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Chapter 373 - Number One and Two Playing Gangste

Chapter 373: Number One and Two Playing Gangster

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A done deal. It was basically a done deal. Concerning the creation of the Earth Federation, the two countries quickly reached an agreement and immediately entered the preparatory stage. They strived to efficiently shape the organization, put it into operation, and develop its functions within one year.

Why were things proceeding so fast? Because there was no such store after this village was passed.

It was true that with the instability of political circles in Merica, there would be no interest in the Earth Federation once Lanfelord stepped down and the new president took office. If the voices of the hardlines grew louder and an extremist was elected into office, Merica would become a threat to world peace and tie up a lot of Z nation’s energy and resources. Various conflicts would erupt. There was no benefit to the Z nation.

The focus of attention had to be shifted and the Earth Federation established. Both sides would agree to disarmament and reduction in the scale of nuclear weapons. This would also save costs.

Friendly competition, cooperation to create win-win situations, and investing resources for the exploration of outer space would be established as well. The benefits brought by this were far greater than fighting to the death on Earth.

Besides Lanfelord with his overwhelming prestige and high support rate, there was no one else who could provide the driving force to rapidly establish this type of organization and push forward with such a major event. Even if they took the initiative to reach out to Lanfelord’s successor, Z nation might not get an affirmative reply. Opportunity knocks only once! Only by striking while the iron was hot could something be accomplished.

In light of this, the elders only considered for two days. When Lanfelord was on his way to the airport, he received a phone call telling him to return.

They had a serious discussion behind closed doors for four days. The global media grew restless and suspicious, and rumors began to surface.

March 28th

The two countries reached a unanimous agreement and issued a “Joint Statement on the Establishment of the ‘Earth Federation.’”

When the contents of this statement were publicized, the world was rocked to its core. Everyone was shocked, and frantic debates emerged.

“The Earth Federation; building a strong policy that unites all nations to serve all mankind with the interests of the Earth as its core,” began the statement. “It will have a specialized army, the right to issue a global currency, and it can also interfere in some national affairs. The decree passed by the Earth Federal Parliament is more binding on member states and must be implemented.”

Many people were excited while others were wary of this new power.

“The working and administrative languages used by the Federation are the Z language and English. To improve work efficiency, other languages will only be used informally. Artificial intelligence will provide translation services. Countries that join the Earth Federation as permanent members need to contribute 1% of the country’s GDP as an annual membership fee. Ordinary member states have to contribute 0.5% of the country’s GDP as an annual membership fee. Countries with a per capita GDP of less than 3,000 USD are exempted from paying the fee. Delay or non-payment of the annual membership fee will result in the country’s expulsion from the Federation and they will not be entitled to any power until the fee is paid.

“The Chief of Parliament, Z nation and Merica have the right to ‘one veto vote’ on major issues.”

This last part caused quite a commotion.

“There are only 3 veto powers?” people exclaimed anxiously.

In that instant, the nations of the UK, Russia, and France became frantic.

The UK took the lead.

“Where’s our veto power?” they complained. “Where is our major role and status? Who wants to deprive the British Empire of the power that rightfully belongs to us?”

France responded next.

“I am sorry, we are not interested in the ‘Earth Federation’. The contributions we have made to this planet, our efforts and sacrifices, have been despicably obliterated. France will not join this unfair institution.”

Russian media also spoke out.

“Why are there only three veto powers? Where is our status as permanent members? Not to mention our contribution in World War II, or have you all forgotten that we are the biggest country, have you forgotten the thousands of nuclear weapons in our possession? Give a veto to us!”

These three countries raised their voices in protest, but the response they received made them even angrier.

“Firstly, the Earth Federation was established in the new century. It had nothing to do with the last century. It determined the fate of the future of mankind under the current international order.

Secondly, if you want to become a permanent member of the Earth Federation, your country must have a population of more than 300 million, and the GDP must be more than 20 trillion USD.”

If a country did not have enough population and strength, it would not be able to bear the fate of the whole earth, nor would it have the qualifications and ability to guide and lead the Earth Federation to a glorious future.

There were currently only two countries with this qualification and ability – Z nation and Merica.

The three complainers were ridiculed by many netizens on the Internet.

What a joke, we have two out of the 5 laughingstocks here. A bear so poor that it only has a nuclear policy, yet it wants to represent all human beings and decide the affairs that will affect more than 8 billion humans. They are thinking too much.

It is way past time to expel these countries. When your conduct does not match your status and when you don’t have enough strength, then you shouldn’t sit in a position that does not belong to you.

It is better if the number of permanent members is lessened. It’s easier to discuss things between a few people, too many cooks spoil the broth. The United Nations is an example. Apart from talking nonsense, playing the blame game and forming cliques, the UN has no real credibility or ability to carry things out. It is a figurehead with no power. There is no such thing as fair and just in the workings of the organization. Its function is getting more and more irrelevant, dubious and weak.

The population of Britain and France is only in the tens of millions. Russia’s GDP is less than two trillion. They are indeed small and poor countries. They have no representative power. They should let go of their pride and honestly become ordinary member states, even though the gap is huge. The world is just that realistic; everyone only recognizes strength.

A question that many were wondering was finally voiced: What if the three countries do not accept reality and do not join the Earth Federation?

Some jumped in right away with their opinions.

What’s the influence of their absence on the overall entity? Are their roles indispensable? I think the absence of those three will have little impact.

Hey, that’s true. It’ll be fine when other countries will join. It’s okay if they are not included.

I’ve suddenly discovered how embarrassing and sad their situations are.

After the joint statement was released, Merica and Z nation were in constant motion. They quickly executed a series of dizzying strategies.

The first was to dissolve the United Nations. Suddenly, the largest international organization disappeared. The Earth Federation was quickly established on the original site of its predecessor. The original diplomatic representatives from various countries could apply right away to join the Earth Federation, and they were immediately thrown into new works.

“No, how can you do this?” asked some of them.

“Such a major event like the dissolution of the United Nations must be approved by a unanimous vote.”

“We do not recognize the Earth Federation, we only recognize the United Nations. You have suddenly disbanded this organization. We will form another one somewhere else!”

Britain, France, and Russia strongly opposed the Earth Federation and even established a temporary UN, drawing more than a dozen countries to join them. This was a futile effort, however.

No matter how much these countries opposed them, no one could successfully fight against the number one and number two when they worked together to act like gangsters.

Countries that did not join the Earth Federation would face sanctions immediately. This terrified the plethora of opposing small countries. There were also many pressurizing tactics awaiting those that remained in the illegal organization of the temporary United Nations

On the other hand, some benefits were promised to entice them.

In just a few months, the number of countries and regions that joined the Earth Federation reached 194. Only a few countries were left in the interim United Nations as they relied on their faith, gritting their teeth and holding out in isolation with willpower alone.

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