Painting of the Nine Immortals

Chapter 569 - Departure of the Victor

Chapter 569: Departure of the Victor

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Ten days later.

The Sun had just rose, shedding down faint golden light that engulfed this entire ancient city.

Against the city wall, Chu Zhong Tian was rather expressionless. He wore a gold robe that resembled the Gods above. His temperament was divine and powerful.

Beside him, Huang Er wore an expensive looking purple robe. He had a silk ribbon scarf wrapped around his head and was holding onto a feathered fan. The wretchedness he normally exudes was not there. Instead, he looked full of intelligence and wisdom.

Below was where all the Supreme Headmasters and Clan Leaders stood. Behind them were the regular citizens.

Based on first glance and the headcount, amongst the group, there were at least several tens of thousands of people.

Everyone had respect written on their faces as they carefully checked out this new leader.

Ling Xian was one of the people standing amongst the crowd, checking out Chu Zhong Tian. Except there was no respect in his eyes, there was merely admiration.

Originally, he was worried about whether or not Chu Zhong Tian can handle the situation. But he has proven that he was about able to remain calm, collected, and leader-like.

“I have overthought this situation. As a completion leveled cultivator, no matter how scared or unprepared, he still exudes enough prowess to stun everyone inside the city.” Ling Xian grinned.

Then, he shifted his gaze towards Huang Er. He saw Huang Er flapping around his fan, giving off the vibe of wisdom and grace. He couldn’t help it but laugh, “He normally looks so careless and casual. Now that he is placed at a serious event, he is somewhat presentable.”

He didn’t realize that if he never granted Huang Er the general manager position, Huang Er would remain wretched and scared. Even if he were wearing gold and silver, it would be difficult to conceal the fright he always felt inside and the temperament he displayed.

But after Huang Er found out he will soon be the leader of the City of Sin, of course he confidence was inflated. The external aura he gave off changed as a result as well.

In other words, without Ling Xian, the Huang Er today wouldn’t exist.

This was why Huang Er was so thankful towards him.

“Not bad. Both of them. I feel at ease leaving these two.”

Looking at Chu Zhong Tian and Huang Er, Ling Xian softly grinned, no longer worried. He muttered to himself, “Now, I will wait for the end of the ceremony before departing.”

Just as he mumbled to himself, Huang Er’s facial expression changed, “Senior brother Chu, time is up. We can start.”

“Might as well.”

Chu Zhong Tian nodded softly but also leader-like. He glanced across the population standing below and said softly, “I believe everyone is now fully aware of the reason why I asked you all to come.”

Below, everyone remained quiet and nobody made a noise.

Three days ago, Chu Zhong Tian had taken care of everything and told the entire city to gather here today for a grand ceremony. Since that day, the citizens of the City of Sin have guessed his plan and realized that he intends to announce who will now lead the City of Sin.

It appears that you have guessed it. Then I won’t waste much of your time.” Chu Zhong Tian said softly and glanced all around. Then he spoke out a statement that disallowed any questioning.

“From this moment on, I, Chu Zhong Tian, will be the new ruler of the City of Sin. Whoever objects can stand out right now.”

The entire crowd was silent.

Nobody spoke a word and everyone had on a complex expression.

Shock, overwhelm, respect, and admiration filled their faces. Even though most people have guessed this result, when they heard Chu Zhong Tian say it out loud, they felt an intense emotion crushing into them and they were silenced from it.

Or in other words, there was nothing to say.

What else could they say?

Reality was right before their eyes. Inside this crumbled city where the now gone three forces once controlled, Zhu Zhong Tian was the most powerful cultivator. If he wanted to take over the City of Sin and make all the men his men, who dared to say no?

Therefore, everyone here was in silence as they accepted this result.

At this, Ling Xian, who was standing amongst the crowd, curved up his lips and revealed an ecstatic smile. He knows now that from this moment on, the City of Sin belongs to Chu Zhong Tian, unless an external cultivator arrived with ill intentions.

That’s right. The city now belongs to him.

Therefore, how could he not feel ecstatic?

Above, Chu Zhong Tian smiled happily, feeling happy that he didn’t waste Ling Xian’s high hopes. “Alright, since there are no objections from any of you, then from now on, you can call me Ruler of the City.”

Then, he shifted his gaze to Huang Er. “You can take care of the rest.”

Huang Er nodded. He marched forward one step and said, “Everyone, every country has its laws, and every clan its rules. Now, let me read to you the laws of the City of Sin.”

“To be honest, there isn’t much. Everyone should just act per usual. Do whatever you want, as the general manager, I will not care. However, there is one thing I hope you will remember. That is, paying your taxes.”

Huang Er played with his feathered fan, looking strategic and victorious, “The normal citizens, of course, do not need to pay taxes. But the store owners and vendors, you will have to pay the city government 30% of the spiritual stones you earn as profit.”

Just then, the crowd exploded. However, it wasn’t to decline and complain, it was to agree and encourage.

To know that when the three forces ruled the city, business owners were required to pay 50% of their profit as tax and even normal citizens had to pay a part of their savings. Yet before their eyes, the new leaders erased the normal citizen’s need to pay tax, and reduced business tax from 50% to 30%. How could people not be excited at this?

Therefore, the respect in everyone’s eyes enhanced as they looked at Chu Zhong Tian. Originally, they were somewhat resistant to this man ruling. After he talked about this rule however, they preferred him.

At this, Ling Xian, still in hiding, nodded in satisfaction. This law was one he suggested. For one, he wanted to reduce the stress the citizens felt. For two, he wanted the citizens to like Chu Zhong Tian, which would make it easier for him to establish other rules later.

After all, his end goal was to cleanse the City of Sin and stop all crimes. The only way for him to achieve this was to make sure all the citizens are loyal to the government first.

“Okay, now that this law is established, nobody will resist Chu Zhong Tian anymore. In other words, I can leave this place without worrying.” Ling Xian smiled happily. Then, he walked forward towards the exit of the city.

This movement of his was discovered by Chu Zhong Tian from above. Then, for some reason, he made an announcement that silenced the entire crowd.

“He was the one who made this rule. He is the true ruler of the City of Sin!”

Abruptly, everyone fell into a state of motionlessness as if they were just struck by lightning. All gazes were now gawking at Ling Xian with appreciation, respect, and admiration.

Feeling the hot stares on him from behind, Ling Xian grinned helplessly. He didn’t turn his head and continued to march towards the exit of the City.

Because of this, he left behind a silhouette for everyone.

To everyone there, the silhouette was not giant in size nor was it exactly relaxed. However, this image was imprinted in everyone’s heart.

It will hard to erase this image from their hearts in this lifetime.

Because this was the silhouette of the true ruler of the City of Sin!

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