Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 127: The Secret of Han Mountain City!

Chapter 127: The Secret of Han Mountain City!

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He Feng could only act rashly. Su Ming had already exposed his true intentions. He could not tell whether Su Ming was just testing him or if he really knew, but he did not have any time to think. He could only activate his attack beforehand.

The dim light he had been accumulating in his body was already on standby. If Su Ming was tricked and turned back the moment the dim light appeared, then it would be difficult for him to avoid the attack.

But He Feng had underestimated his opponent!

Su Ming did not turn back. The moment He Feng attacked, moonlight descended upon his body and turned into a screen of faint light before him. The formless souls of the Wings of the Moon also enveloped his body.

The small ball of dim light crashed into the screen of moonlight in an instant. It let out a bright flash, and its speed decreased slightly. Yet the dim light was He Feng’s desperate attack. Sine he had reached Transcendence, the power of his final attack was still powerful even though he was currently incredibly weakened.

The screen of light shattered. The dim light pierced through and landed on Su Ming’s body, but strangely, it passed through him and went into the rainforest in the distance. There was no sound, but hundreds of feet away, the rainforest was turned into ashes and disappeared into thin air.

As the dim light pierced through Su Ming’s body, his figure shimmered slightly. Another Su Ming appeared by its side, and as it appeared, the figure that was pierced through turned into an apparition and disappeared.

All this happened in an instant, and anyone who saw it would think their eyes were playing tricks on them.

"My specialty is speed," Su Ming said slowly, looking at He Feng, who was in disbelief, and walked towards him one step at a time.

Su Ming was prepared for what had happened. When the screen of moonlight acted as a momentary block, he had completely avoided the dim light.

He Feng fell silent and glared at Su Ming. He had already completely fallen into despair and did not bother hiding it. There was a ferocious and resolute look in his eyes.

"If you had seen through my attack a long time ago, why did you give me the chance?" He Feng asked with a sullen voice as he laid down on the ground.

"Because I need you to be near death," Su Ming answered, walking closer to He Feng.

"Me? Near death? You grew up really quickly after getting caught in the trap, but you’re still naïve…"

He Feng’s pupils shrank, and he let out a vicious bark of laughter. He knew that he would definitely die this day, but if he had to die, he would drag the person who had killed him along to hell. The only thing he regretted then would be that he could not kill Xuan Lun with his own hands.

What he had to do was to trigger his blood veins to explode without any care for consequences. He might be weakened, but no matter how weakened he was, he had already reached the Transcendence Realm. His Qi may be dull, but it was still lively. As long as his Qi still had energy left, then if he threw everything out, he could still self-destruct.

Yet the moment he was about to self-destruct, He Feng’s expression changed. A thing like this had never occurred before Su Ming eyes. This change meant that He Feng’s beliefs were shattered. He stammered out his words.

"This… This… How could this…"

He Feng’s face was pale. Just like a person who wanted to commit suicide suddenly discovering that the blade in his hands had turned into a soft piece of cloth, he discovered that his Qi was not just dull, but had lost its liveliness. It was like dead water now. He had no way of making his blood veins burst and explode.

Su Ming crouched down and looked at He Feng, who had a baffled expression on his face, before he let out a sigh.

"In terms of intelligence, I can’t compare to you. From the very first moment we met each other, you’ve been plotting against me right until now. Yet you forgot one thing – the miasma within the rainforest.

"I let you drag out the time because I was worried that if I drove you into a corner, you would choose to self-destruct. If that was the case, then I wouldn’t obtain anything.

"The more you speak and think in this miasma, your heart will beat faster and your breathing will become quicker, and you’ll breathe in more of this miasma.

"If you had been circulating your Qi for a long period of time, then it would have been fine, you could have counteracted the miasma which you’ve been ignoring when you were at peak condition. Even if you healed yourself here, as long as you circulated your Qi, then you wouldn’t be injured by this miasma.

"Yet you did not dare do that before because you were too careful. Even if you had accumulated that dim light for a counterattack, you still breathed in too much of the miasma, which will cause your Qi to lose its liveliness, making it hard for you to trigger self-destruction."

Su Ming looked at He Feng and spoke calmly. Ever since the beginning, he had been circulating his Qi within his body. He Feng noticed this a long time ago, but had simply thought that Su Ming was being cautious. He did not expect that it was due to the miasma.

He Feng laughed bitterly. This time it was real.

He looked at Su Ming. His vision had begun to become blurry, but he was forcing himself not to fall unconscious. Looking at Su Ming still reminded him of his past self, but it was clear that this young man was much calmer compared to himself.

"I have no regrets dying in your hands. It’s a pity that I can’t exact my vengeance… I don’t know your name, so I’ll just call you brother Xu. Brother Xu…"

He Feng panted harshly. His consciousness was beginning to fade away. He struggled to bite his tongue, forcing himself to remain conscious.

"Brother Xu, please help me kill Xuan Lun, then bring his head back to my tribe and offer it to the deceased spirits of my people. I will promise you everything you ask. Wanting me in a near death state means that you want to create a puppet. If I’m doing this willingly, it’ll be better for you. If you promise me to help me kill Xuan Lun, then I’ll let you do whatever you want to me!

