Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 1151 - A significant boost in Strength!

Chapter 1151: A significant boost in Strength!

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Xue Ying was still satisfied. Even though he could gather what he wanted by selling to other ancient nations, firstly, he was enemies with ‘Eternal Night Primogenitor’ from the Primogenitor Ancient Nation. Xue Ying was not willing to lower his head and trade with him. This way, he would not be able to gather as much as he wanted as compared to just selling to Summer Wind Ancient Nation alone! Secondly, the most suitable top-graded secret treasure weapon that could conceal his ‘Chaotic Origin Seven Strikes’ in the Realm Heart Great Land and had sufficient power was the ‘Void Fire Lotus Flower’.

‘Chaotic Origin Seven Strikes’ made all his avatars powerful! One had to know that under normal circumstances, Paragon Masters wielded a powerful strength only because of their top-graded secret treasure. Other avatars would instead be very weak (the premise was if they could refine avatars)!

And the Void Fire Lotus Flower was a world-related Dao of Void secret treasure that would boost the strength of every avatar!

Both parties made an oath.

Reaching their level, swearing an oath would merely influence their Dao Heart! It would not threaten their lives. But regardless of the three unparalleled existences of Xue Ying, they had an intense desire to walk further down the path of cultivation! It was impossible for them to disobey that slight benefit from the oath just to give up on their path of cultivation.

“Ancestor Fan, please have a look.” Xue Ying handed over his Mirage Scripture–it was a golden book. This book flew over–on this scripture, numerous worlds could be seen appearing. Those were illusory worlds.

Being a scripture that he created, Xue Ying could record however much he wanted.

But due to the restriction from the oath, at least in the region of Realm Heart Great Land, only the Summer Wind Ancient Nation was qualified to impart it to others.

“Let me have a look.” Ancestor Fan took over. He immediately flipped through the scripture. This glance took him over an hour. Those present like Emperor Summer and others were very patient. Xue Ying had already started drinking with Sky-Rending Great Paragon.

After the hour, Ancestor Fan kept the scripture. Both his eyes were bright. He looked at Xue Ying with a gaze filled with joy. He chuckled: “It is indeed different. When I cultivated the Mirage, I usually focus more on the heart of humans, sparking their desire, turning them into my puppets and ensuring they immerse themselves in the Illusory Realm. And you instead treated the Illusory Realm as another form of reality. Bewilderment, Desire, Slaughter and Soul seem to be part of this real world?”

“Yes.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Amazing. Very amazing.” Ancestor Fan nodded. What he wanted to see is how others succeeded in their Dao path! He wanted to absorb the experiences of success.

And it seemed this scripture had given Ancestor Fan a huge inspiration!

Naturally, reaching his level, he would not easily alter his own Dao Path. But he could completely fuse the essence of wisdom from others into his own.

“There is hope for me to fuse four branches together.” Ancestor Fan was incredibly delighted. Worth it. This scripture was worth the price!

What Chaotic Origin Sand…

What top-graded secret treasure…

To Ancestor Fan, nothing could beat the importance of his path of cultivation!

“Haha, it is good that Younger Brother Fan likes it.” Both Emperor Cang and Emperor Summer smiled. Since Ancestor Fan was satisfied, it represented that this trade was worth the price.

“Ying Shan Xue Ying, this is the Void Fire Lotus Flower and is also a World-Related Dao of Void secret treasure that I refined with the Fire Domain Soul Origin as the base material. The Fire Domain Soul Origin is similar in value to the Sea Domain Origin you once got in the past.” Saying that, a fiery lotus flower appeared in his hand. Emperor Summer threw it over to Xue Ying.

Only because of the expensive refining materials that made this top-graded secret treasure incredibly pricey.

“Many thanks, Emperor Summer.” Xue Ying extended his hand. This fiery-red lotus flower landed at the center of his palm. He was relatively excited.

This secret treasure could hide his Chaotic Origin Seven Strikes and also greatly boost his strength.

Otherwise, if any of his avatars could easily exert strength at peak Cosmos God combat strength, it might incur the suspicions from others! With the ‘Void Fire Lotus Flower’, others would naturally ‘visualize why’.

“Make full use of it. It is very hard to acquire such World-Related secret treasure.” Emperor Summer was quite unwilling to part with it.

“Yes.” Xue Ying answered.

Secret treasures depended on the users too.

The same secret treasure would display different strength in the hands of different level-two Cosmos Gods.

“Did you cultivate some sort of soul secret technique?” Emperor Summer abruptly suddenly asked, “Even though my Chaotic Origin Dao Scroll could enhance the karmic concealment effects of the soul, it shouldn’t have reached this degree of strength.”

Ancestor Fan and Emperor Cang looked at Xue Ying too.

“Karmic concealment of the soul? Tracing method?” Xue Ying was slightly startled, “Did Emperor Summer discover something?”

