Long Live Summons

Chapter 31 – Booked Virgin

Chapter 31 – Booked Virgin

Translated by: Zaza

Edited by: Fatchinee, Shiroyukineko

TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“Summoning Grimoire!”

The summoner was not Yue Yang, but rather the bright-eyed thief.

A wave of golden light burst into view from between the bright-eyed thief’s fingers, immediately forming a pale orange dome that covered both Yue Yang and the bright-eyed thief’s bodies. Summoning Grimoire users were different from ordinary people. When in battle, the Summoning Grimoire would automatically generate a defensive ability in the form of a dome, called the Halo Shield. This dome would not break even if attacked by extremely strong outside forces, and would protect the user until either the summoned beast died or until the time limit was up.

The time limit for a Copper Grimoire was 10 minutes.

The Silver Grimoire’s time limit was twice that of the Copper Grimoire’s.

The Grimoire that the bright-eyed thief summoned was a Silver Grimoire, and was above Yue Yang’s Beginner level Copper Grimoire by 3 sub-ranks.

In other words, if the bright-eyed thief’s summoned beast did not die within the next 20 minutes, then even the extremely powerful Rock Golem couldn’t do anything to the Halo Shield.

“You’re actually a Grimoire Summoner?” The lanky Wu Yi’s eyes began to twitch, and his face’s complexion became even uglier.

“Wah, a Grimoire Summoner, heavens, this thief is unexpectedly a Grimoire Summoner, and it’s even a Silver Grimoire… … Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Blue, Purple. The Halo is Orange, and there’s a flashing gold star, this thief is a Level 4 Champion! No way, the White Stone City has a Level 4 Champion?” The crowds watching from afar exclaimed in surprise. One should know that Grimoire Summoners were rarer than diamonds. All of them were either genius warriors that surpassed ordinary people or they were children of major clans with outstanding bloodlines.

Everyone’s attention was currently on that young thief, who was unexpectedly a Level 4 Champion that possessed a Silver Grimoire.

She was obviously not someone from a normal family.

No one would believe that this bright-eyed thief could rise to a Level 4 Champion without any major clan or country’s support even if they were beaten to death.

At first, the spectators felt that the fight between the two thieves and Wu Yi wasn’t going to be an interesting show to watch. Faced with a 6 meter Rock Golem, all it would take was 2 fists to beat these two into pulp.

Now that a Silver Grimoire appeared, the spectators’ views completely changed.

No matter how strong ordinary warriors were, they were still helpless before the genius Grimoire Summoners… after all, Grimoire Summoners had the Halo Shield protecting them, thus enabling them to focus on defeating their opponents’ beast summons, and destroying their tactics.

No matter how many beast summons an ordinary warrior had, there was no way he could have more than a Grimoire Summoner.

To ordinary people, the Rock Golem was an unequalled existence.

In front of a Grimoire Summoner, however, there were many ways to deal with it.

All Grimoire Contractors had a Guardian Beast that could be revived when it died. As long as they controlled their Guardian Beasts carefully, the Halo Shield would definitely hold out until the time limit!

Now as long as the bright-eyed thief summoned a beast that could attack Wu Yi directly, she wouldn’t need to care about the slow-moving Rock Golem. She didn’t even need to care about any of Wu Yi’s attacks, summoning a beast to help her kill him would be more than enough.

“Summon: Bewildering Butterfly.” The bright-eyed thief’s lily-white hands flipped the Silver Grimmoire open to a specific page and pressed her palm lightly on it.

Golden light brightly shone out of the pages through her fingers, dazzling all those who were watching.

Meanwhile, Yue Yang didn’t notice what was going on at all and was happily enjoying the beautiful view from behind the bright-eyed thief’s body… Although her chest that belonged to the cute apple category wasn’t very big and still had a lot of space for development, her buttocks were nicely rounded. Since the clothes were worn to prevent detection while moving around at night, they were tight-fitting, revealing her perfect curves. As it enticingly rose up and down, Yue Yang swallowed his saliva to prevent him from drooling.

He truly regretted that his [Divine Vision] was only at level one, so he couldn’t see through clothes, otherwise…

When Wu Yi saw that the bright-eyed thief had summoned a rainbow coloured butterfly as big as her palm, his expressions turned worried.

If the Rock Golem had any weaknesses, that would be their zero intelligence!

The Rock Golem had no intelligence and ability to think, it only had fighting capabilities. Following its master’s orders, it will instinctively attack the opponents that were closest to it. There was no way to order it to attack a specific target.

The bright-eyed thief had summoned the Bewildering Butterfly, which had no fighting capability at all.

However, it was the Rock Golem’s natural nemesis.

