MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Perfect Terrain

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After collecting the money, Frost Blade smilingly said: “Hehehe… As long as we successfully defend the headquarters this time we’ll all be f**king rich!!!”

“That’s right! For the 1000 gold coins I’ll use all my secret moves!” Spring Halo declared.

“Yea… This is my entire fortune! If we really fail this time then I’m going to be sleeping on the streets…” Boson nodded.

“Don’t worry Boson we’re all in this together. As long as we succeed no one will be left behind! Since we’ve already decided to start the quest then we should at least have some confidence!” Ming Du tried to encourage him.

“Lord Bull are you sure you’re not going overboard here…” Crotch Lord said with a complicated expression. 200 gold coins really wasn’t a small sum. Only the high level characters in those top guilds would be able to amass such a sum at the early stages of the game.

“With me around how could we possibly fail…” Wang Yu confidently chuckled.

Hearing Wang Yu’s words, the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect members were completely dumbfounded. He was even more confident than Fearless was!

Fearless merely took another sip of his cup and remained silent in a corner.

The way the situation was unfolding now was completely within his calculations. Letting Spring Halo cause a stir in the forums was exactly to create this all or nothing scenario.

The matter with the Gambling Den wasn’t actually that important to Fearless. What was important was the sentiments it created in the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect members. Lose and they would end up on the streets, win and they would live like kings! When the time came to actually do the quest, these hooligans would surely fight like their lives were on the line!

Looking at the in-game clock, Fearless noticed that it was already nine in the morning and stood up and said: “It’s time! Let’s go!”

Hearing this, the rest immediately got up and walked towards the city lord’s manor.

The city lord’s manor was where the quest would be accepted. Since the quest could not be shared, those who wanted to take part in it had to all personally enter the city lord’s manor in order to accept the quest.

By now, the streets around the city lord’s manor was completely filled with players. Many of these players were actually from other cities and had specially ran all the way to Twilight City to catch a glimpse of the legendary Quan Zhen Sect.

Having been at the center of numerous storms, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were naturally used to such situations.

Wang Yu was a martial artist and his will was unshakable so such a scene couldn’t even faze him in the slightest.

Crotch Lord was the only one out of the group who was bothered by the situation. His steps started to become weak and he quickly took out a small rag from his bag to cover his face and sheepishly whispered: “I think i better hide my face… if not…”

Seeing this little rag tag band walking towards the city lord’s manor, most of the spectators didn’t know what they were doing at first. Accepting something like a a Headquarters Defense quest was something that should have been undertaken by hundreds of people. What kind of idiots would try it with just eight members?

Only after the eight of them had entered did the crowd finally react.

“The f**k? That’s the Quan Zhen Sect?”

“That can’t be right… I thought everyone taking the quest needs to be present in person. How come there’s only eight of them walking into the city lord’s manor?”

“It can’t be that they plan on completing this quest with just the eight of them right? These crazy motherf**kers… Even if you’re rich this isn’t how you should be spending your money! Maybe some of their other members went in first?”

“It can’t be… I’ve been camping outside here for a really long time…”

While the crowd outside was furiously discussing their line up, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect had already accepted the quest and were leaving the city lord’s manor. Seeing them re-emerge, the crowd started counting the number of members they had.

There was no mistake, it really was just eight people going on the Headquarters Defense quest… The spectators might have doubted their eyes, but they didn’t doubt their own intellect. If they couldn’t even do simple additions and subtractions below ten, they how could they even be playing this game?

This small lineup of eight players really caused the spectators to feel dejected.

What kind of team was this…

A Priest, an Assassin, a Weapons Master, a Guardian. They didn’t have any long range jobs other than the Priest… What drove the crowd even crazier was that the Quan Zhen Sect had two Pugilists and a Dark Shaman that even Rivalled the Pugilist in terms of usefulness…

One player even disdainfully said: “The f**k? You’re telling me they want to do the quest with this line up? If they actually succeed then I’ll chop my dick off!!!”

If anyone has said something like this before, there would definitely have been someone who would disagree with him. Yet now there was no one who opposed this view.

The main reason that most people had come to watch the “show” was because they were gamblers that loved to bet on dark horses.Since they had bet that the Quan Zhen Sect would be able to successfully defend the headquarters, they had naturally come to scout the Quan Zhen Sect to put their hearts at ease.

How would have imagined that the wild and unrestrained Quan Zhen Sect really was as insane as the forums had said…

The sight of them casually sauntering with this sort of line up around caused the hearts of these gamblers to shatter.

If they had known about this earlier, they definitely wouldn’t have bet that the Quan Zhen Sect would succeed…

Meanwhile those that bet that the Quan Zhen Sect would fail were beyond ecstatic. Even though they wouldn’t earn much, they were still guaranteed to win!

“Has everyone prepared all the health and mana potions that they’ll need?” Fearless asked.

“Yes! We’ve swept all the stores clean this morning!”

“That’s good then! When the time comes open up the guild chat and take my orders from there!” Fearless commanded.

“Understood!” They shouted in unison. The power of money really wasn’t something to be underestimated…

“Alright then, let’s go!”