Emperor Cang nodded. He had treated Xue Ying as a person on his side. Furthermore, most would discover this matter after a long period: “Yes, we can’t trace your soul. I, Ancestor Fan, and Emperor Summer all couldn’t do so! This kind of concealment technique is comparable to body cultivators who had reached the final realm.”

Xue Ying was momentarily astonished.

Thinking about when he had reached the pinnacle in the Chaotic Origin Pagoda of the Realm Heart God Palace, he was given a droplet of bloody dull green liquid which fused into his soul. At that time, the droplet of dull green liquid gave off a pressure far exceeding that of Emperor Summer and others! Furthermore, this blood caused his avatar to faint and lose consciousness. And after the fusion succeeded, because his avatars could sense the soul or others, it catalyzed a transformation in the souls of other avatars too. Every avatar became more powerful. Xue Ying even suspected that the transformation of his soul would not be so drastic even when he reached the final realm.

“It isn’t a secret technique. It should be a one-time miraculous opportunity.” Xue Ying mentioned.

“Miraculous opportunity?” Emperor Summer, Ancestor Fan, and Emperor Cang were all enlightened.

The Realm Heart Great Land existed different kinds of opportunities. For instance, one could find miracles happening in the Realm Heart God Palace or on the Broken Teeth Mountain Range, those that surpassed any of their imaginations.

Xue Ying then left the place. Sky-Rending Great Paragon personally sent him off. This time, he had to pay more attention to Xue Ying because of his strength. He knew that not too long later, the entire Realm Heart Great Land would witness how powerful this ‘Monarch Flying Snow’ from the Southern Cloud Nation is! His reputation would likely not precede Southern Cloud King himself.

“Brother Flying Snow.”

“Monarch Flying Snow.”

Two Cosmos Gods flew over side-by-side above the Fan Clan Magic Mountain. Seeing Xue Ying and Sky-Rending Great Paragon, they came over. They were quite familiar with Sky-Rending Great Paragon since they came from the same clan and were relatively casual. Both of them greeted Xue Ying with a smile.

“Great Paragon, Brother Orchid Snow.” Xue Ying also smiled back. The two before him were ‘Great Paragon Huge Bark’ and Monarch Orchid Snow.

Great Paragon Huge Bark…

He should have risen in the same era as Emperor Summer, Ancestor Fan, and Emperor Cang. Currently, in the Fan Clan, there were two Great Paragons that unparalleled existences could not kill–one was the ancient Great Paragon Huge Bark and the other was Sky-Rending Great Paragon from a newer generation. Great Paragon Huge Bark was too ancient, causing him to remain low-profile. He concentrated on his cultivation without caring about the mundane stuff.

After chatting for a few sentences, both parties parted.

“Sky-Rending Great Paragon seems to treat this Ying Shan Xue Ying quite politely.” Monarch Orchid Snow looked at the two cultivators that left from afar. He sighed, “I still thought that with the cold personality of Sky-Rending Great Paragon, he wouldn’t care about this Ying Shan Xue Ying.”

“It is indeed puzzling.” Great Paragon Huge Bark chuckled, “But this Ying Shan Xue Ying is quite pitiful. He just rose only to be killed by Eternal Night.”

“It is indeed quite pitiful and sorrowful, but what to do? Eternal Night Primogenitor had personally acted then.” Monarch Orchid Snow could sympathize with Xue Ying.


Xue Ying wasn’t in a rush to leave for the Primogenitor Ancient Nation. Instead, he first returned to the Flying Snow City and spend some time studying the top-graded secret treasure, ‘Void Fire Lotus Flower’. At the same time, he sent an avatar over to the Fan Clan Magic Mountain to meditate under the Fan Clan Burning Tree! After all, it had been 300 billion years since he last cultivated there.

“Void Fire Lotus Flower?”

Within the dark meditation room, a white-robed Xue Ying sat here. A fiery-red lotus flower currently floated before him. He easily refined it before thoroughly sensing the profound mysteries inherent within.

“Emperor Summer is indeed the vague number one expert amongst the unparalleled existences living in the Realm Heart Great Land. He is an absolute expert who had created the Chaotic Origin Dao Scroll.” Xue Ying was quite startled and astonished over this piece of top-graded secret treasure. Very soon, he activated this secret treasure. “Hua~” The lotus flower immediately became huge. He also flew above the lotus flower and sat on it.

“Sou sou sou sou sou sou…”

Many avatars began appearing from the side.

This enormous fire lotus flower occupied close to half the meditation room. Above the lotus flower, there were nine avatars currently seated. Above each petal was a Primal Chaos World, and the World Energy here was being controlled by Xue Ying, augmenting the strength of every avatar, causing the aura they emitted to rise until the peak Cosmos God level.

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