Mystical Journey

Chapter 1279 - Outing 1

Chapter 1279: Outing 1

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After settling on the summoning contract, Garen retreated back to the cave. A Level Four Demon Core wasn’t even the least bit enough.

Safour was carefully drawing something in the cave. It seemed to be some learning task in the spellcrafting course.

Sathree and Satwo were off somewhere. They were recently seen out and about.

“Hey, four,” Garen pushed aside his restlessness and casually asked. “Do you know where did Satwo and Sathree go?”

“I’m not sure… I think I heard Satwo mentioned about going to some underground palace to hunt. I heard that it’s an accompanied combat with those from the Deladia Empire,” Safour turned to answer.

“The Deladia Empire?” Garen was stunned. This Deladia Empire seemed to be everywhere. Its relation with the White Dragon clan seemed to be closer.

“Yes, now all the dragon whelps are to participle in this teamwork to nurture combat compatibility.” Safour glanced at Garen and found that he was a little agitated.

“I’m heading out to buy some materials.” He found an excuse to leave promptly. He really didn’t want to be the receiving end of Garen’s foul mood.

“Buy materials?” Garen was stunned again.

He flew out and followed Safour from behind. They quickly flew to the bottom of the Snow Peak to a block built by humans. It was bustling there. There were five or six tradespeople bawling with a dragon guard at the side, protecting the peace.

The trades here must receive the permission of the elders.

“I really don’t know how these people obtained the White Dragon’s elders’ approval.” Garen flew down and followed behind a few dragon whelps. He retrieved his wings and left Safour alone as he walked to a stall to have a look.

The tradesperson was shouting a language he did not comprehend. However, this did not hinder them from communicating as the tradesperson immediately flashed a smile and proceed to raise a sign in Draconic language saying, “One Level Three Frost Type Crystal Core to exchange with two items.”

Garen was speechless as he looked at the items in the stall. There were all shiny, manmade items that could blind one’s eyes. Apart from them being pleasing to the eye, they had no function.

What caught him speechless was the dragon whelps that bought them. A dragon whelp beside him was forthright to whip up a Level Three Demon Core to trade for two glass items at another stall. It was obvious that the items were glass-made ones that did not worth anything.

“What a ripoff!”

Garen was speechless and went around other places. Some of them were selling man-made oil painting, some were selling high-quality imitation antiques, but most of them were selling various book reference.

These book references were extremely expensive and were sold by the number of Demon Cores. Moreover, they weren’t useful. They were all literature like novels and poems. They were mostly not even in Draconic language. Garen only recognized headings in the banners the tradespeople raised.

Leaving the trading street, Garen gave it a thought that if he wanted more Demon Cores to enhance himself, heading out to hunt was still the way to go.

He was still in debt of that mysterious woman’s help, it stood within reason that he should go and thank her.

Although he felt that the outside harbored great danger, if he wouldn’t head out due to danger and hold himself back just because of danger, then he wouldn’t call himself Garen.

He thought about it before flying off.

The current him was no longer the person from a year ago. Perhaps that danger wouldn’t pose that big of a threat.


Fiery Blaze Mountain Range.

Beneath an area of overly white snow, the ground started to rumble.

The noon sunlight was just beaming down, reflecting a white glow on the snow.


Suddenly, the snow area was pulled open. A large amount of snow splattered about. A human-like life form in black armor was held in there.


The snow on the surface of the human-like life form’s armor melted and vaporized, giving others the feeling that it was at a boiling level. In truth, the armor almost bore no warmth, it even possessed an even lower temperature than the snow around.

“It’s here…” This human form was the Suffering Knight that attacked Garen earlier. His body was covered with layer and layer of something similar to black oil. That black oil started to melt and drip onto the ground, but the droplets strangely disappeared.

“It’s here… Have you informed master?”

At the other side, about a few thousand meters away, a black Suffering Knight erected from the snow the same way. The surface of his body was covered with a thick layer of something in oil form.

“Master can see it earlier than we can. Let’s first capture this abnormal soul. We should be able to find out what we want to know from it.” The two Suffering Knights were a few thousand meters apart yet they were conversing as though they were face to face. Their voices weren’t loud but could transmit to each other’s ears.


The two Suffering Knights soared to the sky and headed in the direction of Garen.


The white snow mountain had a sharp peak as a volcano.

Looking from afar, the snow mountain was blue all around. Flying toward the snow mountain, Garen felt the air was cleaner. Compared to the era of technology, the cleanliness of air was far beyond imagination.

Leaving the White Dragon Clan’s territory, he dashed toward the Fiery Blaze Mountain Range.

The last time he was shuttling back and forth within Fiery Blaze Mountain Range and was pursued unintentionally and arrived at the place.

