King of Gods

Chapter 28 – Battle

Chapter 28 – Battle

“The top outer disciple, Zhao Feng, is here!”

“He is the new king of the outer disciples.”

Zhao Feng’s appearance caused a slight disturbance.

“Hehe, I thought that it would be someone strong, not a weak half-step martial artist. I think Zhao Linlong should come out instead.” The grass-hat youth said disdainfully. His cultivation was the highest amongst them so he had not fought yet.

Xin Fei’s eyes lit up when he saw Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng! That Xin Fei is the top outer disciple. He beat three of us in one move.” Zhao Gan warned.

Three people? In one move? Zhao Feng was slightly surprised since Zhao Gan and the rest were all quasi martial artists.

“Zhao Feng, we meet again. Do you still remember our battle?” Xin Fei said as he slowly walked forward. He didn’t look down on Zhao Feng due to his cultivation.

Last time in Sky Cloud Forest, Xin Fei had not forgotten that Zhao Feng had only been at the peak of the second rank then, and that he had beaten Xin Gang, who was at the peak of the third rank, in three moves.

Half a month ago, Xin Fei reached the fourth rank, becoming the top outer disciple of the Xin family. He then heard that the Zhao family had a new genius, only thirteen years of age and had already formed Inner Strength, becoming the top outer disciple.

And that genius was called Zhao Feng. To challenge the Zhao sect today wasn’t a coincidence. Xin Fei’s target was Zhao Feng. And the grass-hat youth’s target was Zhao Linlong.

“Of course I remember.” Zhao Feng walked forward. The crowd gave space. Zhao Feng and Xin Fei stood a few metres apart as they looked at each other.

The grass-hat youth of the Xin family was slightly surprised, “Although Xin Fei has just reached the fourth rank, his strength is not to be underestimated. Yet, he’s taking this fight very seriously.”

“My cultivation and age are both higher than you. I will not use my sword against you.” Xin Fei said as he sheathed his sword.

“Xin Fei, I will advise you to use all of your strength.” Zhao Feng said confidently. His words made the two different family disciples stunned.


“Where does his confidence come from?”

The Xin family disciples sniggered, whereas the Zhao family disciples stood shocked.

“As you wish.” Xin Fei’s expression turned solemn as he slowly took out his long sword again.

“It is starting.” Zhao Feng shouted as he pushed his Inner Strength throughout his body. His speed was so fast that many spectators couldn’t see his actions. Also, Zhao Feng’s body felt like it had no weight as it floated around.

Third Wind Slice!

Xin Fei’s long sword instantly flew out.

Shua! Shua! Shua….

In half a breath’s time Xin Fei had sliced three sword, the leaves scattered around him were easily grinded into dust.

Angry Dragon Fist!

Zhao Feng easily dodged and, under the help of Air Crossing Breathing Technique, did not lose his agility. He easily dodged the first two swords.


Only on the third sword did Zhao Feng’s fist, which was glowing green, clash against Xin Fei’s sword.

“What explosive strength! And that Inner Strength seems so mysterious.”

Xin Fei felt his arm go numb as the long sword in his hand almost fell from his grip. He also felt a very fast and powerful Inner Strength enter his body.


Xin Fei was pushed back a few steps as he barely managed to cancel out the opponent’s attack. He immediately realised why he had the lower hand in this exchange.

Firstly, Zhao Feng’s Angry Dragon Fists had an insane explosive power, it had already reached the max level. Secondly, the punch went straight for the weakness in his attack. Thirdly, Zhao Feng’s Inner Strength was not weaker than his, it was even more complex than his to a certain degree. The most important reason was the third one.

Being a true martial artist, how could he lost to a half-step martial artist?

Seventh stance of the Angry Dragon!

Zhao Feng kept on utilising his fist skill and kept attacking since he had the upper hand.

Since Angry Dragon Fists had reached its max level, Zhao Feng’s moves had left the restrictions of the original skill. Especially when used together with Air Crossing Breathing Technique, it helped increase its agility.

Sixth Wind Slice!

Xin Fei didn’t hesitate at all as he used his strongest move. At that moment the cold light twirled around the area. One sword after another locked the opponent within a few metres.

The spectating martial artists had their expression change.

Zhao Feng knew that the opponent’s move was an area attack that tried to push him back. However, Zhao Feng did not retreat. Instead he dodged and occasionally blocked the attacks by hitting their flaws.

In terms of speed, he easily beat Xin Fei, his Inner Strength was much higher as well.


