I Am Supreme

Chapter 740: It’s Not a Dream!

Chapter 740: It’s Not a Dream!

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The lady in red hesitated, obviously troubled by Yun Yang's question.

Finally, she sighed and said, "Child, the answer to your question will come in time. Right now, this is the most pivotal point of your life… You have only yourself to depend on for the future path… Your aunt can't help you further than this…"

"This trip down here was only made successful by working together with many brothers to beat your father up."

Yun Yang nodded, feeling much more assured. For the first time in his life, he distinctly felt a sense of belonging, of having roots.

"Your father is used to being pitiless. Selfish and cold, tyrannical, he is simply not a good man. I have quarreled with him for so many years over you…"

The shadow in red seemed to be clenching her teeth as she said, "There is no need to miss your mother either. The two of them are gleefully in each other's company, but there they go, tossing their son down to suffer and be tortured. Your aunt is about to explode from anger by what they did… You must avenge this rage of aunty in the future. Still, don't be too harsh though, he's still your biological father after all…"

Yun Yang could only feel the walls he had put up in his heart all these years slowly crumbling, replaced wholeheartedly by joy.

He nodded and said smiling, "If this day comes in the future, I shall seek vengeance for you as well. My strike will be precise for sure. I'd be filial to you as well, I shall remember your kindness for life!"

The shadow clad in red replied contently"What a good child, my good child. Your words have touched your aunt. I shall stop here. My time here is limited, I'll have to go now. You'll have to depend on yourself in this worldly realm… I've fought your father to come this time, so I may not be able to come again… These men's hearts, all of them forged with steel. Sigh, it's never just a saying…"

She sighed softly and watched Yun Yang longingly. "Do you have anything to say, my child? Any personal words for your parents?"

Yun Yang was silent for some time before saying dryly, "I… don't know anything for now. I have nothing to say, really."

The woman in red felt her heart clench and she replied gently, "You'll know everything in the future… Just remember one thing for now; before you find out about all these, you can only depend on yourself in this world. Do you understand?"

"I have never… depended on anyone," answered Yun Yang with a faint tug at the corners of his lips.

"Your father's a ruthless one once he hardens up… You must protect yourself well in this world… It would be unfortunate if an accident were to take place. Do you understand?"

The woman reminded him time and again, apparently still worried.

"I understand." Yun Yang nodded.

Should there be an accident, it would be terribly unfortunate. It seemed that his father's ruthless character went beyond ordinary savagery. Just by listening to his aunt's repeated, imploring words, Yun Yang finally had the realization as well; if he were to die in this world, there would be, at most, someone who would seek vengeance for him. Resurrection was only a wild wish.

'Does it I look like I want it?'

The woman's silhouette was slowly fading and she did not look happy by that fact, muttering angrily, "Cold-blooded thing, turning merciless after finding a wife… Where did the heart he had back then go to? Forgetting after marrying…"

She then spoke in a hurry, "Take care, my child. Your aunt is really leaving now…"

At the moment the slender figure in crimson disappeared, a finger suddenly stretched out and poked him.

Yun Yang felt a tap on his forehead. Alien information then entered his mind before warmth enveloped him; even his heart was agreeably at peace… Then, his eyes closed as he slowly lay on the floor, eventually falling asleep…

The shadow in red quietly vanished, leaving only her words in the air, "I'll go back right now to settle this with them! One more day that you don't go up is another day that I'll fight with both husband and wife! Even if you were prophetic, could it be any better than my helpers? Do you really think I'd be reluctant to beat you up? I'd beat your wife up too this time!"

She muttered her plans as she counted with her fingers, "Sixth, seventh, eighth and the few shouldn't dare to… but second brother, fourth brother, fifth brother, Sister Zi and the rest… That should be enough to beat the two of them up. If it's not enough, then I'll get Junior Brother Tan to talk to him…"

"Child, with this line of defense, there shouldn't be anything to worry about, unless there's an enemy whose cultivation base is a hundred times stronger than yours…"

Unfortunately, Yun Yang had already fallen asleep, unable to hear what she said.

After a long time, Yun Yang eventually stirred and awakened. He sheepishly sat up on the floor and looked at the purple jade flute in his hands before looking at the podium where the Nine Heavens Dictum was originally placed. For a moment, it felt surreal.

'Was I… dreaming earlier? A fulfilling dream that I've yearned for for so long?'

'Why was it so real then? Maybe it wasn't a dream…'

'Not only do I have parents, but I also have an aunt? A biological aunt?'

'I… I'm not an orphan?'

'Is there a reason behind everything I've been through?'

'Everything – everything still feels like a good dream…'

'Are these all real?' The anxiousness within Yun Yang gradually took hold. A strong sense of doubt rose within him and he suspected that what happened just now was a dream birthed from his obsessions.

He suddenly sprang up and sprinted to look at the piles of purple spiritual crystals before taking off to every room to confirm again the actuality of the bounty. He bolted back again and looked at the purple jade flute in his hand then at the spot where the woman dressed in red had popped out…

Everything that had happened was real, undoubtedly real.

Yun Yang stood there stunned, tears suddenly streaming down his face.

"This – everything is real… they're all real… It's real!" He suddenly guffawed despite the tears.

He felt a sense of warmth engulf him. The sorrow and loneliness buried deep within his heart had vanished. As for his worry that there was nobody there for him and he had to depend on himself… was it truly a concern?

'When have I, Yun Yang, depended on anyone?'

'You want to be there for me? I won't let you intervene!'

'I'll definitely become the most powerful person in this world, just you wait! I'll beat you up every day – uh, no, I can't. Even if I don't beat you up, I'll give you a scare daily… Wait, I can't seem to do that either. What should I do?'

Lord Supreme Cloud was prideful now.

As the last bit of haze in his heart dissipated, he was shocked to discover a sword technique in his mind. The sword style was exceptionally clear like it had been seared into his very soul, unable to be wiped away.

It had just flashed in his mind and into his thoughts, but everything seemed so familiar as if he had been practicing the style for a few centuries. Other than the familiarity, Yun Yang reached another conclusion.

The style was incredibly powerful! It was even stronger than his saber truth, the Destiny Blade!

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