Long Live Summons

Chapter 43 – Tong Tian Tower, I’ve Come!

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Chapter 43 – Tong Tian Tower, I’ve Come!

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The teleportation circle for Tong Tian Tower was unique.

Normally, the small teleportation circles in various city government offices would be operated by government officials using energy crystals to open up a portal and it would be possible to reach the specified destination within 30 seconds.

However, Shang Wu Camp was different. Here, a Tong Tian Tower Proof was necessary to gain access to a portal. A warrior had to possess an authorisation card and place the card on the flashing runes of a crystal column to activate the portal. Once the warrior entered the activated portal, they would be teleported to a random location out of a hundred different ones. Standing in front of the crystal column, the fatty urged Yue Yang to reach ‘Underwater World’ to find him repeatedly. The fatty thumped his fat chest proudly, saying that his father was the manager of the ‘Underwater World’s Chamber of Commerce’, and that he was ranked highly in Tong Tian Tower.

“Brother, don’t worry. If anything happens, find me. This great person will definitely protect you.” The fatty, who had as of yet not shown any aura of power, suddenly released a tyrannical qi.

“…” Yue Yang silently rejoiced that their teleportation destinations were different, otherwise his ears would continue to be tormented.

At the stipulated time of teleportation, he placed the big-breasted beauty’s crystal card lightly on the runes of the crystal column.

There was a burst of light that pounced towards Yue Yang as if it had a life of its own .

In an instant, it faded away and became invisible. When Yue Yang calmed himself enough to look, his own image started to surface on the blank crystal card. Oddly, although Yue Yang’s face was vaguely outlined on it, it was an indistinct silhouette that could not be seen clearly. Apart from a pair of lupine shining eyes, everything else was shrouded in darkness.

Along with this design, various characters that revealed his attributes were also arranged sequentially on the card. The sequence had the name on top ‘Titan’, followed by Race ‘Human’, Gender ‘Male’ and Ability ‘Unknown’.

There was no evaluation of his strength.

At the back of the card, aside from the beautiful and mysterious rune patterned design, there were also a number of rows for Country Merits, Win-Loss records, Mission Points and more.

Suddenly, all of the teleportation crystal columns emitted a radiant brightness, bathing everyone in a sea of light.

A few seconds later, beams of light rose from the crystals straight into the sky.

When the light disappeared, all the warriors in contact with the crystal columns were teleported away and disappeared without a trace. Yue Yang only felt a slight sensation of dizziness during teleportation. When he finally regained his senses, he found himself in a simple hall. There were a few warriors sitting inside. They originally looked upon Yue Yang, who was dressed as a little thief, with disdain, but when they saw Hui Tai Lang at his feet wagging its tail, their mocking looks became slightly more restrained. The Bronze-Ranked Ironback Demon Wolf was not one that they had not seen before, but for a little thief to be able to bring around such a strong beast meant that his strength was pretty great already.

“Wow, it’s huge!” Yue Yang exclaimed as he walked through the courtyard of warriors outside the hall.

Although Yue Bing had told him that Tong Tian Tower was a unique sight where the islands were in the middle of a sea and another sea was surrounded by the islands, he still hadn’t imagined it as the scene before him.

(T/L: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atoll with a tower in the middle and suspension bridges running to it, also many times larger)

Outside, it was a boundless ocean.

It was said that this was a stormy sea which would create hurricanes for no reason, especially when ships were travelling through it. With almost clockwork precision, at the very instant that a ship left port, a hurricane would spawn. A tornado would descend from the clouds, sucking up seawater and destroying the ship. For thousands of years, not a single person was able to safely navigate a ship and travel through Tong Tian Tower’s open sea. All of the explorers who tried to leave via ship eventually became snacks for sea monsters or fish-type Golden King Beasts.

If one wished to enter or leave Tong Tian Tower, they would inevitably have to use the large teleportation circles. There were no other alternatives.

The inner sea which was surrounded by the island was called the Forbidden Sky Sea.

The sea here was governed by an ancient law under which even flying-type beasts were not able to fly over it.

Even a light feather placed on the surface of the Forbidden Sky Sea would instantly sink.

If people wanted to reach Tong Tian Tower on the small central island, they would have to go through the ‘Life Suspension Bridge’ said to be created by ancient gods in order to safely reach the base of the tower.

