Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 1258 - The World in the Depths!

Chapter 1258: The World in the Depths!

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Su Ming’s gaze fell on the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe before he cast a glance at the fourth disaster that he had seized through the air and whose disappearance was halted when it was going up Yin Death Vortex. When he looked at it, Su Ming knew that he was supposed to not be able to get through his third disaster. His level of cultivation had not been the reason why he was able to clear the disaster, but his Possession of a True World.

He had the years of life belonging to a True World, which was why he could be so wilful when getting through the third disaster.

He had barely escaped death during the fourth disaster. If he had not used the Arid Curse and been full of madness, willing to die with Arid Triad’s will if it did not choose to compromise while still asleep, he would have definitely died.

In his current condition, if he was to face the fifth disaster… Su Ming had not a shred of confidence to pass it. In truth, he had already given it his all during the second disaster.

Su Ming might want to get through the disasters himself, but he was not reckless or foolish. If he did not have the ability and would definitely lose if he took the bet, he would not force himself to try it. He had already reached his limit a long time ago.

With eyes shining, he remembered the words the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe had said regarding Arid Triad’s will. In silence, he took a swift step backwards.

“Thank you, senior!” When Su Ming moved back, he wrapped his fist in his palm.

“Don’t thank me. I was the one who went searching for your disaster. Helping you… is the same as helping myself!”

While the old man swung his arm, he lifted his head, and the fifth disaster came swiftly from the rumbling Yin Death Vortex.

The disaster roared. When the sound echoed in the air, the Yin Death Vortex immediately filled with countless lightning bolts as if it had turned into a lightning storm.

“The fifth disaster, the Fiendish Withering of Earth in Five Directions. I’ve heard since a long time ago that the power of this disaster can destroy all lives. Today, I would like to see… whether this Fiendish Withering of Earth in Five Directions can bury my will of an Antecedental Spirit!”

As the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe laughed, he did not wait for the fifth disaster to descend on him. He turned into a vortex that shot upwards, taking the initiative to head towards the incoming disaster.

Su Ming stared at the old man, and resolve appeared on his face. Turning around, he charged into the depths of Yin Death Vortex. He knew that the subsequent disasters were not ones he could stand against. He had an even more important mission, and that was to head into the deepest parts of Yin Death Vortex in search for the connection between himself and the broken will in this place so that he could verify the old man’s guess. He had to find the answers.

The old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe… longed to learn of all of this. However, he did not have a way to obtain his answers, which was why he placed all his hopes on Su Ming.

He hoped that Su Ming would be able to obtain them, and that was why he told him all of his guesses. He already treated Su Ming as his scion, but he did not pass down any of his power or his divine abilities to him. Instead, he gave Su Ming a form of determination that would allow him to learn all the secrets of Arid Triad’s will, Arid Disaster, and Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos.

Perhaps there were some people who had the same determination before their era’s destruction during the countless eras of Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos. With great wisdom, they tried to search for all the answers. Perhaps some people succeeded, but perhaps… no one had ever succeeded. The old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe was unable to find the truth, even though he believed that he had already found his way to the edges of the answer.

But he could not truly find the secret. Su Ming… was the scion he chose, and he inherited those guesses and determination to continue moving forward.

He would continue go forth until he found the answer… until he found the greatest secret of Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos.

Su Ming knew all of this. That was why when he turned around and the booming sounds behind him surged into the sky while the old man’s howls and roars echoed faintly in the air, he did not turn his head around to look. Instead, resolve appeared on his face. He charged towards the depths of Yin Death Vortex.

He did not know how deep was Yin Death Vortex. He did not know how far he was from the end, and he did not know whether the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe would be able to help him clear the disasters in the end. He did not know any of that, but it was not important. What mattered was only Su Ming’s persistence. It caused his feet and body to turn into determination itself, and he headed further into the distance.

Time passed in the vortex, but Su Ming had no idea how fast. He could no longer hear the rumbles from the Antecedental Spirit’s disaster, and neither could he hear the roars of the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe. Everything around him gradually became quiet, until it was completely silent around him. Not a single sound could be heard. The rotations of the vortex seemed to be something that would last for eternity.

It was as if Su Ming had moved into another world, which was an empty and quiet world. Everything was silent. Everything was empty. It was as if nothing existed, but as that feeling arose, Su Ming slowly came to realize that the Yin Death Aura in this place became less until it practically disappeared. In the end, it was replaced by the power of Bright Yang.

