I’m Really a Superstar

Chapter 1587 - Zhang Ye barges into a livestreaming channel!

Chapter 1587: Zhang Ye barges into a livestreaming channel!

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In the morning.

At Zhang Ye’s eldest younger sister’s house.

The entire family had gathered here today. His maternal grandparents, his uncles, and his aunts.

When Zhang Ye’s parents arrived, everyone congratulated them joyously.

His third aunt said, “Congratulations! Little Ye has finally reached the top!”

His second aunt laughed heartily and said, “This is a joyous occasion for our family!”

His second uncle said, “Yeah, when I saw the news last night, I couldn’t believe it!”

His grandma also said excitedly, “This is great! I haven’t doted on this grandson of mine for nothing.” She still asked in disbelief, “Has my grandson really gotten first place on China’s popularity rankings?”

His mother laughed and said, “That’s right! In the whole of China, there’s no one with higher popularity than Little Ye. He’s in first place. It can’t get more real than that.”

His grandpa hurriedly asked, “Where’s Little Ye?”

His father said, “He should be on the way.”

His first uncle laughed and said, “Little Ye has just gotten to the summit, so he should be quite busy handling matters. There’s no rush.”

His mother smiled widely and said, “What can he be busy with? He’s the most popular celebrity in the entire country. He’s already at the top. Even if he wants to go higher up, there’s no place to go any further. It has been so many years. It’s time the kid gets a good rest. I told him yesterday to rest for a period of time.”

His grandma said immediately, “That’s right.”

His third sister took out her cell phone and said, “I’ll send a message to Brother to hurry!”

His second sister had also just arrived. “Where’s Big Sis?”

His first uncle pointed upstairs. “She’s streaming. Some livestreaming company paid her to stream on their platform, but her allocated time is not up yet, so she can’t go offline. Don’t disturb her.”

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Zhang Ye and Wu Zeqing brought Sisi and Chenchen over.

At this moment, the entire household turned lively.

“Grandma, Grandpa!”


“Bro, why are you so late!”

“Haha, traffic, lots of traffic!”

“Little Ye, congratulations!”

“Thanks, First Uncle,”

“Chenchen is here too?”

“Yes, she’s here to scrounge.”

“Bro, I want a red packet!”

“Ah? What red packet?”

“You’re the number one person in show business. Surely it wouldn’t be nice if you didn’t give out some red packets to your younger sisters, right?”

“Hahaha, sure, I’ll give, I’ll give.”

“Wow, long live Brother!”

“Zhang Ye, I want one too.”

“You girls, all you know is how to scam me of my red packets!”


It was a lunch party for the entire family today, as well as Zhang Ye’s celebratory feast. Originally, they had agreed on holding it over at Zhang Ye’s house at the villa. However, they decided to change it to Cao Dan’s place, his eldest younger sister’s new house. His eldest younger sister was a very popular celebrity in China as well. She was known as the top Internet celebrity in recent years and was doing very well. Naturally, her economic status wasn’t too bad either. With events and commercial performances to attend almost every day, she was probably even richer than Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye looked around the house and said, “This place is not bad.”

His first aunt smiled and said, “It was only because you pointed your sister in the right direction years ago.”

“I was just leading her in, but it was still down to her own capabilities that she got there.” Zhang Ye looked left and right. “Where’s Dandan?”

His mother said, “Your sister is streaming at the moment.”

Zhang Ye chuckled. “She knows that I’d be here, yet she’s still busy streaming?”

His first uncle said with a laugh, “It’s a job she took on some time ago.”


On the second floor of the duplex.

There was a specially constructed studio up here that Cao Dan had always used to record her videos. The livestreaming event that she had today was also being carried out here.

Cao Dan’s sweet voice rang out inside the room.

“I’m really not good at singing.

“Haha, I can’t dance either.

“Believe me, you guys definitely don’t want to see me dance.

“Aiya, I’m getting really hungry.

“Yes, I have lunch with my family today.”

She chatted on and on.

Over 4 million viewers were online watching the stream!

The fans were crazily typing in the chat and sending donations 1 .

AK has sent a car.

SleeplessNights has sent a flying kiss.

The fans:

“Everyone, send in your donations!”

“Otherwise, Dandan is going to get trashed by the other streamers!”

“She’s still third in the donation rankings?”

“Pfft, they’re teaming up to take on Dandan.”

“Dandan, hurry up and ask for donations! Or else we’re gonna fall back into fourth place.”

“This platform is home field for those streamers. It would be surprising if they didn’t receive a lot of donations from their fans!”

“Dandan, hang on! You had better not sing or dance. If not, you’ll drop even further down the donation rankings! We all know how ‘good’ your singing is!”

“Enough, alright!”


Cao Dan wasn’t an ambitious person. She only said with a smile: “It’s alright. You guys can donate if you like, but it’s fine even if you don’t. Just come to the livestreaming platform more often in the future to support our streamers. This is the largest livestreaming platform in the country at the moment. If I have time in the future, I will come often as well.”

The fans chatted.

“Dandan is such a nice person.”

“They’re stepping on our heads.”

“No, this won’t do. We have to help Dandan get first on the donation rankings!”

“Right, it would look really bad on us if she loses!”

“I’d feel ashamed too. Let’s support Dandan!”

“Hai, even the mighty dragon is no match for the native serpent?”

“But our Dandan is still a B-list celebrity!”

Another wave of donations filled the screen.

For a short while, she was pushed into second place of the donation rankings before dropping back down again.

In a different livestreaming channel.

The donations here were even crazier.

This was Qiqi’s channel, the big sister of this livestreaming platform.

The fans chatted.

“Hahaha, this feels great!”

“We’re first on the donations leaderboard!”

“We gotta give it another push!”

“Qiqi is my true goddess. Bring Cao Dan down!”

