Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 132: Han Fei Zi!

Chapter 132: Han Fei Zi!

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‘He Feng, we did not know each other and had no grudges against each other. You were the one who provoked me first for your own personal gains. You wanted to use me and kill me, but I didn’t kill you immediately. I even promised to take revenge for you, but even now, you still want to harm me?!’

A murderous look appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He not only understood the sinister nature of the human heart from He Feng, he also understood just how much he was lacking at that moment.

There was no way he would believe that Han Fei Zi was just passing by!

He Feng must have done all of this secretly.

Due to the Branding Art, Su Ming could see the ball of dim light in He Feng’s head; that dim light was trembling. Without the Art, he could not hear that terrified scream either, only when he was in this condition could he hear it.

After what he saw, if Su Ming still did not understand, then he was no longer Su Ming!

If he hadn’t figured out the method to cast that Branding Art, then he would have still been in the dark even when Han Fei Zi came right before him. He would not have known how she had found him.

Cold sweat trickled down his back.

Su Ming did not hesitate. He used the method to control the Branding Art and instantly contracted the 1,000 feet area till it was just 50 feet around him. He enveloped He Feng within that area and took a step forward, jabbing at the center of He Feng’s brows harshly, immediately causing the dim light to become dull, as if it was heavily injured.

Yet it did not scatter. Still, the fine thread that stretched out from the center of his brows became duller.

Su Ming wanted to cut the thread off, but he stopped. His eyes flashed, and his thoughts raced in his head.

‘Han Fei Zi is already 1,000 feet into the area. Even if I break the connection between He Feng and the outside world, it’ll still be useless… It’ll instead alert her, giving her time to prepare.

‘He Feng is heavily injured. Even if he could connect to the outside world with this method, there’s a six out of ten chance that he’s just maintaining contact to guide her here.

‘There’s only a four out of ten chance that he told her everything about this place. Since he’s heavily injured and worried that I’ll notice his actions, the probability of her knowing is lessened by another one tenth of the chance.

‘It’s highly possible that Han Fei Zi doesn’t know about my existence!

‘It’s also not likely that Xuan Lun told her the details of this place. If that’s the case, then to Han Fei Zi, He Feng is the only one here. Since He Feng definitely can’t go out in his wounded state and is hiding from Xuan Lun, he’s using this method to call her here so that she could heal him.

‘If that’s the case, then Han Fei Zi should not have told anyone about this. She… might very likely be alone! From her expression when she entered the area within the 1,000 feet, she’s not too cautious about this place. If that’s the case, then that’s another one tenth chance less that she knows I’m here. So I have an eighth of a chance that my analysis is correct!

‘An eighth! That’s enough!’

Su Ming was forced by the situation. In the span of a few breaths, he focused his mind to quickly analyze his circumstances until his head started hurting mildly, but he did not have time to dally.

He immediately lifted He Feng and moved his feet so that he was sitting cross-legged. Su Ming then crouched down, hiding behind He Feng.

He was originally smaller and thinner than a normal member of the Berserker Tribe to begin with, so now that he hid himself, no one could see him from the front.

At the same time, Su Ming commanded with his mind the red meadow under his feet to quickly contract. In an instant, it turned into a small piece that existed only under Su Ming’s feet. Even He Feng was positioned outside the meadow.

Su Ming then quickly contracted the area of branding, but besides wrapping his own body inside its area of influence, he also enveloped He Feng. That was to prevent him from alerting Han Fei Zi. If He Feng tried to alert her, then with the branding, Su Ming could stop him immediately.

Once he was done, Su Ming took a deep breath. A cold glare appeared in his eyes. He circulated his Qi until it reached its peak condition. The souls of the Wings of the Moon spread out from inside him and stuck to his skin. This time, he used all the souls of the Wings of the Moon.

He even lifted his right hand and sensed the presence of the Three Evils, waiting for the crucial moment before he struck.

Within his mouth was a mouthful of blood. That blood was for him to cast Dark Blood Dust!

‘She hasn’t Transcended, it’s not impossible for me to fight against her!’

Su Ming’s heart rate gradually slowed down as he completely calmed down, remaining still.

Outside the cave, Han Fei Zi, who was dressed in white and had a white veil over her face, was 700 feet away from the mountain cave. She looked calm and her movements were beautiful. Even if she was walking in the rainforest filled with humidity and miasma and even if the ground was filled with mud and looked disgusting, she was an eye-catching sight that did not belong to this place. Nothing in this place could not stain her body.

Han Fei Zi’s eyes were like stars that enticed people, making them unable to look away. Although there was a veil over her face, all those who saw her would be caught in a daze as if they had just seen the beautiful woman of their dreams.

She treaded lightly forward. Her beautiful eyes stared at a crack in the mountain before her. She could feel that the connection from He Feng came from that place.

