Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

Chapter 281 - He has to carefully watch over her by his side!

Chapter 281: He has to carefully watch over her by his side!

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The venue of the present banquet was different from the previous one.

This time, it was held in what seemed like a private villa.

Lush trees neatly lined either side of the path leading to the villa, their leafy branches intertwining at the top to form a natural archway and a natural shade against the inky-blue night sky.

One could just imagine the comfort this leafy archway afforded anybody taking the pathway during the hot summer days.

Following this enchanting verdant path, Pei Ge saw a villa built by a river and a mountain.

The European-styled villa was majestic and exceptionally beautiful.

What was most eye-catching, though, was not the multiple-storey villa itself but its courtyard.

Around the courtyard were a few lounge seats under beautiful sun shades.

Perhaps, because the banquet was held outdoors, the green lawn was lavishly decorated.

The theme of today’s banquet was evidently outdoors.

The bright lights shone on the men and women in sophisticated attire. The temperature was quite low due to the cool autumn wind, but the women in their evening dresses did not feel cold at all due to the excellent heating system.

Pei Ge hooked her arm through Ji Ziming’s and entered the courtyard. After experiencing her first banquet, she was no longer nervous this time.

Moreover, her outfit was comfortable to wear.

“Young Master Ji, this must be your rumored girlfriend.”

The two had just arrived at the courtyard when a man in a form-fitting suit, holding a champagne glass in one hand and his date in another, approached them. His date was wearing a grey evening dress with plunging neckline.

“Mhm,” Ji Ziming acknowledged as he took a glass of pale yellow wine for himself from a waiter who was respectfully serving drinks on a tray.

Once Ji Ziming chose his wine, the waiter presented the tray to Pei Ge.

She eyed a glass of pale pink wine, which she assumed was a mild cocktail, and lifted it from the tray.

“Such good taste you have, CEO Ji.”

She, who was about to take a sip of the wine, was so glad she had not yet done so as she almost sputtered at the man’s words!

What a blatant boot-licking attempt!

She stole a glance at the man opposite them. The man seemed rather normal and gave off neither a rich nor powerful vibe. Basically, he appeared to be a normal person.

His female companion, however, was pretty and, for some reason, looked very familiar…

She stared intently at the lady wearing a deep V-neck formal dress.

In the ensuing moment, her eyes lit up and she blurted out with excitement, “Ya! Are you Liu Yuchen who acts that imperial concubine role?!”

“Yes, Miss Pei,” the woman replied with a gentle smile.

She became immersed in that beautiful smile like she would in a hot spring. She thought, If I were a man, I’d definitely be captivated by her smile!

It was with this thought that she turned to look at Ji Ziming.

Who knew that he was not looking at the pair opposite them but at her, though?

She blinked in surprise when her eyes were met by his deep-set eyes and asked curiously, “Wh – Why are you looking at me like that?”

He did not reply and merely shifted his gaze away.


As she spat this inwardly, the boot-licking man spoke again.

“CEO Ji and Miss Pei really have such a good relationship.”

Eh, eh, eh? In what part did you base that comment?! she asked inwardly, feeling exasperated.

“Miss Pei seems quite interested in my female companion?” The boot-licking man shifted his gaze on Pei Ge when Ji Ziming did not bother with him.

“You are overthinking this; I’m not a man.” She hurriedly waved off his question.

She was just excited to meet a celebrity for the first time. What interest was there to be had?

Her answer instantly made the man feel awkward.

Liu Yuchen laughed lightly at that. “Indeed, if Miss Pei were to show interest in me, I would be afraid.”

She was absolutely taken by the celebrity’s gentle voice and lovely smile.

A celebrity really is a celebrity; her every gesture and expression is good to look at!

She totally did not expect that despite Liu Yuchen’s fame, the latter would be so unassuming and easygoing.

“He he,” she laughed along with her.

“Miss Pei, have you watched my shows?” the actress asked with a smile.

“Mhm, mhm, mhm! My mother watches you in ‘The Harem’, and she loves…” Pausing for a bit, she sheepishly smiled. “She’s rather fond of your performance as the imperial concubine.”

Eh, eh, eh! I almost let it slip that my mom, who loves watching ‘The Harem’, isn’t fond of the prettiest concubine – the kindest female lead – and, instead, likes the dignified queen.

“Really? When I have the time, I’ll send Auntie my signed photo.” Liu Yuchen smiled in response, as though she had not noticed Pei Ge’s faux-pas with her words.

“Thanks, then.” Pei Ge smiled gently despite the growing suspicion in her heart. She seems to be too friendly with me…

However, before she could pursue that line of thought, Ji Ziming pulled her away.

“Dumb woman,” he scolded once they were well out of earshot.

“… Why did you call me dumb?” She pouted unhappily.

“Because you are dumb.” Seeing her confused and indignant look, he proceeded to chide her inwardly, This dumb woman. Didn’t she notice she’s being toyed with? She’s really dumb beyond help! I’d better place her by my side and watch over her carefully. Hmph!

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