"I don’t ask that you kill him now, but when your power is strong enough, please help me fulfill my request!"

He Feng’s breathing became even more rapid. As he panted harshly, he looked at Su Ming expectantly.

"I won’t let you do this without any rewards. I have a valuable treasure to give you! Xuan Lun destroyed my tribe, then kept coming after my blood, and Han Fei Zi saved me for this treasure as well!

"I hid this treasure in a secret location, not daring to keep it on my person. Due to my tribe’s Branding Art, even Han Fei Zi will find it hard to probe into my memories with Berserker Arts. Xuan Lun and her also seem to not want more people knowing about this. Only I know about its location in this world, that’s why I coud move around so freely.

"Because they’re stronger than I am, one of them showed kindness to me and the other came after my life, thinking that they could control me, but they underestimated me! I had long since seen that they were not as they seemed. The two had collaborated with each other and were just putting on a farce.

"Yet there was also conflict and suspicion between them. They’re both hiding things from each other, and it created a chance for me. I only needed to challenge the Chains of Han Mountain once to see through their relationship. Their acting was far too fake!

"One of them has Lake of Colors Tribe behind them, and the other is from Puqiang Tribe. These two tribes were once slave tribes, do they think I’m dumb?!

"They were plotting against me, but I was also using them. If it weren’t because I needed Han Fei Zi’s help to join the 16 Dark Souls Sect and become a member in their outlying group, I could have obtained more benefits in Han Mountain City."

He Feng’s vision had already become clouded. He had hidden these words in his heart for a long time. Now, in his despair, it was as if he had obtained an outlet, and in his dizzy state, he told Su Ming everything.

"Brother Xu, I came from a small tribe. We didn’t even number to 200 people. Very few know about this, but my tribe was a branch of the Han Mountain Tribe that ruled over Han Mountain City hundreds of years ago. Han Mountain Tribe was massacred by the three slave tribes, but we survived.

"But now, I am the only one left… The legends passed down in Han Mountain Tribe told us that our ancestor from Han Mountain Tribe was not originally one of the Berserker Tribe. His background was incredibly mysterious. He settled down here, and thousands of years later, Han Mountain Tribe was formed.

"That was why I had an Art that was different from Berserker Arts, one that allowed me to sense your presence. This is a technique left behind by our ancestor, who also left behind some great treasures for us, his descendants. But three of them were snatched away by the three slave tribes in the past. There’s one left, and that’s the great treasure I’m talking about!"

Su Ming looked at He Feng, whose speech was beginning to muddle up. He listened to his words, who was gradually exposing the secret surrounding Han Mountain City.

"Han Mountain City belongs to Han Mountain Tribe. It was built by my ancestor, who founded my tribe. There’s also a place hidden in the deep canyons under the Chains of Han Mountain in Han Mountain City. It is a place the three small slave tribes dream about going.

"That place is where the ancestor of Han Mountain City died!" He Feng mumbled, and as he looked at Su Ming, the expectant look in his eyes became stronger.

"I don’t hate the three slave tribes. Tribes come and go, and the law of nature depicts survival of the fittest. I don’t hate Han Fei Zi either. She may be aiming for the treasure, but she was kind to me. I had originally intended that if I could not make it, then I would give the treasure to her.

"The only one I hate is Xuan Lun. He killed my family and slaughtered my people. Kill him, promise me! Help me… kill him!"

Su Ming fell into silence. There was no need for him to listen to the request of a person who was near death for him to create Spirit Plunder. In fact, if that person had a grudge, the effects would be even better, but at that moment, Su Ming looked at He Feng and nodded.

"If my power becomes strong enough to kill him, then I promise you, I’ll take revenge for you!"

"Brother Xu, thank you…"

He Feng closed his eyes and mumbled out a sentence that only Su Ming could hear. Those words revealed the location where He Feng hid the treasure.

"There’s something else in my bosom. There were originally three of these. Xuan Lun snatched one away, I gave Han Fei Zi one of them as a gift, and the last, I’ll give it to you…" As He Feng spoke, he sank into unconsciousness and became still.

Su Ming took He Feng’s body in his arms and picked up the small bottle from the side. He did not linger around the area, dashing into the distance. He did not leave the rainforest, but ran further into the distance and disappeared without a trace.

To him, compared to the areas outside the forest, the big rainforest was safer. When Xuan Lun returned, he would search this place with most care, but it would also be the place where he would miss the most details.

As Su Ming ran through the rainforest, a complicated look appeared on his face. He Feng was a person who thought and planned a lot. Su Ming had firsthand experience of his words and actions. The secret hidden in Han Mountain City also proved Su Ming’s previous theory of why powerful Berserkers gathered in Han Mountain City and why the three tribes kept taking in guests.

"He Feng…"

Su Ming sighed. This person’s plots left Su Ming with no choice. The only thing he could do was to walk down the path laid out for him.

If he had not entered the dimension in the black piece of debris when he was in danger, who knew what would have happened to him then.

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