Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 335 - The formidable CEO Ji is forced to go on a blind date.

Chapter 335: The formidable CEO Ji is forced to go on a blind date.

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“My respectable dear girlfriend, please save me; let’s go on a date this weekend!”

Pei Ge had just picked up the phone when she heard Wen Qimo’s clear and gentle voice.

However, his words caused her mouth to twitch.

What ridiculous thing is ‘my respectable dear girlfriend’?!

“… This weekend?” She frowned.

“Yes, yes, this weekend.”

“I can’t; I’ve already made plans,” she rejected him firmly.

You’ve got to be kidding me. My best friend is here in the country, so why would I waste my precious time with her on a ‘date’ with you?

“Ge Ge, I beg of you. Tomorrow’s date is very important to me. Didn’t you say that you will be my girlfriend? One must never make empty promises.”

She was helpless at his words. “I’m really not free. My best friend specially came to the country from abroad to visit me, so I have to accompany her this weekend.”

For a long time, she received no response from him, and just as she was thinking that he had thrown away his phone in a fit of anger, his voice came through the line again.

“How about you bring your best friend along? Our date won’t take up too much time. Just help me this one time; this is really important to me,” he pleaded softly.

She pondered on it seriously and eventually nodded in acquiescence. “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

“Really? Great! Ge Ge, thank you so much! I’ll text you the address; remember to wear something nice.”

“I know; alright, I’ll hang up now.”

After bidding him goodbye, she hung up the phone.

However, the moment she hung up the phone, she found that Qin Qitong and Pan Xinlei were staring intently at her.

“What’s wrong? Why are you guys staring at me?” She blinked and eyed the two curiously.

“Were you just on the phone with your boyfriend?” Pan Xinlei asked tentatively.

Qin Qitong, who knew that she had a boyfriend, was even more certain.

“Ha ha! It must be her boyfriend!”

Under their intense gazes, she could only nod helplessly. “Yes.”

“Hmph! Sister Pei Ge only has eyes for her boyfriend and not her friends! You said you’re not free this weekend when Sister Xinlei and I asked you out, yet you have the time when it’s your boyfriend doing the asking; how bias!” She pouted unhappily.

Pei Ge’s forehead creased at her lamentation.

I really don’t wish to go!

Chatting for a while longer in the sun, she eventually returned to the office.

Once she stepped into the office, she was surprised to find the CEO’s office’s door to be open.

She frowned and looked at the wooden door.

Is that annoying person still in the office?

With this question in mind, her eyes could not resist shifting toward his office.

Just as she was determining if he was still inside, she heard his voice come from the room.

“Mom, I’m at work right now; let’s talk after.”

Pei Ge was slightly stunned by his words, and she recalled Qin Qitong’s news about him going on a possible blind date this weekend.

Could it be that he did not want to go on the blind date, so he sounded a little frustrated while on the phone?

Just as she was pondering on all this, he walked out of the door to the CEO’s office with a sullen face.

She jumped in surprise at his sudden appearance and hastily retracted her gaze by lowering her head and fixing her eyes on the files before her.

How could he not notice her hasty actions? He glanced at her with slight displeasure as his footsteps faltered a little before continuing on his way.

She lifted her head once she had judged that he was quite a distant away and saw that the office was now empty except for her, and, for some reason, her heart felt empty, too.

“What?! You are bringing me to go on a date with your gay boyfriend?!”

When Pei Ge reached home after work, she quickly informed Tang Xiaoyu of her date with Wen Qimo. However, her reaction was unexpectedly huge.

“Shhh! Can you keep it down? Don’t let my mom hear you.” She shot her a look and said this in a hushed voice.

Her best friend’s hands flew to her mouth to cover it as she nodded.

“The date won’t take too long. Why don’t you wait at a nearby café and have a cup of tea?” she suggested.

“Ha ha, no need; I’ll just go with you.” She let out a laugh but quickly stifled it with her hands.

“… We can’t share a table with you. I have to put on a show for this date; you’d better not blindly follow me and make a scene,” she warned upon catching the glimmer of light in her eyes.

“Relax, I won’t do anything. I will sit far away.” She smiled in assurance outwardly, yet she was excitedly exclaiming inwardly.

How can I skip this exciting date?!

As her best friend, how could she not see through her intentions? She shook her head helplessly.

“Alright, it’s up to you.”

For some reason, she felt that tomorrow’s event would bring about an inauspicious feeling.

“Ge Ge, where are we going for tomorrow’s date?

“Ge Ge, if you are going on a date tomorrow, you have to wear something nice. Come; let’s choose your battle clothes tonight!”

While she was being pestered by an excited childhood friend on her side, a certain, respectable CEO was not doing any better on his side.

“Ha ha ha! I really didn’t expect for the formidable CEO Ji to have a day when he will be forced to go on a blind date by his family! This really made my day!”

Artificial lights shone gently on the room as Mu Heng laughed aloud by his best friend’s side.

With a sullen face, Ji Ziming tasted the red wine in his glass; his surrounding grew stormier as he emitted a murderous aura.

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