Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 101: Beheading Him Right Before Their Eyes!

Chapter 101: Beheading Him Right Before Their Eyes!

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That red light passed by their bodies and disappeared.

The tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe trembled. He only had one more tribe member by his side, and he was also shaking. They looked at each other and saw the other person’s fear. They still did not manage to see whether their enemy was a person or a beast, but the numerous threads floating behind the red light gave them the impression that it was hair.

"Who is it? Who are you? Show yourself!" The remaining normal Berserker of Black Mountain Tribe shouted immediately.

When his comrade was yelling, the tribe leader’s face was pale. He raised his right hand and slammed it against his chest. A blood-red light erupted forth from his body immediately. Increasing the power of his Qi temporarily without care of his injuries to fight wasn’t something he wanted to do, but this time it was necessary. He dashed towards the forest at full speed and disappeared into the darkness provided by the woods.

The remaining person from Dark Mountain Tribe was just about to run away as he continued yelling, but at that moment, his body lurched forward. A red light suddenly appeared and circled his body once before turning into Su Ming, who stopped to stand behind the person.

Blood trickled down the corners of the person’s mouth. His whole body was in great pain due to the threads of moonlight binding him together and tearing into his flesh. They were wound so tightly around him that he could feel death getting closer to him. Breathing sounds came from his back, so he struggled to turn his head and see who was that unknown person who brought such terror upon him.

Yet he could not turn his head. Still trembling, he was torn apart.

Su Ming panted harshly. Ever since the tribe migrated, he had been fighting nonstop. He had also been suppressing the internal injuries he sustained when he broke through the elder’s seal. If it were not for the moonlight, which allowed him to gradually recover, he would have already fallen.

It was the night of the full moon. The mysterious powers of the moonlight had reached their peak, causing Su Ming’s blood to seem like it was burning. It allowed him to continue fighting for a longer period of time, suppressing all his internal injuries and allowing him to kill all of his targets.

He held three heads in his hands, and looking at the forest before him, he calmly walked towards it.

‘You’re the only one left, tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe. Since you have such a high status, I’ll let you die a glorious death. That is, if you run fast enough to meet up with your reinforcements.’

Su Ming licked his lisps and dashed forward, turning into a red arc. He sped forward, countless moonlight threads trailing behind him.

The tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe was a man in his forties. His status within the tribe was very high. There, besides the Elder and Bi Su, he had the highest status. He should have been leading a large amount of his tribe members to viciously kill the Berserkers of Dark Mountain Tribe, and right before the captured men, enjoy their women, then as they cried and struggled, drank wine and raped them as he laughed. After that, he would tear off the heads of the angered men from Dark Mountain Tribe to obtain a maddening pleasure.

This was his desire. The desire roused within him when he announced the raid on Dark Mountain Tribe after the Elder had given the order. He even told the other Berserkers of his desire before he left. As those Berserkers let out excited cries, this battle began.

Yet right now he was reduced to a pathetic state. His body was injured, he was covered in blood, and he had lost his will to fight. He was first shocked by Dark Mountain Tribe’s resistance, then was injured by Nan Song. After fleeing from battle, he had even discovered that he was tricked and was just about to heal his wounds before pursuing Dark Mountain Tribe once again when that mysterious nightmarish presence appeared.

His tribe members who had died when their heads were separated from their bodies made him feel incredibly afraid. He could not see the other person, only a long red arc.

He was exhausted. He did not have the courage to go back and fight. Even more so, he did not have the courage to trigger his blood veins to explode because he was not a normal Berserker. He was the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe. He knew that Black Mountain’s reinforcements were on their way, and there was a possibility that they were very close to him. If he ran fast enough, then he could meet up with them.

Blood continued trickling down his mouth, and fatigue continued building up by several folds in his body. The sudden explosive burst of power also reached its limit as the blood-red light around his body dimmed. He staggered as he continued forward, but did not dare stop. Still, he could prevent his speed from slowing down.

But the moment it did so, the strange cry that had made him feel utmost terror returned. That strange cry was similar to the one they had emitted when they were pursuing Dark Mountain Tribe, but this one sounded sharper.