The Bewildering Butterfly was capable of affecting the Spirit Connection between the combat machine and its master. As long as it stayed on top of the Rock Golem’s head, the Rock Golem would not be able to receive any of its master’s commands. Hence it would not be able to fight normally, instead, it would only stagger as if it was drunk, dithering around uselessly… Seeing the Bewildering Butterfly appear, the Guard Captain who had more experience and knowledge, also changed his expressions.

This kind of Bewildering Butterfly was rare, apart from ones within the realms of Tong Tian Tower, they could only be found in the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers.

Could it be that the real identity of the bright-eyed thief, who had the intention of assassinating Wu Yi’s clan head, was someone from the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers?

The Guard Leader couldn’t continue watching this battle anymore, as he immediately ran inside the pavilion.

Now that the situation had escalated this far, it was not something a small Guard Leader like him could control anymore.

If he did not immediately invite the White Stone City Merry Forest’s person in charge – Master Golden Blade – to quickly take charge of this situation, the consequences would be disastrous. People from the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers should definitely not be provoked!

“Summon: Battle Eagle.” Wu Yi was anxious, he knew that if he did not quickly get rid of the opponent’s Bewildering Butterfly, then his own Rock Golem would be wasted.

Wu Yi took out a bright yellow crystal rock. Muttering a few words, he immediately summoned a golden-coloured Battle Eagle with a wingspan of over 2 metres.

Battle Eagles were the kings of the sky when it came to flying-type beasts. They were the best at hunting down and killing flying-type beasts.

Their speed was as fast as lightning.

Facing a completely defenseless Bewildering Butterfly, all it would take was a few seconds to tear it into pieces, for a Level 3 Battle Eagle had claws that could even slash apart tigers and leopards… However, when Wu Yi summoned the Battle Eagle, the bright-eyed thief coldly snorted and in response, summoned: “Summon: Spider Witch!”

The Silver Grimoire’s pages automatically flipped to a page and a burst of green light shone through the bright-eyed thief’s fingers, filling the air.

A beast, who had the appearance of an ordinary human girl on its upper body but a spider on its lower half, appeared on the battlegrounds in an instant.

“Wah!” Many of the surrounding mercenaries scattered in all directions.

“I’m going to faint, isn’t that a magical beast, a spider demon that absorbs vitality? It’s a man’s natural enemy!” A bold mercenary persisted in staying behind, but was so scared that his complexion turned pale.

“This is definitely a beast from the Tong Tian Tower. I say, its definitely a demon brought back from the Tong Tian Tower. It’s finished, that Battle Eagle is definitely finished!” Among the guests spectating on Merry Forest’s balcony, there was a warrior who recognized the origin of the Spider Witch. Looking at the Battle Eagle hovering in the air, he could only shake his head and sigh. At this moment, Wu Yi’s face was filled with despair. He desperately tried to command the Battle Eagle to fly higher, but it was all too late.

A stream of white spider silk was shot out from the Spider Witch’s mouth. As the wind blows, it spread wide open into a white spider net, enveloping the Battle Eagle in it.

As the Battle Eagle got caught, it lost its ability to fly and fell to the ground heavily.

The Spider Witch pounced on the Battle Eagle nimbly, and in the Battle Eagle’s struggles, the Spider Witched attacked it rapidly and ruthlessly. Two terrifying spider fangs pierced into the Battle Eagle’s body, injecting dark green spider poison into the Battle Eagle’s body. In two seconds, the struggling Battle Eagle began to stiffen and became a living corpse, like a stuffed animal.

Yue Yang caught hold of the bright-eyed thief’s small hands, surreptitiously taking advantage of her, but pretended to be extremely moved on the surface as he shouted: “You’re really awesome, we’ve won!”

Instead, the bright-eyed thief shook her head: “No, saying that we’ve won now is still too early. Our opponent is a Level 3 Hero; that Battle Eagle couldn’t be his strongest beast. I reckon he’s still holding back, he should still be able to summon a powerful beast… …”

“Xie Huo, come down and help me stall for time!” Wu Yi suddenly shouted, fishing out a fist-sized red crystal rock, beginning to summon for a third time.

“If you give this fledgling’s first night to me, then there’s no problem at all! Isn’t it just a Bewildering Butterfly and a Spider Witch? To me, Xie Huo, this level of beasts don’t even count as mediocre!” At Merry Forest’s entranceway, a person’s shadow appeared like he was an illusion. With a hideous looking triangular-shaped eyes like a poisonous snake’s, he looked at the bright-eyed thief’s body lewdly as he laughed evilly.

“… …” Yue Yang remained calm and collected on the surface, yet he was exploding in anger internally. How daring, this precious virgin was something he’d booked in advance, this bastard actually dared to have presumptuous ideas about her? Looks like he had lived long enough, he was really seeking death!

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