ming’s body was also burning red. The 11 blood veins shone so brilliantly on his skin that they looked like wounds.

At that moment, Su Ming opened his eyes. They were bloodshot. He roared and as he did so, the 12th blood vein manifested on his skin!

The speed in which it manifested was so quick. It seemed to have moved from its illusionary state to the physical state almost instantly. Su Ming’s Qi became stronger once more.

However, it was not the end. After the 12th blood vein appeared, the burning sensation in Su Ming’s body only disappeared slightly. Very soon, Su Ming let out another roar and the 13th blood vein manifested itself on his skin!

When the 13th blood vein manifested, there was movement in his hair despite the lack of wind. A strong presence then flared up from within his frail body.

The speed of the blood flow in his body no longer made him feel as though he had insufficient blood. Instead, he felt as if he had too much. If he did not concentrate on manifesting the blood veins, his body would have exploded. Despite the appearance of two blood veins, some of the burning sensation was still prevalent in his body.

Su Ming’s face was twisted. The burning sensation over his entire body was hard to bear. He lifted his right hand and tore away his shirt, leaving himself bare-chested and showing all 13 blood veins on his body. They did not appear in order and were instead scattered across Su Ming’s chest, back, and arms.

The color of the blood veins were a bloody red,. They looked like would have bled at any moment. There was a large amount of sweat on Su Ming’s body and under the illumination of the red light, it made him appear strangely beautiful.

Su Ming’s eyes became increasingly bloodshot but there was no hint of madness in them. They were still calm. It was all within his control. As he felt the Qi within his body, Su Ming did not hesitate and activated the blood in his veins repeatedly in accordance to his inheritance from the statue of the God of Berserkers. It refined and thickened the viscosity of the blood in his veins!

Another hour passed by. When Su Ming lifted his head and shouted at the sky, the 14th blood vein appeared vaguely on his body!

Hi shout echoed endlessly within the cave. It sounded like a lot of people roaring at the same time.

"Come out, 14th blood vein!" Su Ming’s body trembled as the strong presence within his body became even more intense. Judging by the speed of the 14th blood vein’s manifestation, it was supposed to appear in its complete form on his body soon.

Yet even after 15 minutes passed by, the 14th blood vein continued to struggle as though there was something missing.

Su Ming could feel his Qi slowing down within his body. The heat in his body had almost dissipated completely. If it ended, he would have failed to manifest the 14th blood vein and he would have had to wait for the next time to do so.

Without any hesitation, Su Ming grabbed the other Mountain Spirit lying by his side!

Su Ming immediately placed the pill in his mouth and bit down furiously, swallowing it once he crushed it. Then he immediately took out another Scattering Dust and swallowed it. His body began shaking furiously. The burning red color that had almost disappeared from his skin appeared once again, turning his skin into a shocking red.

The heat he felt in his body burned intensely once again. Its intensity was even stronger than before, reaching a height where even Su Ming found difficult to bear.

"Come out, 14th blood vein!" There was a vicious side to Su Ming that even he himself did not realize. It had been accumulating for a long time, little by little from the little things that happened in his life.

As he growled once again, the 14th blood vein immediately manifested and gave out an enchanting red glow. Once the 14th blood vein appeared, Su Ming did not stop. He immediately swallowed another two Scattering Dusts all for the purpose of increasing his power in one go.

He had been continuously thinking during the seven days of quenching and creating medication. Su Ming knew about the early appearance of the Wings of the Moon and the worry behind the elder’s smile in the tribe. He may not have spoken about it but in the corners of his mind, he knew that disaster was about to fall on the tribe.

Once he thought about the Elder of Dark Mountain Tribe arriving at a breakthrough in his training, the elder mentioning there was a traitor within the tribe and all the talk about danger, Su Ming became extremely worried. He wanted to help the elder and the tribe but with his current strength, it was clear that it was not enough.

He wanted to become stronger. He wanted to become powerful!

After the 14th blood vein appeared, Su Ming once again activated and circulated the Qi in his body. The 15th blood vein almost seemed like it was forced out of his body by the insane flow of blood in his body.

After a long while, Su Ming quivered in pain but he did not stop. As the blood circulated in his body, he bellowed and the 15th blood vein manifested!

The 15 blood veins resembled 15 scars on the naked top half of his body. As they glowed in a red light, Su Ming looked even more powerful.

However, Su Ming was not satisfied with only 15 blood veins. He continued to circulate the blood in his veins as time passed by.

The 16th blood vein appeared abruptly!

By then, most of the heat in his body had disappeared. It seemed like it was about to end. A cold glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Without a sound, he lifted his right hand and slammed it against his chest. With that hit, a strong force traveled into his body and stimulated his rapidly beating heart.

"Appear, 17th blood vein!"

Due to the shock, his heart pumped out more blood which rushed around his body rapidly once again. Then on his chest, the 17th vein appeared!

Once the 17th blood vein appeared, the burning sensation in Su Ming’s body dissipated. There was no longer any heat and intensity in his body. His entire body felt drained. Su Ming knew it was the aftereffect once the effects of the medication went away.

At the same time, there was a light stinging pain in his body. It meant that his body was injured during the forceful training earlier.

"I’m a practitioner of the Ways of the Berserker. This sort of pain and injury is nothing!" Su Ming mumbled. He could feel that the power in his body had increased by at least one fold. A look of resolution appeared in his eyes.

He did not get up. Instead, he brought out an herb from his torn beast skin shirt. It was the Sky Stone!

This was the strongest herb he had besides the pills! Besides the portion he gave to Lei Chen, he would not have used it easily. Nonetheless, he brought them out with unwavering determination. He wanted to increase his strength as much as possible in one go.

As Su Ming took the herb in his hand, he left out one leaf for later use and swallowed the rest. He also consumed a Scattering Dust to increase the effects of the herb.

A cool sensation immediately erupted within his body. The residue of the heat immediately fused with the cold. A cold feeling began to form in Su Ming’s body, causing the red color on the 17 blood veins to become even more distinctive.

Su Ming’s body began to turn blue in the cold but his blood once again circulated in his body rapidly. Two hours passed by and four hours passed by. When the sky started to turn bright white, Xiao Hong came back from playing outside. Su Ming still sat there cross-legged without moving.

Xiao Hong knew Su Ming was training. It laid down by his side and looked at him for a moment. Then it yawned and fell asleep.

Morning became noon, then noon became dusk. Soon, the sky was dark once more. Only the light from the moon which fell on the snow scattered all over the land.

There were no longer just 17 blood veins on Su Ming’s body, but 19!

The two extra blood veins appeared on his arms and glowed red…

Midnight came. The red light Su Ming’s body emitted, lit up the entire cave. He slowly opened his eyes and let out a shaky breath. His eyes were filled with a threatening glint. When he saw Xiao Hong snoring lightly by his side and occasionally grabbing his own fur, he smiled.

He averted his gaze from Xiao Hong’s body and looked at the small holes decorating the walls of the cave. From his position, he could see the weather and the moon outside. Su Ming slowly closed his eyes and was about to activate the Qi within his body and cure the injuries he sustained during training.

Just as he was about to close his eyes though, Su Ming suddenly opened them. He could feel something was different about the moon when he saw it from the multiple little holes right before.

When he looked at it again, he widened his eyes!

There was a hint of red on the moon in the sky…

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