Long Live Summons

Chapter 42 – I Give Up

Chapter 42 – I Give Up.

Translated by: Zaza, TaffyGirl13, with a little help from Sephilia

Edited by: Krithika, Surjit, Rango

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Shang Wu Camp was located in a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides.

It didn’t have many buildings, but the layout was neat. The Mercenary Guild and the Assassin Guild were here as well and all the necessities were available.

After passing the inspection for warriors, one could leave Shang Wu Hall for the teleportation gate to Tong Tian Tower. On the way, one could see Hu Bi Camp and Yue Long Platform. Beyond that was the small military drill ground on which the large scale teleportation gate was set up. Before the scheduled time for teleportation, mercenaries could go to the other side of Shang Wu Camp, where there was a small town with abundant facilities such as taverns, inns, horse stables, blacksmith shops, beast care centers, etc. .

Yue Yang walked to the small military grounds where the teleportation gate was set up. The teleportation gate there was larger than the one at the residence by at least a hundred times.

100 crystal teleportation columns filled the area, with each column being at least 5 metres tall and saturating the surrounding air with formless energy. The entire teleportation gate’s area had small, white lights scattered around, floating and shimmering. When people walked in, they would be immersed in this lake of light energy and both the mind and body would feel as if it were entirely free of worries.

In the many years after the Da Xia Empire was established, its capital Shang Jing had been overrun numerous times by enemies, but the Shang Wu Camp which protected this teleportation gate had never fallen to any enemy.

From this, it could be seen that the Da Xia Empire valued this teleportation gate very highly.

“Brother, you’re also heading to Tong Tian Tower? How come you’re alone?” Yue Yang was sizing up the place when a pale-skinned fatty next to him whose face was full of smiles took the initiative to greet him. Yue Yang had only just glanced at him when this fellow extended his pale, fat hand onto his shoulder as if they were extremely familiar with one another: “You look unfamiliar, is it your first time here? Are you nervous? I’ll tell you, this actually isn’t anything. Tong Tian Tower is easier to pass than you think it is and it’s even more wonderful than you think it is… No worries, it’s very normal to be slightly nervous on your first time, but this is the same as taking a female’s virginity. As long as you successfully do it the first time, then you won’t feel like it’s very mysterious.”

“Then, you’re an expert?” Yue Yang, in his heart was struck dumb, going to Tong Tian Tower could actually be linked to taking a female’s virginity? Seems like this fatty was a lewd person.

“I’m not an expert, but of the younger generation, who doesn’t know of this Young Master Hai?” Any longer and this fatty would start to brag that he could fly as well.

“Young Master Hai’s appearance is majestic indeed. Your entire face shows your good fortune and your powerful strength. You truly have the air of an expert.” Yue Yang extended a thumbs up towards the other.

“Ha, it’s nothing big. I’ve always kept a low-profile. Though I’m a grimoire contractor that even has a Bronze ranked Level 2 Iron Rhinoceros, I’ve never brought it up with others. I’m just not that kind of person…Oh? Is that your beast? It seems to be a Bronze ranked Ironback Wolf. No, that can’t be right. Its nose even discharges smoke and its breath and tongue even emit sparks! Is it a Demon Wolf?” When the fatty saw Hui Tai Lang walk up to Yue Yang and wag its tail, he was so shocked that his fat began to jiggle.

“No way, this is our family’s watchdog. It looks like this because it stole some scorching hot peppers recently.” Yue Yang seriously replied in explanation.

“Woof Woof” Hui Tai Lang barked cooperatively. After training, its grasp of foreign languages had become more and more proficient.

