Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 1249 - It… Is Related to You.

Chapter 1249: It… Is Related to You.

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When Su Ming completely sealed off the dimensions of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors using the old man’s hand, the countless Berserkers in the land of Berserkers located in the galaxy beyond Yin Death Vortex all stared at the rotating Yin Death Vortex in silence.

This was the first time they had left Yin Death Vortex and the first time they arrived in the world outside. At that moment, all sorts of emotions surged through their hearts. They could not help but be anxious, since their God of Berserkers was still inside.

Once they survived the devastating battle, the Berserkers felt as if they had been reborn through fire. Their presence changed, and even though they were silent at that moment, a hint of determination could be detected in their eyes.

It was a determined heart to never leave if Su Ming did not appear. In fact, they would spare no pains in returning to Yin Death Vortex if that happened.

They might have already possessed this presence before, but they had not been as resolute as they were at that moment. Sometimes, resolution was signified by a presence that could not be hidden!

Fang Cang Lan sat down quietly on a mountain located at the edge of the land and cast her gaze into the vast Yin Death Vortex under the galaxy. It looked like a brilliant vortex. If it was not for the aura of death covering everything inside, the sight would definitely have been a beautiful and dazzling one.

Cang Lan was waiting, just like how she had waited for the past one thousand years. Even if an even longer period of time passed, she would still continue to wait.

But destiny seemed to be playing tricks on her, so Su Ming was outside while she remained inside… And now, when she had come out, he remained in Yin Death Region.

At that moment, the Ninth Summit located in Morning Dao Sect was stabilizing itself right in the public eye. Regardless of whether it was the protection Runes or the fusion of the three forces of power within the sect, all of them were swiftly transforming the Ninth Summit’s appearance.

There seemed to be no end to the changes. Because of it, the Ninth Summit, who had taken over the location of Morning Dao Sect, became stronger in an unseen manner every single day once the internal parts of the sect had been integrated.

The armies from True Sacred Yin World and the Fourth True World moved through the borders between the True Worlds during and broke through the whirlwind under the invitation of the envoys sent by the Ninth Summit. When it deployed one hundred thousand cultivators, three hundred thousand vanguards charged towards Arid Triad’s gap.

This would be Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos’ first line of defense against Dark Dawn and Saint Defier. It would also be their first army.

All of True Morning Dao World was in a state of nervousness. The slowly trickling time seemed to be the calm before the storm. No one knew when Saint Defier and Dark Dawn would descend through Arid Triad’s gap.

However, some of the cultivators who earned the right to know understood that the day… was already very, very close.

So close… that it might be the next day.

In a circular area of one million feet beyond Arid Triad’s gap was a great whirlwind. There might be other whirlwinds at the periphery of the area, but they were much weaker. This was due to the efforts of the cultivators of all three True Worlds. They had stationed themselves in three different directions nearby to form three camps that were connected together.

Runes, seals, powerful weapons, and other items filled the area. All of them were locked onto Arid Triad’s gap. Plenty of cultivators from the three camps were also sent to the whirlwind near the gap to serve as scouts and observe the activities beyond the gap.

This task was given primarily to the cultivators of the Ninth Summit, because while the Fourth True World and True Sacred Yin World could fend against the whirlwind, they could not do so like the cultivators from the Ninth Summit. Since Su Ming was the master of the True World’s will, all those who had his Brand, or rather, all the cultivators who had gathered together their laws of fate for Su Ming, could move about within the whirlwind without being affected.

In fact, if Su Ming wanted to, he could make the whirlwind instantly disappear, but he did not want to do so. The whirlwind’s existence was actually good for Arid Triad. After all, this could be considered as a natural form of protection.

The nervousness in True Morning Dao World and the silence before the storm resulted in an oppressive air. It enveloped the entire True World as well as True Sacred Yin World and the Fourth True World who had began preparing the second batch of their people to head to the frontlines.

This was… a war in which all on their side would prosper if a single one of them prospered, and if anyone on their side suffered losses, all of them would suffer losses. This was a war on their ground. Because of that, the final result would tell who the lord of that region was.

Foreign threats were invading, so if the war was lost, the four Great True Worlds would be enslaved, countless cultivators would be killed… and Arid Triad would get a new master!

In the beginning, True Sacred Yin World and the Fourth True World believed that the Ninth Summit, who had recently risen to power in True Morning Dao World, did not have the right to become the master of True Morning Dao World.

In fact, plenty of people from the two Great True Worlds believed that since True Morning Dao World had been reduced to ruins, there was no need for it to exist any longer. It would be better for it to turn into a battlefield.

An even better thing would be if all of True Morning Dao World was turned into a place that was difficult to access. There were plenty of powerful warriors from the two Great True Worlds who once supported this idea.

However, the Sublime Paragon from True Sacred Yin World and a certain ancient will who descended from the Fourth True World had completely rejected this thought. Not only did they treat the envoys from the Ninth Summit politely, they were also extremely courteous to them.

