Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 1115 - Contest

Chapter 1115: Contest

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“You really want to go?” Southern Cloud King looked at his disciple.

“I’ll do my best.” Xue Ying answered.

Southern Cloud King softly nodded. He then passed all relevant information to Xue Ying directly: “This is the detailed information regarding the ‘Realm Heart God Palace’. Have a look at it. Also, if you plan on entering, you have to rush to the Summer Wind Capital within three days.”

“Many thanks, Teacher.” Xue Ying perused through the information relatively quickly after obtaining it.

Summer Wind Capital. The place was flourishing and powerful.

Xue Ying had arrived here. Even though it was stipulated that he had to rush to the Summer Wind Capital within three days, in reality, the gradual process of the ‘Realm Heart God Palace’ opening would take a full 100,000 years! It was most likely Senior ‘Yuan’ that walked ahead of everyone did so to give the experts in the Realm Heart Great Land sufficient time to finalize those entering the Outer City.

‘The six great ancient nations are too powerful. Practically all 39 quotas are occupied by them.’ Xue Ying thought.

According to the information given by his teacher.

The Summer Wind Ancient Nation held on to 12 quotas!

Usually, each of the three great clans in Summer Wind Ancient Nation would have two quotas. That added up to six! Between Emperor Summer, Emperor Cang and Ancestor Fan, usually two of them would enter, with the occasional three! Hence, that left behind just three to four remaining quotas that would be open to the public to compete fairly! Those who were qualified to contest had to rely on the three great clans.

Many of the big and small clans within Summer Wind Ancient Nation relied on the three great clans too. And Honored Guests like Xue Ying relied on the Fan Clan.

Otherwise, they would not be qualified to compete for the quotas.

And those who wished to contest for it… had to arrive within three days at the Summer Wind Capital Royal Palace and take the initiative to register for it. Those who reached the palace after three days would no longer be qualified.


Xue Ying arrived before the front entrance of the Royal Palace. Naturally, there was a protector that came to welcome him.

“Monarch Flying Snow, are there any reasons for coming today?”

“I came for the Realm Heart God Palace.” Xue Ying answered.

“Monarch wishes to compete for it?”


“Please come with me, Monarch.”

The protectors were extremely familiar with the process because they had been informed about it. Xue Ying wasn’t the first that came to compete for the quotas.

Flying within the Royal Palace.

After a while, they arrived at a dark palace hall. Deep in the palace hall, there was a yellow-robed old man seated cross-legged. Before this yellow-robed old man was a long table placed with many scrolls.

“Elder Summer.” Xue Ying went forward. He was relatively familiar with this Elder Summer. Previously when he accepted the <Chaotic Origin Dao Scroll> impartation, it was Emperor Summer who guided him. Elder Summer was also the array spirit of the Royal Palace. Within the Royal Palace itself, he could control a power equivalent to unparalleled existences. Most matters were given to Elder Summer to handle. Being an array spirit, he was powerful and loyal; he would be willing to do anything and everything.

But reaching his level, he had emotions too. Hence, most disciples of the Summer Clan dared not offend this ‘Elder Summer’.

“It is Monarch Flying Snow. Does Monarch Flying Snow wish to enter the Realm Heart God Palace?” The yellow-robed old man opened his eyes and smiled at Xue Ying.

“Yes.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Monarch, you can take any scrolls.” The yellow-robed old man said, “Each scroll has missions written on it. The time limit for completing the missions is 90,000 years. After 90,000 years, those who are ranked top four in terms of contribution points will obtain the quotas.”

Xue Ying became delighted the moment he heard that.

Four quotas?

It seemed only two out of Emperor Summer, Emperor Cang and Ancestor Fan were going. Hence, four quotas were taken out for them to compete for.

“Many thanks.” Xue Ying went forward to receive the scroll. He bowed before leaving.

Once he received the scroll, it represented the fact that he would be participating in the competition.

“Monarch Flying Snow is participating too.”

“Monarch Flying Snow from the Southern Cloud Nation.”

Within the Royal Palace, there were many protectors and female attendants. After watching everything, they naturally spread the news outwards.