“Is this really a watchdog? Ah, why hasn’t it established a contract with you? It doesn’t have the contract imprint on its forehead. Heavens! You… You… aren’t you afraid it’ll run off with someone else?” The fatty seemed to be anxious for Yue Yang, and he nervously surveyed their surroundings. He then lowered his voice and whispered mysteriously to Yue Yang, “Brother, listen closely. You’ve got it good, this watchdog is a very good dog. No, no, it’s not a dog, but a wolf. I definitely am not mistaken. It’s definitely a Bronze ranked Ironback Demonic Wolf. Look at the cyan color around its head, its fur that seems to be made of steel needles, its flesh that seems like steel, and its green eyes with a hint of blue……Look at this beast illustration. The Ironback Demonic Wolf in it is exactly the same as your watchdog. Moreover, your watchdog is even sturdier and mightier. Who knows, maybe after eating those scorching hot peppers, it inconceivably transformed into an Ironback Demonic Wolf……you need to hurry up and form a contract with it. It’s a good beast, one that others wouldn’t be able to purchase even with 100 gold.”

“It’s just a watchdog. There’s no way it’s worth so much money.” Yue Yang kicked Hui Tai Lang. However, it didn’t dodge at all. Instead, it continued to obediently wag its tail, maintaining its ordinary watchdog appearance.

“Have I gone blind? You dared to abuse a beast? Aren’t you afraid of dropping its degree of loyalty? Oh right, you haven’t even established a contract.” When the fatty saw what Yue Yang did, he practically wanted to kill himself.

If anyone else had a good beast, they would treat it like their elder. They were always afraid that if it didn’t eat good food or didn’t get enough sleep or if it was in a bad mood, its loyalty would decrease.

What the fatty couldn’t imagine was that the young thief in front of him not only didn’t care for his beast, he had even kicked it.


The fatty felt that if there was a god, he should’ve killed that young thief in front of him with a bolt of lightning immediately.

This youngster really did not know how to use his resources well. It was practically a crime!

Seeing Yue Yang’s uncaring attitude, the fatty’s heart jumped. Perhaps it was possible for him to persuade this young thief who was blind to treasures, to yield the Ironback Demonic Wolf to him.

Looking at the Ironback Demonic Wolf once more, the fatty began to feel that he really had some intertwining fate with it. No matter what, he was going to buy it. He secretly suppressed his excitement and began to talk prices, “Brother, if you don’t need this dog, why don’t you give it to me for 50, no, 60 gold?”

Yue Yang inwardly despised the avaricious fatty. He even wanted to buy Hui Tai Lang for 60 gold? What a dream!

Besides, Hui Tai Lang struck out and clawed at things whenever it wanted to, since it handled its own matters. In that case, how could the wolf possibly be sold to others as a beast?

Yue Yang never did foolish things. Despite how weak Hui Tai Lang was compared to his other beasts, it was still his companion that he had brought up. Without it, who would take the brunt of his anger in the future? Even if the offer was not merely 60 gold, but 600 or even 6000 gold, Yue Yang would definitely refuse to sell off a beast that he had trained himself.

“Young Master Hai, this is the only watchdog we have. There won’t be any dogs to protect my house if I sell it to you.” Yue Yang raised his hands, showing that he did not intend to sell it.

“Call me Big Boss, do you know who I am? In the future, I can protect you, after all. I come from the Hai Clan, one of the Eight Major Clans. My uncle is a secret disciple of the Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace of the Four Great Sects, awesome right? Brother, relax, if you acknowledge me as your boss, I definitely won’t let you make a loss. Not just 60 pieces of gold, I’ll even gift you with a lion, if you prefer tigers, that’s also fine… What do you want, just say it, don’t you want a watchdog? I’ll definitely help you keep watch, ah, no, I mean, I’ll buy a hundred dogs to help you guard your house. However, this Ironback Demonic Wolf, no matter what, you have to sell it to me, I really like it too much, don’t you feel that it’s very similar to me? I’m just like him, we’re both very sturdy.” The fatty flexed his biceps, causing the fat to wobble.

Yue Yang looked at the fatty, then looked at his Hui Tai Lang, and now that he thought about it, there really were some similarities between them.

It was that the both of them really looked like they were born to be smacked around.