When the tribe leader from Black Mountain Tribe heard it, he felt as if his mind was on the verge of breaking. At that moment, he heard a whistling sound traveling towards his back. He gritted his teeth and turned around, letting out a roar as he hurled his fist forward. But the moment he did so, he saw a head thrown at him at high speed.

His fist landed on the head, and the tribe leader saw not just the head exploding into pieces, but also a flash of red. Behind that red long arc, there were countless threads, which only increased its strange mysteriousness.

He let out a pained scream. Blood gushed out, and the tribe leader’s right arm was torn from his body. With the coming of that red light, his right arm was shredded to pieces right before his eyes.

Fear completely enveloped the tribe leader. He bit his tongue, and blood flowed out from his mouth. The vague shadow of a gigantic big blood bear appeared behind his back. It grabbed his body and threw him into the deepest part of the forest. Using that momentum, the tribe leader fled for his life.

Once the blood bear threw the tribe leader, its body was immediately surrounded by threads of moonlight. After being enveloped by several layers, the blood bear crumbled and disappeared from earth.

Su Ming appeared. His face was pale, and his eyes were calm, but there was a cruel smile on his lips.

‘It’s about time.’

He took a deep breath. The moonlight blended into his body through his wounds and nourished his body so that he could have the strength to perform the many tasks he wanted to do.

Looking in the direction the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe had fled in, Su Ming dashed forward, giving chase once again.

His speed had surpassed that of the tribe leader’s of Black Mountain Tribe, but he was not in a hurry. A strange light flashed in his eyes. He knew that the danger looming over the tribe had not disappeared completely. He could deduce from the tribe leader’s actions that Black Mountain Tribe still had reinforcements.

That was why he was not in a hurry to kill that tribe leader. He chose instead to chase after him closely. When Berserkers from the same tribe lived together for an extended period of time, they would feel connected through their blood veins. From that connection, they could somewhat tell where the other were.

Su Ming knew about this.

So even though he did not know where Black Mountain Tribe’s reinforcements were, the tribe leader would definitely do.

If he chased the tribe leader down, he could find this batch of reinforcements and slaughter them all. Only then would his tribe be completely safe for the rest of their migration. Besides, he needed to find a good moment to kill the tribe leader. If he could kill him right before his reinforcements, it would deal a huge blow to their morale, which would make it easier for Su Ming to massacre them in his exhausted state.

After the time of two incense sticks burning away, the tribe leader was still continuing to run madly forward. He had lost his right arm, but he did not care about it. As he ran, the desire to continue living appeared in his eyes. He did not want to die. He could somewhat feel from his blood veins that the reinforcements from the tribe were close. They were right before him.

He could even smell the presence coming from his tribe members. The desire to live became even stronger in his eyes. He had never been in such a pathetic state over the past 40 something years of his life, neither had he ever been so terrified. In fact, that fear was even stronger when what he had felt while fighting against Nan Song.

That was because he could see Nan Song, but he still hadn’t seen who that mysterious killer was. The only thing he could see was the blood red light and the numerous threads left behind by the killer’s speed.

At that moment, the strange sharp cry that made him fall into desperation came once again from behind him. That voice was like death knells, and every single time it appeared, it brought about pain and terror that the tribe leader could not withstand.

In fact, the moment he heard the voice, he immediately coughed out blood. The injuries and fatigue in his body made him feel as if he could no longer hold on. He was like a bird that was wounded by an arrow. Every single time it heard the sound of the bow, it would fall to the ground in fear.

"Who are you? Just who are you!"

The tribe leader shouted loudly. His face was pale when he saw the root of his terror once again. The blood red arc that sped towards him with countless threads behind it surrounded his body once, and his left hand was separated from his body before it exploded into pieces.

Letting out a pained scream, the tribe leader fell into despair. Yet as he fell into despair, a strong desire to live resurfaced because he heard those strange cries once again. However, this time, the cries did not make him afraid, they made him ecstatic.

That was Black Mountain Tribe’s cry!

He let out a huge roar and retreated a few steps quickly before using up all his strength, summoned right down from his soul, and madly dashing towards where he’d heard his tribe members. His consciousness was beginning to fade. There was only one thought in his mind – to unite with his tribe.

Very soon, before a marginally empty space filled with snow and a few dried branches, he saw five people charging out from the forest. Those people were all incredibly familiar to him.

