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Chapter 930 - A God-like Expert

Chapter 930: A God-like Expert

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Wang Yu decided to endure to give Evil Rampage some face but these guys simply thought that others’ endurance was a sign of weakness.

Mad Wolf Guild’s players heard Wang Yu’s words and thought he was afraid of them so the guts which disappeared just now instantly returned. They pointed at Wang Yu and yelled, “This b*stard is scared. Don’t let him off!”

As the spoke, they stood in a formation to charge towards him.

Wang Yu was easy-going but when he killed, he was fiercer than anyone in Quan Zhen Sect.

If it were not for Mad Wolf Guild being related to Evil Rampage, these guys would have long been dead. This time, Wang Yu had been the gentleman but these guys were seeking death so Wang Yu would not go easy on them.

Seeing how Mad Wolf Guild’s players were charging towards him, Wang Yu did not step back. Instead, he took them on directly.

The long-distance attacks were those hiding in the last row of Mad Wolf Guild while the first row was two charging Guardian jobs with shields – Holy Knights and Shield Warriors.

These two Guardians were not weak. Seeing how Wang Yu came forward, the two of them depended on their high HP. They lifted one of their shields to protect their teammates behind and used the other shield to cover themselves while [Taunting] Wang Yu with flawless cooperation.

Under the effects of [Taunting], Wang Yu was forcefully pulled towards the Shield Warrior. At the same time, the Holy Knight lifted his shield towards Wang Yu, sending a [Holy Shield Smash] (just like Shield Warrior’s Shield Smash).


The shield smashed on Wang Yu and Wang Yu exploded, causing the two of them to be stunned for a while.

Just then, the Holy Knight player pointed at the Shield Warrior and shouted, “Old Cat, it is a [Clone Blast]! He is behind you!”

The Shield Warrior heard him and was shocked. He quickly turned around but in that instance, Wang Yu’s hand already had a dagger in it and he ruthlessly stabbed into the Shield Warrior’s neck.


A gigantic damage value emerged above the Shield Warrior’s head and he instantly turned into dead meat.


That Shield Warrior saw how he had less than one-fifth of his HP left and turned pale with shock.

The other Mad Wolf Guild’s player also started rubbing their eyes to see if they were hallucinating.

Since the game server was opened, Pugilist was known as a job with low attack strength and was seen as a weakling but Wang Yu used just one attack and almost took away a Guardian’s life. Was there something wrong with the system?

Just as everyone was panicking, the Holy Knight who was not far from Wang Yu, had his hands start trembling as he threw a curse over.

Wang Yu recognised that curse. It was a [Gravity Curse]. This curse’s damage was average but its speed-reduction effect was very gross. As a Holy Knight’s beginning skill, if it was followed up with a [Descending Hammer] and a [Ascending Heaven Array], they could kill their opponent. Hence, it was a must for Holy Knights to master it.

Of course, such tactics could only be used against normal players. It did not have much effect on Wang Yu.

After all, a Holy Knight expert like Fist of Heaven could not even take three moves from Wang Yu, much less an ordinary player.

Seeing the [Gravity Curse] fly over, Wang Yu calmly lifted a leg and kicked that Shield Warrior harshly, flying towards the [Gravity Curse], causing it to disappear.

The Holy Knight saw how his [Gravity Curse] was stopped, he began to send another one. Wang Yu waved his hand and a white dagger appeared from nowhere. He stabbed it on the Holy Knight’s hand, stopping him from releasing his skill.


The Holy Knight wanted to shriek in pain but Wang Yu already dodged the spells and arrows sent by his opponent from behind and flew up towards the Holy Knight. Wang Yu stretched out both hands. One hand held onto the Holy Knight’s chin and the other hand hugged his head to push it towards the ground.

“Crack!” A painful bone-breaking sound was heard and the Holy Knight turned into a ray of white light before he could shriek as Wang Yu twisted his neck.

The Shield Warrior noticed that the tide was against him so he stood up and wanted to run but he absorbed the [Gravity Curse] so he was moving as slow as a snail. Wang Yu caught up quickly and ended his life in a punch.

Wang Yu ruthlessly and decisively attacked. From the time he fought the two Guardian till the time they died, the two of them collectively only threw out three skills and it took him a total of only around three to four seconds.

Seeing what happened, the other players who were continuously attacking Wang Yu from behind were deathly afraid.

The two of them were Guardians, the kind that was known to be unkillable. Even Magicians who were known for their damage could not kill them so quickly even if they did not retaliate, much less a Pugilist.

“This dude is too scary! Kill his partner first!”

They were afraid of the fierce but were ready to bully the weak. Seeing how Wang Yu was so strong, everyone quickly turned around to attack Little Bookworm who was hiding not too far away to watch what was happening.

“F*ck, I don’t know him!” Little Bookworm saw how Mad Wolf Guild turned to attack him and began to panic. He retreated as he yelled, “You are attacking the wrong person! Aiyo!”

As he was lost in panic, Little Bookworm’s left leg tripped his right leg and he fell butt down on the ground.

Mad Wolf Guild’s players ignored that as they had already lost all face when twenty of them fought against one person and yet, they lost three people. Hence, they had to pull no stops to regain some reputation. With an order, arrows and spells were sent flying towards Little Bookworm’s head.

Mad Wolf Guild still had twenty people alive after the three died in Wang Yu’s hands. Other than the Priest, half of them were long-distance jobs.

Also a Pugilist, but Little Bookworm did not have the same abilities as Wang Yu. In the face of ten people’s long-distance attacks, normal players would find it difficult to handle it, much less Little Bookworm whose fighting skills were way under-developed.


Seeing the arrows and spells fly over, Little Bookworm closed his eyes and sat there waiting for death in darkness. Wang Yu flew over to Little Bookworm and used both hands to grab arrows and block spells. In an instant, all the arrows were caught in his hands.


Soon, Wang Yu gently ordered and waved his hands. The arrows flew out and straightforwardly hit the Fireballs and Icicles which were flying towards them without any deviation.

“Po! Po! Po! Po!”

Following the series of explosion sounds, all the spells and arrows disappeared into thin air together and Mad Wolf Guild’s players’ jaws also dropped to the ground.

“Is… Is this external modification?”

Mad Wolf Guild’s players only had one thought in their minds.

“Let’s go!”

Wang Yu reached to grab Little Bookworm’s shoulder and lifted him from the ground but Little Bookworm’s expression was the same as Mad Wolf Guild’s players’. He was so stunned that it was as though he had lost his soul.

The City of Hope was a faraway land so obviously there were not many real top experts. Even the b*stards from Mad Wolf Guild who were bullies were top experts to Little Bookworm. How could Wang Yu not seem like a god-like expert in their eyes?

Little Bookworm eye-openingly saw how impressive Wang Yu was so it was normal he could not believe his eyes.

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