“Not bad, Tong Tian Tower is indeed a good place.” Rumours circulated that Tong Tian Tower had many floors and that the further up one managed to ascend, the stronger the enemies one would have to face. However, Yue Yang did not care about the number of floors Tong Tian Tower had. For him, the more the merrier. After all, cultivation had no limit. There was no strongest, only stronger. If he was able to continuously cultivate within Tong Tian Tower, constantly improving himself, then that would be a pleasure in life for him.

As for the Abyssal Magic Creatures and Heaven’s Rankers , there was no distinction between them as far as Yue Yang was concerned. As long as nobody provoked each other and lived in peace with each other, there was no need to bother. If anyone were to provoke him, he would kill even the people from Heaven.

The island chain that Yue Yang was in was split into 4 large regions: North, South, East and West.

The East area that he resided in was owned by the Da Xia Empire.

Yue Yang estimated that just the East area was 10 times the size of White Stone City. The buildings here were majestic, the streets were spacious and there were pavilions everywhere. The whole place exuded the majesty of a strong country. Even the empty plots of land were decorated tastefully , with a few small pavilions, galleries, lawns, black rocks, bamboo forests, bridges over running water and lotus-filled lakes, presenting a poetic scenery. If one were to compare White Stone City to this region, it would only come across as a poor, dilapidated, rural village.

“The island chain surrounding the inner sea is probably as large as Hong Kong.” Yue Yang had walked for half an hour on the Life Suspension Bridge before finally arriving at the front of Tong Tian Tower.

Upon a closer look, the pure whiteness and flashing runes of Tong Tian Tower whose facade retained its splendor with no signs of wear and tear over the ages , caused it to look even more majestic.

Looking up, it was impossible to see the top.

From what he could see, Yue Yang estimated its diameter to be over 3 kilometres. Only judging from the part not hidden by the clouds, the tower was at least a few thousand metres high. God knows what kind of power built this tower, but it was definitely impossible for normal human beings to even replicate something as large as the interior of Tong Tian Tower. Its enigmas were unexplainable by anyone even today and it was mysterious beyond measure. Any ranker with the qualifications to go up to the second or third floor walked further in. Newbies like Yue Yang who entered the tower for the first time did not need to go in too far. He could directly enter via the floor portal at the doorway.

“A crystal card? Who introduced you here?” In front of the floor portal, the middle-aged warrior in charge of receiving newbies saw the crystal card and was slightly surprised.

“It’s that woman in charge of registration in Shang Wu Camp.” Yue Yang knew that this crystal card was definitely hard to obtain, but he was happy to play the fool. After all, nobody would reject more good things.

“What? Shang Wu Camp doesn’t even have a single woman in charge of registering. Isn’t the person in charge of registration there Elder Lu? What you saw was not an old man in white, but a woman? What did she look like?” The middle-aged warrior was even more confused after Yue Yang spoke, and being a little puzzled, asked him about it.

“She was abundant…” Yue Yang described the big-breasted beauty’s looks slightly.

His heart was filled with a burst of curiosity. He could not gauge the strength of the big-breasted beauty. She was definitely someone extremely strong. Who exactly was she?

Wasn’t she the one who normally handled registrations for warriors?

Could it be that she was that Elder Lu’s granddaughter?

After hearing Yue Yang’s description, the middle-aged warrior’s face became pale. He hurriedly waved his hands saying, “Please ignore my impertinent words and act as if I’d never asked. Go in quickly!”

Seeing him frightened to that extent, Yue Yang was even more confused now. Was that big-breasted woman some great man-eating tiger? Was it necessary to be scared to this extent? With his curiosity rising, the image of the seductive big-breasted beauty floated in his mind. The hot body of the big-breasted beauty caused people to have a desire to conquer her. If he could push her over and hear her moan with her tender voice… it would probably be extremely pleasing.

With his whole head full of ** and sexual fantasies, Yue Yang stepped into the portal of Tong Tian Tower.

One second later, he found himself in a whole new world…

“Ha ha, Tong Tian Tower, I’ve come!” Yue Yang became excited. This would be the place where he would exert his power in the future.

Before he could continue expressing himself, he heard a slightly pained voice from below his foot. “Brother, could you get off of me first?”

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