The eight of them were like the heros of a movie, gallantly walking out of the city under the fanatic gaze of the the masses.

The sunset in Twilight City caused the shadows of the Quan Zhen Sect members to grow longer, creating a solemn atmosphere. No matter what time of day it was, the sun in Twilight City was always setting.

Since the monsters in the Dusk Canyon were all over level 20,there were no other players who hunted there aside from monsters like Wang Yu.

After the Quan Zhen Sect accpeted the Headquarters Defense quest, the normally scattered monsters had become more organised, like actual army and the number of monsters roaming around had also increased!

After passing through the Secret Jungle, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect arrived at the Dusk Canyon. When they saw the monsters organising themselves, they couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Leader Fearless, with so many level 20 monsters around can we actually make it for the quest?” Crotch Lord asked in shock.

“Nope! Definitely not!” Fearless casually replied.

“F**k! Then why did you still…”

“That’s why we’re not truly to meet them head on! If we just follow my plan exactly then we can definitely defend the headquarters!” Fearless laughed.

“…” Hearing this Crotch Lord was at a complete loss for words.

The players who refused to give up on the Quan Zhen Sect had followed them to the Dusk Canyon to watch were dumbfounded when they saw the monsters.

There were already so many of them… When the boss actually used his buff then even a hundred players might not be enough to defend…

However, Fearless was clearly in no rush to build the headquarters. He led the rest to walk an entire round around the canyon before finally stopping in a corner.

“We’ll build it here then!” After inspecting the area for a final time, Fearless pointed at the ground and declared.

After looking around Spring Halo nodded his head and said: “Yea, this is a good place!”

Though the rest didn’t know what Spring Halo and Fearless were thinking, after inspecting the area themselves, they realised that it was indeed very ideal for the quest.

The Duck Canyon was, as its name suggested, a canyon. Both sides were sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces.

The width of the canyon wasn’t fixed throughout. Some parts would naturally be more narrow than the rest. From an aerial view, the Dusk Canyon was actually shaped like a gourd!

The spot that Fearless had chosen was exactly the valley where the mouth of the gorge was!

What this meant was that the entrance of the headquarters that was built would be very narrow, but its interior would be very spacious. This would mean that very little monsters would be able to attack the headquarters at any given time, hence making defending the headquarters much easier.

Since this was a game, as long as the monsters were able to break through the doors and invade the respawn point, the quest would have been considered failed.By building the headquarters in this location, the difficulty of defending the headquarters had dropped significantly.

“Let’s go!”

After choosing the location, Fearless led the rest into the depths of the valley.

These monsters truly were just slaves to the system. Although they all saw the Quan Zhen Sect members walking by, none of them attacked.

After walking to the bottleneck, Fearless took out a small model and some wooden planks from his bag.

This little model and wooden planks were given to him by the city lord. Naturally, the game wouldn’t have expected the players to actually build the headquarters from scratch by themselves. These items could be used to instantly build the headquarters at a chosen location!

Although this was very unrealistic, it was all in the interest of time. Thus, there was really nothing that could have been done.

“Check out my awesome magic!”

With a shout, Fearless tossed the little model out and a complete guild headquarters sprang up from the ground!

“Haiz… If only construction was really so simple in the real world… Those evil construction companies would really bite the dust…” Everyone sighed emotionally.

At this time, the players at the top of the Dusk Canyon that had come to spectate were also stunned. Some had even seen through Fearless’ plan.

“These Quan Zhen Sect people aren’t that stupid… If they defend it here then it’ll really be a lot easier on them…”

“What do you mean?” Those who still didn’t understand asked.

“Take a look at where their entrance is facing!”

When these players gazed over at the guild headquarters, they realised that the entrance was between the cliffs, creating a sort of natural defense for them!

“Holy f**k! Even this is possible? They really do have the qualifications to be so wild! I guess my gold coins can be multiplied after all!”

“Don’t be happy so soon. The boss still has its battle skill later on. When the attributes of all these monsters are increased, it’s not something that just eight people can withstand!”

“That’s true… I really hope their luck is good though…” Many players muttered from the bottom of their hearts.

Meanwhile in the guild chat, Spring Halo was currently flaming Fearless.

Spring Halo: “Fearless are you f**king blind or something? Why the f**k is our entrance facing inwards? Are you trying to get the monsters to attack our ass?”

Fearless: “Do you think the system really is a god or something? These monsters can’t climb walls…”

Ming Du: “If you never tried it before how do you know? God damn stupid…”

Suddenly the sound of a system notification interrupted their argument.

<System Notification: Quan Zhen Sect Guild Headquarters Defense quest, Difficulty A>

Conditions for completion:

1. Kill all surrounding monsters 0/400, Wharton 0/1 for 100% completion

2. Defend the headquarters for 0/240 minutes for 60% completion

Conditions for failure:

1. All players are eliminated at the same time.

2. Opposing monsters enter and capture the guild respawn point.

Quest completed: Awarded territory: Dusk Canyon. Additional rewards awarded based on completion percentage.

Quest failed: Lose all rights to the headquarters and land, all players will lose 3 levels.

Time left until siege begins: 8 minutes 43 seconds.>>

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