Summer Wind Ancient Nation.

Within the courtyard, amid a lake flowing with blazing liquid, there was currently a huge creature seated. As he sat there, his chest reached above the lake. His arms were even half as long as the lake. A frightening blazing aura could be felt coming from his large lone horn.

“Paragon Master.” A sweet and graceful red-robed girl bowed respectfully. She was a Cosmos God. “There is news coming from the Royal Palace stating that ‘Monarch Flying Snow’, the chief of the four great Monarchs from the Southern Cloud Nation, will be contesting for the quotas. This is already the 12th person participating in it.”

“Ying Shan Xue Ying that brat?” The large head with a lone horn lightly shook his head. His eyes were filled with a strand of disdain, “He isn’t worthy of being worried for. Even if he broke through to the level-two Cosmos God Realm, without a top-graded secret treasure, his threat is low. Those who truly threaten me are still those Paragon Masters from our Summer Wind Ancient Nation or many the experts within the three great clans. Continue watching.”

“Yes, Paragon Master.” This sweet and graceful red-robed girl respectfully answered before retreating.

That expert with a lone horn closed his eyes.

He had cultivated to the final bottleneck before fusing all ten branches of the Dao of Flames! He was left with the last branch before stepping into the final realm of Cosmos God.

“I’ve already reached the bottleneck. This final bottleneck is extremely difficult. I have to rely on some external strength. It seems I must obtain a quota for the Realm Heart God Palace this time. There are many opportunities within the Realm Heart God Palace. As long as my luck is good, I might be able to grasp something that could increase the chance of breaking through.” The single-horned expert muttered. If he were part of the three great clans, once he cultivated to such a critical moment, the three great clans would definitely arrange a slot for him.

But it’s a pity that pride filled his bones, making him an Honored Elder of the Cang Clan.

He was one of the Paragon Masters participating in the contest in the Summer Wind Ancient Nation—’Fire Devil Paragon Master’.

The news of Monarch Flying Snow ‘Xue Ying’ contesting for the slot to enter the Realm Heart God Palace had been spread to those who were paying notice to it. Amongst them, there were Cosmos Gods from the three great clans that did not get a quota, and there were also experts like Fire Devil Paragon Master who did not come from the three great clans.

“His threat is minimal.”

“He is merely an Upper Honored Guest.”

Many people did not treat this news as something important.

Xue Ying’s strength was indeed ordinary amongst the group of participating experts. Furthermore, he came from outside the nation and did not have a great background. Behind him merely stood ‘Southern Cloud King’. How could he compare with those from the three great clans where there existed multiple Paragon Masters (Great Paragons) in it!


And on another side of the Realm Heart Great Land.

In a distant region extremely far away from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation. This region was instead closer to the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation. A tier two nation occupied this place, and this was an extremely chaotic and horrifying nation known as the ‘Western Floating Nation’.

Within a private room in a tavern at the Western Floating Nation.

There was a white-robed young man currently drinking and eating the famous delicacies from this restaurant.

“So delicious, extremely delicious!”

“Mn mn, compared to the delicacies in Southern Cloud and Summer Wind Ancient Nation, the food here tastes different.” He was currently enjoying himself as he ate. Eating good food was considered a hobby and enjoyment for him.

“Xue Ying.”

A transmission came.

“Teacher.” Xue Ying immediately replied.

“The three days period is up. This time, there are a total of 21 Cosmos Gods in Summer Wind Ancient Nation contesting for the quotas, of which there are three Paragon Masters—’Nine Venom Religion Master’, ‘Fire Devil Paragon Master’, as well as ‘Great Paragon Fuyi’ who came from the Summer Clan.” At the same time, Southern Cloud King also transmitted relevant information regarding the other 20 Cosmos Gods.

Xue Ying’s expression slightly changed.

It was okay that Nine Venom Religion Master and Fire Devil Paragon Master participated. Even though they were Paragon Masters that owned top-graded secret treasures, they were one whole level lower in terms of danger as compared to ‘Great Paragon Fuyi’ from the Summer Clan. Great Paragon Fuyi was someone as famous as his own teacher, the Southern Cloud King.

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