Bright Yang was the arch enemy of all lives in Yin Death Vortex. It was a forbidden aura spelling death that could not exist at the same time with Yin Death. Only Su Ming could survive it, because he had a True World clone. He could move back and forth between Yin Death and Bright Yang and transform his aura at will. Because of this, he could continue charging forward in the portion of Yin Death Vortex that was filled with Bright Yang Aura.

Gradually, it became greater, to the point hat it surpassed all that Su Ming had previously seen in the past. It filled the vortex until it could no longer be known as Yin Death Vortex… but had to be known as Bright Yang Vortex!

Su Ming had no idea how much time had passed. At the moment the Bright Yang Aura reached its peak in density, he slowly came to a stop in the depths of the vortex and stared at the area in front of him in a daze.

Before him was a brilliant galactical vortex, as if Yin Death Vortex was a funnel. At that moment, Su Ming stood at the end of the bottom part and felt that if he took one more step, he could step out of the funnel-like vortex.

When he stepped into the empty world with that brilliant galactical vortex, he would not see the end of it. It was as if it was an Expanse Cosmos that had no end, so all those who saw it would feel a sense of insignificance wash over them.

“This is…”

When Su Ming began to speak in a murmur, his heart suddenly trembled, because at that instant, a voice traveled forth languidly from the galactical vortex at the bottom of the funnel-like Yin Death Vortex.

It sounded ancient, and it contained an indescribable weakness, as if most of its strength had flowed away in the passage of time. It echoed in the air without consciousness.

“Morus Alba…”

The appearance of this voice caused Su Ming’s heart to tremble. He sensed something calling to him, a sound that made his soul tremble coming from the beautiful galactical vortex in the empty world.

A brilliant light appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Since he was already in this place and had already seen everything, there was no reason for him to leave. Even if he would run into endless dangers when he took that one step… if he left just like this, not only would the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe be disappointed in him, even Su Ming would not be able to forgive himself.

With eyes sparkling, he took a step forward without hesitation.

He moved from the funnel-like Yin Death Vortex into the endless space. At the moment his body fused into it, he began trembling furiously.

He could not control those shivers, and disbelief appeared in his eyes. In fact, his chest began to rise and fall continuously, as if Su Ming had discovered an astonishing abnormality that shocked him so greatly that even his self-control could not hold him steady!

“This… This is…” Su Ming swept his gaze across the area. The third eye at the center of his brow instantly opened, and his divine sense erupted with a bang and quickly spread through the area.

“Is this… True Morning Dao World?”

The disbelief in Su Ming’s eyes became stronger. When he stepped into the place, he immediately sensed a hint of familiarity. There was no way Su Ming would find this familiar feeling unfamiliar to him. It was… the presence of True Morning Dao World’s will before it was Possessed.

There was no way Su Ming could ever forget it. He had thought against it before he had devoured it, which was why he was intimately familiar with it. This place… felt as if it was the True Morning Dao World Su Ming had yet to Possess!

If that was all, it would not be enough for Su Ming to lose his composure, but at the moment he noticed this, he made another great discovery. It was that discovery that caused Su Ming’s heart to no longer be able to remain calm. A storm raged in his soul.

“This presence… this is… Yin Death Aura. This entire True World, this entire universe, this entire space is filled with boundless Yin Death Aura!

“How can this be?!”

Su Ming instinctively took a few steps forward. When he completely left the funnel-like Yin Death Vortex, he seemed to have come to understand something. He turned his head around and looked behind him.

What he saw was a huge vortex. It was the exact same as the vortex he saw in the True Morning Dao World on the other side!

However… the similar appearance did not mean that everything was the same. Su Ming could no longer sense Yin Death Aura from the vortex… but Bright Yang Aura. The thickness of that aura made him feel as if all lives filled with Yin Death Aura would disappear in it.

Everything was reversed. On the other side of Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos was an entire True World filled with Bright Yang Aura with only Yin Death Vortex were endless aura of death could be found, while in this place… the entire world was filled with Yin Death Aura, and the vortex that was the exact same as Yin Death Vortex… was filled with an astonishing amount of Bright Yang Aura.

Everything was in reverse. The level of things reversed caused Su Ming to suddenly remember an epiphany he had gained when he was in the land of Berserkers…

“Yin Death Region is like a mirror. Beyond the mirror is Bright Yang, and within the mirror is Yin Death… I once thought that the area in the mirror was the land of Berserkers and the countless dimensions in the vortex…

“But by the looks of it now, I was wrong…

“Yin Death Vortex is a mirror. The world in the mirror is not the mirror itself… but this place!”

Su Ming stared at his surroundings in a daze. He did not know what was the name of the Expanse Cosmos he saw at that moment, whether it was known as Arid Triad… or something else.

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