Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 37 – Murder and Plunder

Chapter 037 Murder and Plunder

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The Heavens want me to die! A bitter feeling beset all six of them. Despair!

All they could see was the six brilliant yellow lights, completely ignoring the person before them. They could no longer notice that this person simply does not possess the threatening aura of an Earth Xuan ranked expert.

The overwhelming feelings of despair caused a momentary lapse of judgement on the part of these six men. However, it was also this one small moment, which sealed their fate!

The reason why Jun Xie shot out those coin shaped darts filled with the unique energies of radiance was precisely because he had predicted the occurrence of this one moment! For a good assassin, one must have an insight towards the mind of their opponent. According to Jun Xie’s calculations, should these six men encounter an expert they could not defeat, they would be caught in a quagmire! This moment when they were caught in a quagmire was the one moment that Jun Xie was waiting for!

When a seriously injured Silver levelled Xuan Qi expert suddenly bumped into a peak Earth Xuan ranked expert, his heart would experience an unimaginable amount of fear and apprehension! This feeling was akin to simply waiting for an inevitable death! Furthermore, these men were in the midst of being hunted, it was only natural that this feeling of despair would rise up even faster than normal.

This one small moment was what Jun Xie wanted!

If he had directly attacked without any tricks, then at least three of these six men would be able to dodge Jun Xie’s coin shaped dart. Separating the strength in between six darts would inevitably cause the force behind it to fall, being far inferior to only one well-aimed dart! Even if only one of them remained alive, Jun Xie would be in for a world of trouble! They may all be injured, but any one of them was not someone that Jun Xie could handle with his current state.

The reason why none of Little Li’s Flying Daggers was issued in vain was because only one was issued each time!

[TL: Little Li’s Flying Dagger (Xiaoli Feidao) is a wuxia novel by Gulong.]

Jun Xie’s focus was naturally placed on the Silver levelled Xuan Qi expert. Even though he was seriously injured, he was the one who gave him the highest amount of pressure! It was also him who was keen enough to notice Jun Xie’s presence!

After the six dazzling coin shaped darts appeared, twelve dark grey lights flew out. However, the six pieces of darts had already attracted their undivided attention. In addition, the heavy downpour also became a source of concealment for the dark grey lights. All six of them were shaken to the core and had all panicked as they dodged the six incoming darts. None of them dared to block the darts with their weapons, fearing the internal damage that might result from strength of an “Earth Xuan ranked expert”!

In truth, were those projectile weapons really sent out by an “Earth Xuan ranked expert”, none of them would even have the opportunity to glimpse the yellow radiance before being killed off. Not even the strongest among them, the Silver level expert could be exempted. Unfortunately, in their state of shock, none of them noticed this!

Despite moving quickly to avoid those darts, two of them still cried out miserably. They were unable to avoid in time and the coin shaped dart pierced the area above the collarbone, their blood sprayed out as they fell to the ground. Those who had fallen to the ground even believed themselves to be already dead. Having accepted a thunderous strike from an Earth Xuan expert, what can they who were only at the Ninth level do except close their eyes and wait obediently for their deaths? Not to mention, those darts had already pierced their throats… they did not notice that the darts had only penetrated the area above their collarbone without cutting off their windpipes!

Four miserable screams echoed out at the same time, following the appearance of the second wave of projectiles. Twelve flying daggers struck either their throats or their foreheads. Those four men who were standing all had their bodies struck by at least two daggers each, every one of them piercing the most vital of parts! Their faces expressed a look of disbelief as they tightly pressed onto the hilt of the dagger on their throats; their bodies remained upright as they fell face first onto the rainwater on the ground.

As for the Silver level expert which received Jun Xie’s utmost “care”, his situation was far more miserable in comparison as he was already grievously injured to begin with. His head and body were pierced with up to four daggers! All of them penetrated so deep into him that not even the handle could be seen!

Even upon their moment of death, they were unable to understand. Didn’t they already avoid that fatal strike? Why did they suddenly suffer from another mortal wound from these flying daggers? As an Earth Xuan ranked expert, facing off against them whose existence were akin to ants before him, once his first strike failed, then he should have considered his status and stopped attacking. Why did he attack again? Why?

[TL: The trick with the yellow light will only be explained in the later chapters. Also, I have no idea what they are smoking. If an ant pissed me off to the point where I decide to stamp on it and it SURVIVES, the last thing I am going to do is to let it off!]

