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Chapter 1428 - A Single Sword Can Conjure A Thousand Spells, But A Single Sword Can Also Destroy A Thousand Spells!

Chapter 1428: A Single Sword Can Conjure A Thousand Spells, But A Single Sword Can Also Destroy A Thousand Spells!

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The Cosmic Marble Buddha temporarily stabilized the Heavenly Stupa, but his body also stopped amidst the void space due to this action.

The Cosmic Marble Buddha looked up at Lin Feng. Light flickered in his eyes, where countless seemingly virtual yet seemingly real rays of radiance crossed over each other, creating intersections one after the other which extended continuously into a giant web dotted with infinite starlight.

In this instant, everything was crystal clear in his eyes.

Everyone, including the Illusory Sun Hades, creased their eyebrows. Each of their energy pulses landed on the Cosmic Marble Buddha’s main eye, cloaking it with a layer of dark film with indiscernible weight and thickness.

But besides the omnipresent Supreme Heavenly Mirror, all other forms of existence still emitted visible amounts of light despite being shrouded in a blanketing layer of darkness.

Only Lin Feng, whom the Cosmic Marble Buddha was staring at with undivided attention, was different. He was not cloaked in darkness at all, and seemed as normal as ever. However, Lin Feng was seemingly non-existent in the Cosmic Marble Buddha’s line of sight, with the latter only noticing his Dao Fruit. And despite that, he could not describe its exact location or form.

Lin Feng looked up at the Cosmic Marble Buddha and smiled faintly. He assessed his surroundings and scanned his gaze across the Origins Dragon King, the Emperor of the Dead, and the Monkey, before landing his eyes on the Cosmic Marble Buddha once again. He chuckled, “You’ve put in much effort, my friend. Unfortunately, I can’t let you have your way. You’ll just have to wait patiently.”

With that, Lin Feng shifted his attention away from the Cosmic Marble Buddha and walked towards the Origins Dragon King.

The Origins Dragon King’s pupils contracted, but realized that he could not pinpoint Lin Feng’s exact location.

This sensation felt oddly familiar, because he felt a similar presence beside him.

Lin Feng was now like the Supreme Heavenly Mirror, seemingly omnipresent across all stretches of space-time.

He looked as if he was lifting his legs and striding forward without haste, but he had already appeared in front of the Origins Dragon King. He said quietly, “As I said before, I’ll slaughter you if you dare take one step out of the Black Sea. Have you become audacious just because I don’t have my sword with me now?”

As he said this, Lin Feng joined his middle and index fingers, as sharp as swords, and thrusted them forward mercilessly towards the Origins Dragon King.

He might not have activated his Heaven-Destroying Sword in the Spirit Sea, but as he thrusted forward with his fingers, the void space would instantly distort wherever he penetrated. Furthermore, the single point of distortion would expand continuously due to some unknown cause.

Lin Feng himself was still as mysterious and unpredictable as ever, but the point of distortion changed its appearance. The point with an indescribable form and indefinable location morphed into layers of chaotic void space. As it spread, the universe appeared and the dimensions of time and space resurfaced.

The flickering rays of light conjured by the Great Way of the Heavens and Earth in the Spirit Sea began gathering towards the tips of Lin Feng’s fingers, dissolving into brilliant sword radiance.

The mystifying and unpredictable sword radiance gathered the surrounding flow of light and thrusted towards the Origins Dragon King’s forehead. It looked as if the Great Way of the Spirit Sea had manifested as the sword in Lin Feng’s hand.

Lin Feng waved his hands and thrusted his sword forward, and the entire Spirit Sea shook. The boundless amounts of spiritual energy also gathered on the surface of the Great Way’s flowing light, morphing into a razor-sharp sword, slicing towards the Origins Dragon King.

The Origins Dragon King could only feel the inevitability of his fate. The sword radiance just looked like the single point on Lin Feng’s fingertips, but the surroundings were filled with completely pervasive and self-recovering sword Qi and sword will without a single gap.

The Origins Dragon King let out a long roar. Great amounts of golden Dragon Awe Auspicious Clouds surged forth from the openings between the scales covering his entire body, bursting with thousands of rays of golden radiance.

Luminous stars also burst from within, blending with the golden light to form a collective golden Heaven River which wrapped around his body.

The Origins Dragon King bounded into the air, his massive body dissolving into a ray of golden light. It sliced through the heavens without avoiding any obstacles, and headed straight for Lin Feng!

There was sword Qi everywhere, and so was Lin Feng’s omnipresence. Retreating now would only result in a relentless chase to certain death. Retaliating head-on might instead give him a slight chance of surviving, or at the very least, allow him not to die in vain.

The Origins Dragon King may have been secretly holding it in all these years, but in fact, he has always been hailed as the strongest demon of all the demon tribes in the Greater World ever since that War of the Two Worlds over four thousand years ago!

Despite similarly being in the Vipralopa Stage, the Heavenly Grand Sage of the Immemorial Ape Tribe, the Phoenix Grand Sage of the Phoenix Tribe, the Earth Dragon King of the Dragon Tribe, the Golden Cicada Grand Sage with his whereabouts unknown, and the late-blooming Heavenly Charms Grand Sage, were all no match for him!

During that time, only the rarely seen and untrackable Monkey could hold a candle to him.

After successfully completing the Second Tribulation of Destiny, the Origins Dragon King should have embarked on a new path with new prospects, and opened a new chapter for his future. But on the contrary, he has been dejected ever since he underwent the tribulation. He has been especially vexed since the previous War of the Two Worlds, and the biggest cause of his troubles was the person standing before him now.