There were plenty of cultivators who did not understand this. Gradually though, a rumor started circulating among them. It said that there was a powerful warrior as great as the Sublime Paragons of the other four Great True Worlds behind True Morning Dao World’s Ninth Summit. It was precisely because of this person that the Ninth Summit obtained the respect of the other Great True Worlds.

The rumors were insubstantial. There were those who believed in them, and those who sneered at them, but no matter what, the union formed by the three Great True Worlds became extremely solid under the threat of the possible descent of the foreign threats.

And at that moment, the powerful warrior Su Ming, who was rumored to be the existence behind the Ninth Summit that was as powerful as the Sublime Paragons, was in Yin Death Vortex with an aloof look on his face and resolve in his eyes. He was heading into the depths of Yin Death Vortex.

Ring-shaped ripples spread around Su Ming, forming a protective force similar to the one provided by the ring. This power filled the area around Su Ming, allowing him to maintain the same speed as he charged into the depths of Yin Death Vortex.

He moved very quickly. When the sixth day was almost over, he had already reached a depth he had never reached before. Yin Death Vortex had become much compact around him, and the suction force had also become more powerful. By his ears he heard deafening, piercing howls that resembled those of wolves.

“Get closer still. I can sense… an unimaginable presence at the depths of this Yin Death Vortex!”

There was a hint of excitement in the voice of the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe. As he spoke, he grabbed Su Ming and charged forward.

But the instant he did so, a great repulsive force suddenly appeared in the vortex that was like the wind. It might have seemed weak, but when it blew at them, it seemed to freeze the vortex before stirring up a storm that made even the old man’s pupils shrink.

The storm appeared unexpectedly and abruptly.

Su Ming was in a better condition. He only felt his entire body growing numb, as if he had lost his cultivation base for a brief instant. His mind went blank, and he came to a stop.

But the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe shuddered. He swiftly retreated and coughed up three mouthfuls of blood. Shock appeared on his face, but he soon threw his head back and laughed at the sky.

“It’s as I expected! It’s just as I expected! My guess was not wrong! There is no such thing as an eternal existence in the universe! All forms of lives have arch enemies, and all existences must die eventually!

“Su Ming, continue heading into the depths of this place. Head to the deepest region. The secret hidden in there… is related to you!”

Madness appeared on the old man’s face. As he laughed loudly, he turned around and lifted his head to stare at the endless Yin Death Vortex above him.

When he finished speaking, the seventh day arrived.

The arrival of the seventh day meant that Su Ming’s Arid Disaster was about to descend!

The blood mark immediately appeared at the center of Su Ming’s brow. It melted into a blood thread, and in the blink of an eye, it covered Su Ming’s entire body. It looked as if he was stuffed into a net of blood.

There were two figures standing silently in the opposite direction of the land of Berserkers. They could see each other through Yin Death Vortex.

The two figures were incredibly indistinct, and it seemed like they had no corporeal form. No one could say how long they had stood in the land as they continued staring at Yin Death Vortex.

One of them was short, but it was not a dwarf. Instead, it was a child.

The other person was surrounded by fog. Every single it rotated, it seemed to turn into eyes, causing all those who stared at the man to feel as if there were countless eyes on them.

Not a single hint of aura spread out from the two. While standing there, they looked as if they could avoid certain laws and wills in the True World. After a long while, the boy sighed softly.

“Were you able to tell that person’s level of cultivation?”

“He is someone who Possessed True Morning Dao World. Forget the fact that I cannot determine his level of cultivation. The number of people who can determine his level of cultivation in Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos can be counted on a single hand,” the fog shrouded figure said in a low voice.

“Those in the world outside say that this person is a Sublime Paragon like us, but they don’t know that this person… has already surpassed Sublime Paragons. He is above us.

“But I don’t understand. All the Antecedental Spirits are suppressed in the Fourth True World. How… did he manage to become an Antecedental Spirit?!”

These two people were the Sublime Paragons of True Sacred Yin World and the Fourth Great True World. If Su Ming could divide some of his attention and observe the boy at that moment, he would definitely be able to recognize him as Chang He’s Master, the person he saw in the illusion he obtained from Chang He’s corpse!

Based on the fog shrouded figure’s understanding towards Antecedental Spirits, it could be seen that as the Fourth True World’s Sublime Paragon, he was in possession of many secrets regarding the suppressed Antecedental Spirits in Arid Triad.

The fog shrouded figure was silent for a moment before he said hoarsely, “Do not forget about the legendary… All Spirits Hall!”

“All Spirits… Hmm?”

The boy was just about to continue speaking when he suddenly lifted his head. His pupils shrank. He saw a change that shocked even him. His presence expanded swiftly, as if it had just received a great stimulation.

“This is…”

“The… Antecedental Spirit’s… Disaster!”

The one who answered him was the fog shrouded figure beside him. He enunciated each word, and there was disbelief in his voice. When he spoke his final word, he was practically shouting, because it was a cry of surprise.

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