Zhao Feng’s fist hit the back of Xin Fei’s sword. Zhao Feng also sent out many punches containing Inner Strength.

Xin Fei could only fall back.


After seven punches, he finally spat out a mouthful of blood and exited the fighting circle.

“Thanks.” Zhao Feng smiled faintly, leaving the rest of the disciples in shock.

“So strong! A half-step martial artist beat a true martial artist!”

“No wonder he is our Zhao sect’s strongest outer disciple!”


To beat a true martial artist while using the power of a half-step martial artist was indeed hard.

Zhao Feng had been ‘restricted’ in his fight. His power, Inner Strength and Angry Dragon Fists weren’t used to their fullest. Even so, he still beat Xin Fei in ten moves.

“I admire your skills.” Even though Xin Fei lost, he didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead he felt calm. Zhao Feng couldn’t help but praise the opponent, he was neither too arrogant nor too humble. His mind set could tell one that his latter days wouldn’t be low.

“Hehe! Not bad kid, I, Xin Tong want to fight too.” The grass-hat youth said.


His two arms waved ripping off his t-shirt and hat, revealing his muscular body inside.


The Zhao sect disciples took in a cold breath. Zhao Feng inspected with his left eye and couldn’t help but be shocked. Every inch of Xin Tong’s body seemed to be covered in bronze. The powerful strength coursed through his body.

“Zhao Feng, be careful! He is Xin Tong, the third strongest inner disciple of the Xin family and has trained Bronze Skin Metal Body to the fourth level. Even swords cannot harm him…….” Zhao Gan warned.

Before he could even finish Xin Tong slowly walked over. Although he didn’t purposely try to imitate Zhao Feng, he caused great pressure just by walking.

Just by body strength alone he can face fourth rankers. Zhao Feng felt an unseen pressure.

“You will be my dish before I challenge Zhao Linlong.” Xin Tong licked his lips. As he was talking, he was casually walking towards Zhao Feng.

The pressure that came with him was even more obvious. Zhao Feng felt that there were many many flaws on Xin Tong’s body.

Flaming Metal Fist!

Zhao Feng used the Air Breathing Crossing Technique to easily form Inner Strength and easily hit the opponent’s chest.


As the fist hit Xin Tong, the latter laughed, “This is all of your strength?”

What a strong body?

The disciples watching stared.

“Not good!”

Zhao Feng’s punch didn’t even break the opponent’s defense.

“Get out!” Xin Tong’s shout was as loud as thunder. He casually waved his arm and the thick metal-like Inner Strength came crushing over. This move could probably even threaten those of the fifth rank.

It was lucky that Zhao Feng reacted fast and quickly formed his own Inner Strength.

Peh! Ceng—–

Every time they clashed Zhao Feng would feel his arm go numb. He knew that the biggest difference between them was body strength and defense.

Xin Tong focused on his body. His muscles were as strong as metal, meaning his power exceeded that of normal people of the fourth rank.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation was restrained at half-step martial artist. His power and Inner Strength could only be used up to sixty-seventy percent, so obviously he could not win.

“Hahaha……… Kid, you’re too weak! Hurry up and call Zhao Linglong. Apart from him, no one is my opponent.” After pushing back Zhao Feng in one move, he suddenly stopped.


Zhao Feng was like a feather that landed gracefully on the ground. Since he had the advantage in speed and Inner Strength, Zhao Feng wouldn’t have lost.

Xin Tong was helpless and did not want to waste energy. Instead, he wanted to preserve his strength to fight Zhao Linlong.

“Really? Apart from Zhao Linlong, no one is your match?” A cold voice sounded from behind.

“Who’s there?!” Xin Tong shouted.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the owner of the voice.

“Zhao Han!”

In everyone view, a cold youth slowly walked out.

His every step would cause a chill.

“Zhao Han. Third amongst the inner disciples, just a bit weaker than Zhao Linlong and Zhao Chi.”

Zhao Feng also inspected Zhao Han. However, as his left eye locked onto Zhao Han, he got a major shock.

Fifth rank of the Martial Path! Not fourth, but fifth rank of the martial path!

“How is it possible? When did Zhao Han reach the fifth rank?” The disciples from both families exclaimed.

“It looks like the first place amongst the inner disciples might change.”

“I heard that even Zhao Linlong has not reached the fifth rank.”


Zhao Han’s appearance stunned everyone.

His cold eyes scanned through the crowd and finally landed on Zhao Feng’s face, “You are Zhao Feng?”

Hm? Zhao Feng felt a cold pressure towards him and thought, Does this Zhao Han know me?

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