Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 147 - A Little Gigolo Is Trying to Steal Your Woman!

Chapter 147: A Little Gigolo Is Trying to Steal Your Woman!

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Thud thud thud—

There was knocking on the door, making Lin Jingquan raise his head.

Liang Mulan felt her heart ache at Lin Jingquan’s speech. She wiped her tears away before turning back and recovering her proper and elegant image, saying, “Please enter.”

Only to see Liu Mingchen walk in with a bright smile on his lips. His hands clutched his car keys as he covered up his slight nervousness with a smile, saying, “I’m heading to the lab this afternoon, and I was thinking that I can also send Lin Nuan back since it’s on the way…”

The excuse was a little fake; Liu Mingchen did not even know where Lin Nuan was staying, how could he say it was on the way?

But for Lin Nuan, it was Liu Mingchen’s timely entrance that saved her. She was unable to go against her heart and tell Lin Jingquan that she would choose Liu Mingchen, and she was all the more unable to convince herself to choose her brother, Lin Chen.

How can feelings be a multiple choice question with two options?

Lin Nuan gripped her clutch and said, “Pa, Ma, I’ll go back and think about what you’ve said and give you an answer.”

Coming out from Fenglin Garden, Liu Mingchen suddenly parked his car at the side and told Lin Nuan, “Can you help me bring the files in my trunk to the front? I have to go buy a bottle of water…”

She nodded and placed her bag on the passenger seat before she opened the car door and walked towards the trunk of the car.

After she unlocked it and opened it, Lin Nuan paused in surprise.

There were no files in the trunk. Instead, there was a large bouquet of roses with an array of lollipops in the middle of the bouquet.

Liu Mingchen had left the driver’s seat with rather red cheeks. It was his first time wooing a girl so he was extremely nervous.

He sneaked a peek to check out Lin Nuan’s reaction as he bent down to pick up the huge bouquet of fresh flowers and said, “The florist said that giving 365 flowers represented that for 365 days, I’ve been missing you for each day of the year.”

Seeing Lin Nuan’s clean and clear gaze looking towards him instead of the red-faced and happy look the little lady florist described, he felt a little awkward.

“Actually… I wanted to give you a bouquet of lollipops because the first present you gave me was a lollipop. I’ve never chased any girls before so I was super nervous before coming to the meal and I went to ask my friend for advice. He said if I’m wooing someone, girls love roses.” Liu Mingchen passed the flowers in his arms to Lin Nuan, “I wonder if you like them too?”

Tang Zheng was just driving out of Fenglin Garden after another session of socializing. The moment he exited the building, he saw the scene of Lin Nuan being confessed to. His eyes grew wide and he immediately stepped on the brakes, causing the cars behind him to nearly crash and they endlessly honked at him.

Under the sun, Lin Nuan’s tall and slender figure stood at the trunk of a silver Bentley as she looked up at a clean-looking and red-faced young man in front of her. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail and her face was bare, clean of make-up. She wore a nudish-pink top with wide sleeves and a v-collar paired with black slim-fit pants and a pair of white shoes, looking so clean yet so pretty that it made one’s heart skip a beat—she was prettier than the flowers.

Tang Zheng quickly picked up his phone and snapped a photo of Lin Nuan and Liu Mingchen, hurriedly sending it to Fu Huai’an followed by a voice message…

“Old Fu! A little gigolo is trying to steal your woman! I’ll go snatch her back for you as compensation for last night!”

After he finished speaking, Tang Zheng ignored the fact that his car was blocking the exit of the establishment’s carpark. He quickly exited the car with his phone in hand, heading towards Lin Nuan after closing his car door.

When Lin Nuan saw such a huge bouquet of roses, her heart suddenly jumped and started beating faster. It wasn’t that Lin Nuan liked the cheesiness, but when any woman receives a bouquet of flowers, how could they not feel the slightest bit of pride?

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