He actually utilized sneak attacks against someone who were two levels below him in cultivation. Moreover, after the first time failed, he actually sent in a second one… Could it be that the current Earth Xuan experts were all shameless pricks without a care for their bearings? In this world, Earth Xuan experts were all individuals who placed utmost importance on their reputations. Since when did they become so shameless?

The “Earth Xuan expert”, Jun Xie showed no hesitation as he moved in with lightning speed, smoothly pulling out the flying dagger from the forehead of a corpse. He then changed his pace, from two paces to one. He rushed towards the two men who had fallen prior and viciously stabbed one of them directly in his heart!

Although these two men had suffered no small amount of injury, it was not enough to be instantly fatal. As of now, they were at a loss due to fear however, they still possessed a certain level of combat capabilities. An enemy who can still pose a threat must not be allowed to live! Even if they were on the verge of death! What happened to him in his previous life was the greatest lesson for Jun Xie! The only enemies who cannot threaten him are dead enemies! Killing intent surged within Jun Xie’s mind, his face painted with coldness!

The flying dagger was gripped tight by Jun Xie, the tip of his feet positioned outwards. At the same time that the dagger had stabbed into that man, he started moving. The hand used to stab earlier loosened as he turned towards the other person. Like a cyclone, he launched his other hand downwards, forming a cleaver form, hacking into the man’s throat!

This series of actions was performed in quick succession, enough to cause the average person to miss out on it. The very moment that the yellow coin shaped darts flew out, Jun Xie’s fleeting figure had already moved outwards. When the four men cried out miserably, Jun Xie was already pulling out one of the flying daggers sticking out from their heads. Even before their four dead bodies fell flat onto the ground, the flying dagger had already found its way into the heart of the first survivor. At the same moment, his other hand had also cleaved the throat of the second and last survivor!

The man who was pierced in the heart by the dagger did not even have the luxury of making a single noise as he died on the spot!

Finally, the “crack” sound from the last target whose throat was fractured resounded out at the same time that the sound of four bodies hitting the surface water was heard!

After completing the actions above, Jun Xie climbed up as he gasped for breath. With his current state, completing those movements earlier was indeed quite the difficult matter! The original Jun Moye had simply caused successive problems for this body. If not for the shedding process and the constant exercise for the past month, there was no way he could have managed the earlier series of actions.

Even so, the time limit for him was simply too short and the action was akin to borrowing an overdraft from the bank. Once he relaxed his spiritual force, he was bombarded by the backlash from the violent movements made earlier. He felt pain assailing him from every part of the body, his muscles and bones felt as though it was about to break apart, a heart splitting, and lung jerking pain.

The last survivor emitted a “woah” sound as he spurt out an arrow of blood, spraying directly at Jun Xie’s face. As their eyes locked, he stared with resentment at Jun Xie, hissing. “You… you are not… Earth…” It was only at his moment of death did he came to realize that this person before him was definitely not an Earth Xuan expert!

“You bunch of pig heads!” Jun Xie sighed, feeling sorry for him. “If I am really an Earth Xuan expert, would I need to resort to sneak attacks against you bunch of trash?”

The man’s throat released a series of strange sounds as his eyes suddenly glinted with fury, an expression of resentment and rage formed on his face! His body arched forward, his body which was at the end of its life suddenly found the strength to lift a trembling hand, pointing at Jun Xie. He seemed as though he wanted to say something but nothing came out. He simply stared at Jun Xie. Not long after, he fell back onto the ground with a “pa”. After twitching for a bit, he finally breathed his last, his eyes remained wide open onto death.

Originally, he still had some breath left. Even though it was only a matter of time before dying, but he could at least endured for a while longer. Who could have known that Jun Xie’s words had instead provoked him to death!

Moving around, Jun Xie retrieved the coin shaped darts and flying daggers. At the same time, he also conducted a search on their bodies. Jun Xie’s actions were natural, his heart undisturbed as though he was merely checking his own pockets, completely disregarding the fact that those six men were dead. His training as an assassin in his previous life had embedded within him a calmness, which cannot be broken even if Mount Tai were to collapse before him. Besides, Jun Xie had witnessed far more situations that were far bloodier than this…

He finally found a small parcel in the hands of the Silver levelled expert. After weighing it for a bit, Jun Xie then reached out for the bamboo rain hat, which was on the ground. Placing it beneath his rib area, he strode off, turning into the corner. Behind him, the heavy rain continued, creating a huge curtain, cutting off Jun Xie from this bloody scene as though they were of two different worlds!

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