He tried his best to stifle his laughter, and acted as if he were shocked, asking, “Doesn’t the world only have the 4 Major Clans Feng, Xue, Yue, and Yan? How come there are 8 Major Clans?”

“Feng, Xue, Yue, Yan are the old Four Major Clans, we are the up-and-coming Four Major Clans, although our reputation is slightly lower than theirs, but the people are already collectively calling us the Eight Major Clans. You must be from the countryside? Our Hai Clan is very famous, especially our water-type beasts, they’re the best.” The fatty was able to lie without any qualms and his face did not turn red nor did he breathe any differently.

“Oh, so it’s like that… “ Yue Yang acted dumb and nodded his head.

“Brother, sell this Ironback Demonic Wolf to me. Not only will I give you 60 pieces of gold and a Lion Beast, I’ll even bring you to participate in Refining with me. You’ll definitely succeed! I guarantee that within 10 days you’ll be able to receive the Certificate of Training Completion. And after that, with regards to the matter of upgrading your identification Crystal Stone, I’ll take care of all of it for you.” The fatty beat his chest in promise.

“Is this damned fatty trying to cheat you of your Ironback Demonic Wolf?” Suddenly, a pleasant, sweet-sounding voice rang out from behind Yue Yang, and at the same time, a fragrance hit him.

Yue Yang turned around, and the bright-eyed thief was standing behind him.

Seeing Yue Yang, a flash of emotions crossed the bright-eyed thief’s face, but it quickly disappeared: “You really didn’t die… Oi, where did you run off to these few days?”

The fatty’s good situation had been messed up by another person, he really wanted to flare up. However, once he saw the bright-eyed thief, his eyes immediately lit up, even more emotional than when Hui Tai Lang saw meat, and he immediately extended a fat hand towards the bright-eyed thief: “Nice to meet you, I’m Hai Da Fu, everyone calls me Young Master Hai. You misunderstood me, I swear, I definitely had no intentions of cheating my brother. Think about it, I’m his boss, why would I cheat him? Beauti… ah, little brother, do you know my brother? This is good, then today everyone is close friends. Today is a really happy day, let’s go drink a cup together, my treat.”

“Damned fatty, if you don’t want me to drain you of your blood, then stay further away from me.” The bright-eyed thief gave a flying kick, just like how Yue Yang gave one to Hui Tai Lang, sending the fatty’s entire body flying.

“You’re all right?” Yue Yang saw the fatty rapidly climb up, he really suspected that this fellow was related to Hui Tai Lang in some way.

“It’s all right, I’m all right, please do not worry about me. Don’t you know what my beast is? My beast is the strengthening-type Iron Rhinoceros, its defense is just like a steel plate, what could happen to me? You see this blood… This is not me vomiting blood, this is just my gums bleeding. Recently, I’ve been suffering from excessive internal heat, so my gums have been bleeding a bit. That’s right, it’s just like this, look at this body of fat, you still need to worry about me?” The fatty quickly wiped off the trail of blood at his mouth corner, at the same time assuming a position that said ‘I am not afraid of being trampled on’.

“Where did he run off to this time?” Far into the distance, there was a white-masked beauty dressed in palace clothings tenderly calling out.

“My aunt’s here, next time I’ll look for you to talk.” The bright-eyed thief quickly spoke one sentence to Yue Yang in a low voice, and turned to meet the beauty dressed in palace clothing.

“Do you know her? Although her face was covered, I daresay she’s 99 points.” The fatty’s mouth had opened wide, practically forming a waterfall of drool. His appearance looked like he needed a good spanking.

“I don’t have any interest in men.” Yue Yang tried hard to resist his temptation to charge forwards and strike the fatty’s heart with his dagger. Instead, Yue Yang turned around and left.

“You uneducated fool… I give up.” The fatty was suddenly tempted to cry in his heart, this youngster had a good beast yet he did not treasure it, had a beautiful woman but was not passionate about it, could it be that he was not afraid of meeting with heavenly punishment?

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