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Chapter 31: The Man that She Did Not Want

Chapter 31: The Man that She Did Not Want

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"Xia Xinghe, where did you get that amount of money? You're still Lin Lin's mom so don't you dare do anything that demeans his name."

Xinghe was at her limits with this woman. She shot her a withering glance and said, "What demeaning things do you think I did? Do you look down on me so much that it couldn't factor in your mind that I could produce 300000‽"

"I didn't look down you! But the fact is you couldn't possibly collect this huge amount of money the legal way." Tianxin stood on the higher moral ground and said, "Xinghe, if you're in need of money, you should have come to us, how could you do something that would ruin your name? If you want to demean yourself, it's fine, but think about your son, Xi Lin, that poor boy now has a streetwalker as his mother. I take back what I said, I do look down on you but only as a fellow woman."

"Shut your trap!" Xia Zhi finally lost it. He might be young but he could still be mighty scary when he was angry.

All forms of chivalry were tossed out the window as he pointed his finger at Tianxin and said rudely, "Based on the way you dress, you're at least an educated young lady from a good family, so where are your manners and good family upbringing? How could you use your own twisted ways to measure the rest of us?

"What, only your money is clean and ours are dirty? Do you have any proof? If not, then stop creating stories, you're the one here bringing shame to your family name!

"What kind of despicable woman you must be that you need to put my sister down to make yourself feel better‽

"Xi Mubai must be blind if he picked you over my sister. A woman like yourself is not even one-tenth of my sister's pinkie finger. I'll repeat my sister's words one last time, take your trash and leave!

"We don't need your money and we definitely do not want to see your ugly mug anymore!"

"Wha… what did you say‽" Tianxin was shivering with anger.

This was the first time Tianxin had been so seriously berated in her life.

It was in front of so many people on top of that…

Tianxin might have a scheming mind but she was a thin-skinned woman, a result of her pampered life.

"Did you not hear me? Get lost." Xia Zhi added.

"Let's go, she's not worth our time," Xinghe said as she pulled Xia Zhi back into Chengwu's room. She didn't even give Tianxin a parting glance.

She acted as if the other woman wasn't even there.

Tianxin almost bit through her lips facing the nurses and doctors' peaking glance and covered smiles.

Suppressing her anger, she spoke to Xinghe's retreating back, "Xia Xinghe, you're the one who isn't worth Mubai's time. I'm going to marry him soon and you'll never be able to surpass me in your life!"

After that, she bent down to pick up her credit card and leave.

There were viciousness and venom rolling in her eyes.

If she could, she would cut Xinghe into pieces!

In contrast, Xinghe kept her cool. However, her eyes were several shades darker than usual.

Xia Zhi was worried that his sister might be offended by the woman's parting words so he pulled Xinghe into a hug and said, "Sis, don't you lower yourself to that woman's level. You've already surpassed her because she's picking up your leftovers, the man that you didn't even want."

Xinghe broke into a smile because what Xia Zhi said was not wrong.

Xinghe laughed lightly and said, "Don't worry, I'm fine. I won't give her the satisfaction. It's just that I couldn't stand seeing that smug face of hers."

Xia Zhi's eyes lit up and he whispered into Xinghe's ear, "Sis, leave this to me. I'll help you take revenge against her later tonight."

Xinghe looked at him curiously and asked, "What are you planning to do?"

"You'll see," Xia Zhi answered with a wicked smile. Xinghe couldn't help laughing when she saw Xia Zhi's face lit up with an evil scheme.

However, she believed he wouldn't do anything too serious.

Both of them eventually tossed the episode out of their mind because it came time for Chengwu's operation.

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