To her, He Feng himself was more useful compared to his role in helping her obtain the great treasure. That strange connection itself was already extraordinary. On top of that, this person was a schemer. He never shared that strange Art with other people. This was also something Han Fei Zi admired about him.

However, that was just pure admiration. Once this person lost his value, she did not mind taking him under her wing. When she entered Freezing Sky Clan, he could still be of use to her.

As she moved forward, she suddenly frowned and lifted her hand. On her finger was a black ring. That ring might look like an ordinary ring, but there was a thread from the ring stretching out towards the crack before her, connecting her ring and the crack together.

At that moment, the thread rippled suddenly and became a lot duller.

That was the moment Su Ming jabbed at the center of He Feng’s brows.

Han Fei Zi stopped and stood where she was. She still remained calm as she looked at the crack before her, seemingly immersed in her thoughts. After a moment, she floated towards the crack and stopped once again when she was 100 feet away.

"Brother He, I, Yan Fei, am here. Please come out."

Han Fei Zi’s voice was as cold as ice, but there was a strange attractiveness to it that made those who heard it feel restless.

The cave was silent. Not a sound came out from within. A glint appeared faintly in Han Fei Zi’s eyes. After a moment of hesitation, she lifted her hand and a light appeared in it. A small cloud the size of a palm appeared and floated forward, entering the cave through the crack.

Su Ming hid behind He Feng’s body and remained still, as if he did not see the white cloud that entered the cave. The white cloud floated in midair. When it went around the cave once, it flew out of and landed in Han Fei Zi’s hand.

Han Fei Zi gently held the cloud while it dispersed. The sights that the white cloud had seen appeared before her eyes. She fell momentarily silent and walked into the crack. Once she went in, she surrounded her body with cloud mist in an act of precaution.

Even as the sounds of footsteps got closer, Su Ming remained unmoving. However, the chill in his eyes became stronger.

Very soon, Han Fei Zi appeared in the mountain cave and saw He Feng sitting on the ground cross-legged. She also saw the herbs growing all over He Feng’s body. She narrowed her eyes.

She stood where she was and did not continue forward. After a span of a few breaths, the cloud mist around her suddenly spread out and turned into a force that filled the entire cave, causing the mountain cave to seemingly shake. It was followed quickly by Han Fei Zi herself retreating hastily. Judging by her looks, she had already noticed something and was about to leave the mountain cave.

The moment she retreated, Su Ming almost reflexively attacked. When Han Fei Zi entered the cave, he had focused all of his attention on her. She might have been standing there for a few breaths, but she stood at a location that did not allow Su Ming to have the best position to attack her. If she got closer, he would have a higher chance.

Her act of retreating seemingly drew out his Qi, causing Su Ming to almost attack due to his natural reflex, but he subdued his impulse. Sweat beaded on his forehead.

‘Han Fei Zi is like He Feng. They’re both schemers… She had already used the white cloud to investigate the cave beforehand. There’s no way she did not know that He Feng was covered in herbs. There’s no reason for her to be surprised when she entered the cave!

‘Her retreat was a test. The woman’s act of standing there was also very brilliant… During the span of a few breaths, she could make people pay full attention to her actions. Once they did so and she retreated suddenly, she could make the person attack on instinct…

‘You can do this as a test? Lesson learned.’

The reason why Su Ming did not fall into the trap was largely due to his experience during the battle of Dark Mountain Tribe. That devastating battle made his convictions stronger.

He had already decided to wait until the crucial moment before he attacked. There was no way he would change that plan easily. That was why he could subdue his impulse, and not because he got an inkling of what she was planning.

Han Fei Zi retreated a few steps and her eyes flashed. When she saw that nothing happened, she relaxed marginally and stopped before moving forward again. This time, her distance between He Feng gradually closed down.

‘Looks like He Feng was attacked by some unknown Berserker Art Xuan Lun had casted. His life is almost gone. He must have managed to escape after a lot of difficulty but could only hide here. Before he fell unconscious, he contacted me so that I could save him,’ Han Fei Zi thought as she looked at He Feng sitting cross-legged in the cave.

She took another few steps forward, wanting to take a closer look.

In her eyes, the space behind He Feng was empty. There was no one there. As she continued onward and was only 10 feet away from He Feng, a thought struck her head and she widened her eyes suddenly before quickly withdrawing.

‘That can’t be right. This crack is right in the deeper parts of the rainforest. The miasma should be thick here. He Feng is obviously unconscious and cannot get rid of the miasma, but the miasma here is thin…

‘The cracks in the rainforest are usually the resting places for insects and beasts, but there’s nothing here. He Feng is unconscious, how could those insects and beasts not dare to come forward?

‘This place is a trap!’

Han Fei Zi’s heart trembled, knowing that she was not in a good situation. She was just about to retreat when Su Ming’s eyes glinted where he hid behind He Feng.

The moment Han Fei Zi retreated, the red meadow under his feet spread out abruptly.


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