Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473 (Raw 1453): Inducted into the Cycle; Reversing Space and Time

Gong Yangyu's victory was beautiful, a great morale booster.

However, in reality, the Dragon's Gate's situation did not change at all. Wu Yun was just one of the core Elders of the Blood Clad Sect. Above the core Elders were eight Law Enforcers and the Vice Sect Master, Can Minghuo.

Furthermore, there were still the three Dragon Kings and the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises, who already wore the Blood Clad Battle Armor. Finally, there was the Western Sea Dragon King, whose strength was now unfathomable.

The Blood Clad Sect's strength far surpassed that of the Dragon's Gate. The situation was not something that could be turned around just with the fights of one or two individuals.


At the same time, Xiao Chen's cultivation of the Cycle Arts on the desolate island at sea had also reached the most critical moment.

The seven lights of the seven different states looked solid, like ribbons drifting about in Xiao Chen's surroundings.

As the various states circled him, the entire island materialized different mysterious phenomena.

Mountains and rivers shattered; smoke rose from blazing fires. Arrows were stuck in the sandy ground strewn with soldiers covered in wounds.

Two armies faced off against each other, and the killing continued. Everyone's eyes were all red.

All this was the so-called history, continuously evolving through killing.

This was the mysterious phenomenon materialized from the state of massacre. After a while, the scene changed.

Various damaged cities appeared amid the killing, showing signs of destruction. Civilization was trampled upon, mountains and rivers leveled. This was the mysterious phenomenon materialized from the state of destruction, the destruction that came after the killing.

Then, the scene changed again. There were people crying in pain amid the rubble. Flocks of condors flew through the scarlet sky. The fading songs in the air were suffused with grief.

Countless people silently displayed their distress to the sky, showing faces of despair.

After despair was the death of countless people. The entire world turned silent. Only black and white remained in the scene. The silence that death brought blanketed the mountains and rivers.

In the entire vista, all living things had withered away; there were no signs of human habitation. The world had returned to a blank state.

After an unknown number of years, the black-and-white world suddenly showed some color.

It was a green blade of grass, sprouting out from a crack between the rocks amid the rubble. The moment the blade of grass appeared, the entire world gained color.

With life, there would be massacre. With massacre, there would come destruction. Eventually, the entire world would die before it gained new life.

The cycle never ended; life would never be extinguished!

The illusions disappeared, and the seven lights fused into a beam of rainbow light that entered Xiao Chen's sea of consciousness.

Inside the vast sea of consciousness, aside from the Innate Thunder Crystal and the will of ice, there was also a Cycle Heart that merged the seven states.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and the seven colored lights that had illuminated the sky for more than half a year vanished.

As he looked at this world, he vaguely came to understand something.

The originally isolated and desolate island was no longer so in his eyes. There were ants' nests buried in the ground and grass growing from the cracks in the rocks.

Everything was filled with life. Xiao Chen could even see even further; he could see this place ten years into the future—even a hundred years.

The desolate island would turn lush and green, covered with dense forests.

"The state of cycle finally reached this point."

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. Before he formed the state of cycle, he could never experience its wonders.

He flicked a finger. A saber light shot out of that fingertip and struck a rocky mountain one kilometer in front.

The saber light contained the state of cycle that Xiao Chen just fused.

The rocky mountain that the saber light struck suffered from the attacks of seven states. Finally, it turned into a clump of yellow sand that spilled to the ground.

There were no startling explosions or dazzling mysterious phenomena. It was extremely plain and simple.

Xiao Chen felt satisfied. Although he still did not know how to use the state of cycle, the effects before him were already clear.

The state of cycle simplified his Primordial Energy, bringing it to a whole new level.

Xiao Chen's Primordial Energy had always been weaker than the Primordial Energy of Martial Emperors in regard to quality.

The reason was simple: he did not undergo any of the tribulations that Martial Emperors had to go through.