The Origins Dragon King has to deal with him head-on. Enduring his frustrations any longer would really back him into a corner.

With an earth-shattering roar, the Origins Dragon King morphed into a ray of golden light and charged straight for Lin Feng, decimating all void space in its wake.

One could vaguely make out several lighted images amidst the golden radiance. There seemed to be another world hidden inside the light.

It was another Greater World! And it was a world that was not divided into the Divine Lands and the Barren Expanses!

As the creation process of the Greater World played out, rays of light resembling those conjured from the Great Way of the Heavens and Earth in the Spirit Sea began radiating and intersecting in the ancient flood, creating incredibly rich life energy rising from the primitive desolation. As time sped past, not knowing how much time actually passed yet not feeling long at all, water simply flowed its course and life began blooming amidst the barren landscape. There were strong lifeforms that could command the elements, and weak lifeforms that shrivelled as quickly as they appeared, but the entire world had become entirely different than before.

During this process, two formidable forces were born, like two rays of golden light intertwining and spiralling through the heavens.

They were two Celestial Dragons, the ancestors of the Dragon Tribe – the First Dragon Xuan Shang and the Ancestral Dragon Cang Ning!

The Origins Dragon King channeled his bodily energy to the extreme. Without the boost from the Black Sea, he entered another dangerously precarious situation and even exceeded the limits of his energy by a bit!

Lin Feng shook his head. “In the end, it’s still not the true power of the Greater World.”

As he swung his sword down, the boundless amounts of sword Qi and sword radiance released pierced the Origins Dragon King’s Greater World full of holes! And when the sword radiance swept up from the Spirit Sea’s light on Lin Feng’s fingertips actually made contact, the Greater World reflected in the light was split apart along with all other forms of existence within it.

The golden Heaven River swirling around the Origins Dragon King was abruptly destroyed, and the terrifying sword radiance landed on his body!

The protective rays of golden light encapsulated different Taoist principles, being mystifying and incomprehensible yet always shielding the Origins Dragon King’s body.

They contained the formidable Royal Bastille Curse Armor defense mechanism of the Bastille Black Dragons, the Yellow Dragons’ seemingly infinite amounts of magnificent demonic energy, the esoteric abhijina that the Azure Dragons to dispel their opponents’ mana, the incredible otherworldly Reality Distortion Spells of the White Jade Dragons, the time-controlling powers of the Candle Dragons, and so on …

Every principle and concept was enigmatic and mystifying on their own, but they became indistinguishable from the rest when they all fused together.

But in the next moment, something earth-shattering unfolded.

The sword radiance in Lin Feng’s strike also burst with infinite mysterious of the Great Way, and penetrated the all-conquering Royal Bastille Curse Armor!

The overwhelmingly majestic power countered the Origins Dragon King’s protective coat of light!

The concentrated energy withstood the assault of the Azure Dragon Flames!

It dispelled the Reality Distortion Spells and forcefully dragged the Origins Dragon King out of the illusion realm and back to the real world!

Following the flow of time, its confounding evolution of eternity dissolved the time-controlling abhijina of the Candle Dragons …

A single sword can conjure a thousand spells, but a single sword can also destroy a thousand spells. Whatever you throw at me, I’ll destroy them one by one. What other tricks can you play?

“Slash!” A shrill, ear-piercing noise reverberated through the void space. Golden dragon blood splattered through the void space, a gorgeous yet cruel sight accompanying the Origins Dragon King’s howls of pain.

A ray of black Celestial Light flashed across the sky abruptly and charged for Lin Feng. It was the Illusory Sun Hades’ Supreme Mystical Energy of Hades.

Although strictly speaking, he did not exactly have a good relationship with the Dragon Tribes, he had to take prompt action and aid the Origins Dragon King, otherwise he would be face Lin Feng’s wrath as well.

Lin Feng shot a glance at the Illusory Sun hades and waved at him.

A formless obstacle suddenly appeared on the black Celestial Light’s path of advance. As the Supreme Mystical Energy of Hades collided with the obstacle, it looked like a wave of water crashing onto a coral reef – the wave is broken up and the tide recedes while the coral does not budge at all.

As they gazed at Lin Feng, even the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage and the Emperor of the Dead’s expressions changed. They inhaled a deep breath and immediately joined forces to support the Origins Dragon King!

Where could they retreat to if they wanted to give up now? The Celestial Sect of Wonders dominated the Spirit Sea, and the situation in the Greater World was no longer the same as before.

The Heavenly Charms Grand Sage’s figure disappeared below the clouds. Great amounts of light radiated from within the clouds as the twelve shimmering light pillars gradually altered their appearances and vanished. In the end, only four light pillars remained, emanating far greater amounts of power than before.

The lighted figures of the four great demon tribes – the Kun Peng, the Xuanwu, the Immemorial Celestial Dragons and the Heavenly Demon Apes – appeared on the respective light pillars. The Twelve Sages Heavenly Revolving Formation suddenly evolved into the Earth-Shattering Revolving Formation and charged towards Lin Feng with infinite energy under the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage’s manipulation.

“Everything before us would become still.” The Emperor of the Dead let out a deep growl as three Life and Death Netherworld Dao Fruits flew out, offered up at the Netherworld Spiritual Altar and morphing into a black lightscreen, impeding and cutting off Lin Feng’s attack.

Lin Feng ignored this and gazed the Origins Dragon King without any worries. Out of nowhere, he cracked a faint smile, “Hm, seems like I’ve remembered it wrongly. The warning I gave you back then was not to step out of the Black Sea as long as I was in the Greater World. But now, I’m in the Spirit Sea, so I’m indeed not in the Greater World anymore.”

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