Now, to find that area again would be difficult as he was sought after during that time and had the snowstorm affecting his vision.

Flying above the mountain range, Garen gazed down.

With shrouds of white clouds lingering, the dark mountain figure appeared indistinctly under the camouflage of snow.

He could sometimes see Giant Frost Iguanas moving around the mountain.

These Giant Iguanas had poor visions. They were only able to sniff their enemy at close range. The mountain was bustling with activity as he could see more than ten Giant Iguanas scattered around.

“This sort of place is what we call a good place to hunt.” Garen sighed deeply as he charged down toward a Giant Iguana.

He planned to hunt while looking for that woman that saved him.

The Fiery Blaze Mountain Range had Giant Iguanas that were at least Level Four. The remaining were either Level Five or level Six. Of course, it was still the outer range here, so although these level four Giant Iguanas were at the same level as him, it was only a representation of their spellcrafting and ability. On strength and vitality, Level Four Giant Iguanas were still considered powerful.

As a safety precaution, Garen followed the wind’s current down and slowly flapped his wings to a pass near the Giant Iguana to prevent it from smelling his scent.

His current strength and agility were beyond the past. His strength at 47 points had him similar to an adult White Dragon. An Agility at 47 points enabled him to zip pass tens of meters in a second without acceleration. A Vitality at 40 points would have him collide with a Giant Iguana unscathed.

The present Garen was an adult White Dragon in the clothing of a whelp.

The Giant Iguana afar was lowering its head chomping on a snow deer’s carcass. Red blood was splattered everywhere. There were some areas where it was frozen to red icicles.

Garen gently landed on the ground. His strong limbs deeply scratched into the snow. He crouched his body and paced himself towards the Giant Iguana.

The Giant Iguana took no notice as its white sharp fangs were feasting the snow deer’s carcass in large bites, making crackling noises.


Garen leaped forward and took a tiger bite.

Similar to a white snowstorm, he pressed onto the Giant Iguana and took a bite, tearing its throat apart. The decades of meters in distance went by in a flash.

Blood sprinkled out and splashed on Garen’s face, but he wasn’t bothered.

He stood up and got up from the Giant Iguana. His claw grasped mercilessly on the collapsing Iguana. He looked on as it whimpered and struggled in pain but was tightly clasped by his claw.

With a swish, Garen clawed and drugged out the crystal core in the Giant Iguana, waving it around in his claw.

“Level Four Crystal Core, as simple as that.” He had given up on obtaining and hunting Crystal Core through summoning. That pest of a wizard was perhaps on the battlefield and have died in some corner.

“Next up.”

He left the Giant Iguana’s carcass and fluttered his wings in the air.

He quickly targeted a Level Four Giant Iguana.

Using the same sneak attack tactic, the Giant Iguana did not even lay eyes on Garen’s shadow and activate its frozen armor when it was bit in the throat in a blink of an eye, breathing its last.

The tactic was similar to assassination and succeeded at any turn.

Using the same way, Garen continuously gained two Crystal Cores. He started to aim at the Level Five Giant Iguana he wounded the last time.

The Level Five Giant Iguanas were larger than the Level Fours, especially that long large streamlined tail that actively whipped around like a python.

If someone was fooled by the Level Five Giant Iguanas’ heavy build and appearance, they would be met with extremely swift tail-whipping once they were close.

Garen had shared that fate the last time.

This time, he planned to make an attempt.

Without any disguise, Garen landed on the snowy ground and took large strides toward the Giant Iguana.

The back of this large Iguana has a burned scar. It seemed that it once battled with an enemy proficient with flames and left a mark. Its skin was tough and a layer of thick frozen armor covered its entire body. Different from Level Four, the frozen armors of Level Five Giant Iguanas could cover their entire body.

Sensing danger nearing, the Level Five became alert as it lowered its head at Garen. Arching its body, he was in a position to charge ahead.

“It looks like it has a certain level of intelligence.” Garen burst into laughter. A Level Five Giant Iguana wouldn’t normally use its head to attack. Yet, for this Giant Iguana to pose in such a position, it was obviously trying to confuse the enemy so those who thought it would approach with the head would let their guard down about its tail.

However, Garen wanted a face-on attack, so whatever the Giant Iguana was planning on, he wasn’t that much bothered.

Walking over, Garen started to accelerate towards the Giant Iguana when the distance between them was about fifty meters apart.

The Giant Iguana tensed up its muscles.


It howled out loud, causing the ground to tremble. This Level Five technique burst out as a trembling splattered some snow around the area. A large wave of tremor mixed with snowflakes was going to collide onto Garen who was charging over.

Garen did not avoid and used his elbow to block head-on, banging violently onto it.

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