When he saw his tribe members, the reinforcements from Black Mountain also saw their tribe leader, the man who always stood at the top of their tribe!

Yet now, the tribe leader was in a very pathetic state, one that they had never seen on his person. The fear in his eyes, the blood on his face, and the body that had lost both arms, made their expressions change. Looks of horror naturally appeared on their faces, as if they were about to face a great and powerful enemy. They could not believe that the tribe leader was the only one left after having led so many Berserkers out to chase after Dark Mountain Tribe. That look of fear on his face was as if he’d met with something incredibly terrifying.

"Save me!" Once the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe saw his tribe members, a strong sense of joy appeared from the midst of his despair. Yet that joy did not last long. When the tribe members were about to arrive, a red long arc appeared behind the tribe leader. It closed in on him in the blink of an eye, and right before the people who came to help, it surrounded the tribe leader who let out shrill screams of pain and unwillingness.

The tribe leader’s waist was suddenly sliced apart. Because he was running, blood scattered all over the place. He fell, and his legs continued twitching, but in his eyes were joy, despair, and a dead stillness. Once these emotions blended together, they formed a sight that made all those who saw grow cold with fear.

The reinforcements from Black Mountain were all taken aback. Panic appeared on their faces, and they all turned pale. The tribe leader had died right before their eyes. This was something they had never once experienced in their lives. It made their hearts tremble as dread filled their bodies.

They saw the red light that killed the tribe leader flash before turning into a frail looking person. There was a huge bow slung across his back, and in his hands, he held a long spear. There were threads of moonlight floating behind him like a cloak, and those threads spread hundreds of feet behind him.

His presence was shocking!

This was a teenager, or at the very least, a person that looked like a teenager. That calm look on his face, the frail looking body, and the stillness in his eyes seemed to hide something terrifying that wanted to devour all living beings. It made all the people from Black Mountain Tribe center their fears and the shock dealt by the tribe leader’s death on his person.

Even the tribe leader died in his hands. Terror and shock filled all the hearts of the Berserkers from Black Mountain Tribe gathered here.

From their terrified glances, they saw the youth who stood hundreds of feet away from the corpse of their tribe leader not sparing a glance at them. Instead, he stood by their tribe leader’s corpse and lifted the long spear in his hands before cutting off their tribe leader’s head like he was cutting off the head of a beast. He picked it up and looked up, casting a glance at the five people from Black Mountain Tribe standing not too far away.

The shadow of the blood red moon was in his eyes. It was enchanting, but it also held a stillness and a horrifying look that made people tremble. The moment he looked towards the people from Black Mountain Tribe, all of these Berserkers reflexively took a few steps back. Their minds were roaring. That gaze made their fear grow even stronger.

This was someone that even the tribe leader was afraid of, and he died right before their eyes. How could they not be afraid? Especially when Su Ming had threads of moonlight that spanned hundreds of feet floating behind him and were giving off a piercing cold glare?

Yet among the five people was a man in his forties who was trembling so hard that his eyes were red. He looked similar to the tribe leader of Black Mountain Tribe.

"Brother!" the man cried out and charged towards Su Ming. Behind him, the other tribe members of Black Mountain Tribe suppressed their fears and dashed forward as well.

Su Ming stood beside the tribe leader’s corpse. His eyes were freezing cold. The moment the man charged towards him, he swung his left hand leisurely, and a dash of red powder scattered forth as it was impacted by his Qi.

When the man who was leading the charge got closer, his entire body trembled. A wound caused by a formless moonlight thread appeared on his face. The blood from the wound immediately started heating up as if it was burning, and before that person could even make a sound, his body turned into red mist and rose into the air abruptly.

"Fallen… Fallen Berserker!"

"He’s a Fallen Berserker!"

Cries of surprise rose up. The faces of the four people from Black Mountain Tribe who wanted to charge forward changed once again. They immediately stopped as dismayed expressions appeared on their faces. The sight of their tribe leader’s death and the look of horror on his face before his death resurfaced in their minds. It made their terror reach their peak at that very instant.

Just as the four people were about to retreat, Su Ming moved!

Under the full moon, the threads of moonlight that were floating behind him charged towards the four people who were overcome by fear and shock.

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