However, now, the state of cycle made up for this weakness. As long as Xiao Chen merged his state of cycle with his Primordial Energy, his Primordial Energy would not be weaker than a Sovereign Martial Emperor's.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen possessed one thousand strands of Primordial Energy—one hundred more strands than what a Ninth Heaven Martial Emperor had. With the state of cycle, his cultivation was already no weaker than a Ninth Heaven Sovereign Martial Emperor.

In fact, he was even stronger than most. Only those peak Ninth Heaven Martial Emperors, like the Holy Masters who were only a hair's breadth away from being Primes, could contest with him.

"Interesting. However, the state of cycle should not be this simple."

If the state of cycle had only this effect, it would be too disappointing.

I should try seeing what the effect is when I use the state of cycle with all my power.

The Cycle Arts secret manual was incomplete. It only taught one how to comprehend the state of cycle, nothing else. Xiao Chen had to test things out for himself. Otherwise, he would not have to put in so much effort.


The Cycle Heart in Xiao Chen's sea of consciousness spun quickly. Beams of rainbow light instantly filled his sea of consciousness.

Soon after, the energy of the state of cycle charged out of the restriction of the sea of consciousness, swimming about the body. His four limbs, his bones, and all his internal organs instantly filled with explosive power.

However, he could not move. His body was clearly filled with power, but the instant he raised his leg, he felt that he was fighting the whole world, facing a boundless resistance.

Why is it like this?

Doubt filled Xiao Chen's mind. He could not understand even after thinking for a long time. Could it be that he could not use the state of cycle in this abandoned land?

If that was so, then his efforts over the past half-year were for naught.

Xiao Chen's eyes turned scarlet. He had gambled big on this state of cycle, practically devoting all of the past ten years in the Kunlun Realm to attaining it.

In the end, this was the result that he obtained. Such a blow was too huge; no one would be satisfied with it.

I can never give up!

Xiao Chen roared furiously. At this moment, he infused his one thousand strands of Primordial Energy into his entire body.


His body seemed to break through layers of invisible constraints. The instant he broke through, the resistance no longer existed; he suddenly charged forward.

Holding Pride in his hand, Xiao Chen stabbed it into the ground, venting all the energy in his body.

"Boom!" The entire desolate island instantly exploded, reduced to nothing. Rocks flew through the air and turned into countless specks of dust.

An enormous pit appeared in the sea and formed a massive whirlpool that sucked in the seawater for five thousand kilometers around like an abyss.

"Hu ci!"

Something strange happened. Earlier, the island crumbled, leaving a deep underwater chasm. However, Xiao Chen suddenly discovered that the scene before him had changed. He held his saber and stood upright on the desolate island.

His entire body felt an indescribable fatigue, making him want to topple to the ground and sleep right then and there. He was simply way too tired.

"How can this be? I recall that I clearly used my saber to shatter this island I'm standing on. Why is it that I still see the island in a perfect and flawless state?"

Could I have seen wrong? Did I just experience an illusion?

However, my Primordial Energy is drained; my Cycle Heart is dim and lightless. My body and mind are incredibly fatigued. How can it be fake?


Just as Xiao Chen thought this, the scene before him changed again. The island under his feet disappeared. Caught off guard, he plunged into the massive whirlpool in the sea.

The whirlpool was so deep that he could not see the bottom. This was clearly the whirlpool that his saber strike created earlier.

"Fish Dragon Art, Azure Dragon Tail Whip!" Xiao Chen shouted.

He moved in a huge arc, like a berserk dragon struggling free of the strong suction of the whirlpool. Then, he somersaulted in the air and landed on the surface of the sea.

As he looked at the dark whirlpool, his mind slowly settled. Then, he calmly thought about this. The scene from earlier was too strange.

Reversing space and time!

After regaining his composure, Xiao Chen pondered the various possibilities. Finally, these words popped up in his mind.

Reversing space and time, cycling between the future and the present. The state of space temporarily broke the constraints of time.

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