“A goddess from elsewhere wants to compete with our platform’s own goddess?”

“Supporting Qiqi. We’ll send you soaring to the skies!”

Qiqi covered her mouth as her eyes reddened. “Thank you, thank you to all the big brothers. Ahhh, what do I do, I’m gonna cry.” Then she blew a few kisses to everyone.

In another channel.

In Xiaoling’s livestreaming channel.

Xiaoling kept asking for donations.

“Big brothers, you can do it!”

“Keep the donations coming in!”

“I want to fight for first place today, so please allow this willful girl to have her way once!”

“Whoever gets onto the top three of my donation rankings will get my cell phone number in your private messages!”

In a group chat.

It was a private group chat for the platform’s streamers.

“Qiqi is in first place.”

“Xiaoling is in second place!”

“Poor Cao Dan.”

“These whales are sending donations in like crazy.”

“Qiqi’s and Xiaoling’s incomes for the day are probably going to exceed a million RMB, right?”

“Cao Dan can’t possibly catch up. The gap is too wide.”

“Cao Dan doesn’t urge her viewers to donate either.”

“Let’s see if there will be any big reversal near the end.”

“Sister Cao is done for.”

Many of the platform’s streamers.

Many of the platform’s users.

Everyone had their attention on this matter.

At Zhang Ye’s eldest younger sister’s house.

In the living room downstairs, they were making lunch in the kitchen.

Zhang Ye leaned back onto the sofa and did a Beijing Sprawl 2 . “Is the food ready yet? I’m hungry.”

His mother gave him the look from the kitchen. “Then why don’t you get over here and help out?”

Zhang Ye said lazily, “I can’t move, I’m tired.”

Chenchen gave a hur hur. “Zhang Ye, you’re such a lazy ass.”

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, “Come here and take care of the child. I’ll go and help Mom.”

“I can’t,” Zhang Ye said shamelessly.

His first aunt laughed and said, “There’s no need for you two to do anything. Just wait for the food.”

His father checked his watch. “Little Ye, go and get your sister. It’s almost time to eat.”

Zhang Ye ordered Chenchen, “Go, ask your Sister Dandan to come down.”

Chenchen got angry. “Why are you so lazy?”

His grandma was so amused that she gave him a look. “Go on, don’t just sit around. You can eat more if you move around a little.”

With her saying that, Zhang Ye finally stood up and went upstairs.

Back upstairs.

In the studio.

The battle was entering a fever pitch.

The fans were yelling.


“Keep donating!”

“Can someone send a spaceship 3 ?!”

“Dandan is really going to lose!”

“Damn, Qiqi has linked up with someone to do a joint stream!”

“Xiaoling has also gone to get support!”

“WindsAreBlowing? That’s a really popular streamer!”

“Their ranks on the donation leaderboard have gone even higher!”

“Getting support from others? They’re making it look like our Dandan doesn’t have friends or something!”

“Pfft, I think Dandan-jiang 4 really doesn’t have any friends on this streaming site.”

“It’s over. The headlines tomorrow will surely be: ‘The most popular Internet celebrity can’t win against the local platform streamers!’”

When Cao Dan saw what her fans were typing, she said with a smile: “Everyone, please don’t worry about that. The other streamers are just doing their jobs. This isn’t a big deal.” Then she looked at the comments again and said, “Pfft, where am I going to get outside support from? My short videos have offended quite a few people, so it’s not like you guys don’t know how poor my social relations are.”

At this moment, the door behind her opened.

Zhang Ye pushed the door and entered, then said listlessly, “Hurry up and go downstairs for lunch.”

Cao Dan turned around, startled. “Bro?”

Zhang Ye said in a speechless manner, “What are you still doing?”

“I-I’m streaming.” Cao Dan blushed in embarrassment. She was shy, so be it livestreaming or recording videos, she never liked doing it while her family and friends were around as she found that awkward.

Zhang Ye blinked several times before walking over, interested. ” Let me have a look.”

Cao Dan hurriedly stood up to block him. “Aiya, what are you looking around for? There’s nothing to see here.”

Zhang Ye said, “Can’t I just have a look?”

Cao Dan’s face was burning. She said, “There’s gonna be trouble if you show your face!”

This was a livestream.

The stream delay was no longer than a second.

At this moment, Cao Dan’s channel went silent!

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

In that instant, the livestreaming channel blew up!

The fans screamed in surprise!


“Fuck! Fuck!”

“Who is that?”

“Zhang Ye?”

“What did I just see?”

“Oh my God, Zhang Ye?”

“The most popular celebrity in the country?”

“Dandan, what’s going on there?”


“I’m going crazy!”

Cao Dan turned around and had a look at the monitor. She knew that this secret couldn’t be kept hidden any longer. She couldn’t help but facepalm. Then, without caring about Zhang Ye, she sat back down on her chair, helpless, and pulled the microphone over. “Uh, so about that.”

The fans pressed her.

“What’s going on?”

“What is Zhang Ye doing at your place?”

“What an interesting situation this is!”

“Dandan, you’ve really roped someone in for support!”

“*faints* Can your support be any more impressive than this!”

“I’m in genuflection of Dandan!”

“Dandan, you’ve won. You even managed to invite the number one person in showbiz?”

“When we asked you to call for aid, we were only joking! But you really found someone?”

Cao Dan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She explained: “I didn’t get any outside support. We have a family gathering today, and everyone came over for lunch. He…he’s my cousin.”

The fans were stunned!


“Your cousin is Zhang Ye?”

“Zhang Ye is your relative?”

“Damn, why haven’t you mention this before!”

“This—this is big news!”

“I’m shocked too!”

“Dandan, to think that you have such an impressive relative!”

“This is truly unfathomable! You are truly unfathomable!”


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