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Chapter 348 - Preparing to Visit Aunty Tang

Chapter 348 Preparing to Visit Aunty Tang

After hearing what she said, the three of them varied in their expressions.

They all stopped talking, and a sudden silence fell down upon them.

The whole room fell into a silence.

The three people even could not help but gradually hold their breath.

They listened intently!

But they failed to hear the charming voice upstairs as they had expected.

Feel it with their hearts.

They found that the atmosphere in the room was really vague.


Seeing the three people’s expression, the little guy rolled her big clear eyes and muttered, “I’m going to find PaPa and MaMa.”

Mengmeng realized that they were talking about PaPa and MaMa, who probably were playing games on the upstairs.

Mengmeng’s words broke the silence of the room. After the three of them looked at each other and found that they all just tried to listen to the voice, they burst into laughter.

Zhou Fei embraced Mengmeng quickly and said, “No, no, you can’t go up now. Come on, Aunty Feifei will play with you.”

“Well…” Zhang Li coughed, stood up and said, “I am going to turn off the heat.”

As she came to the kitchen and glanced at the pot, she said, “It turned out to be stewed sweet pear, which is almost done. Let me turn off the heat first.”


In the bedroom on the second floor.

The image in their mind did not appear, and Zhang Han just was pressing the acupoints with discipline.

However, the affair developed more and more ambiguous.

“Ahem.” Zhang Han lightly coughed, “I can’t find the acupoint accurately. What if I pull up your clothes?”


Zi Yan gave a bland response.

Since she was lying on her stomach, she slightly lifted her body at this point.

Zhang Han grinned, grabbed the underside of her T-shirt, and then lifted it up to Zi Yan’s neck.

Her entire back was exposed to Zhang Han.

Oh, no. There was still a bra.

Staring at her white tender skin, Zhang Han could not help but touch it with his palm.


Zi Yan felt numb and itchy at one time.

She also felt as if she had gotten a shock.

Her face became much redder.

Therefore, Zhang Han started to massage again.

Zi Yan found that his hands were very hot. After Zhang Han pressed for a few minutes, she felt the painful area became hot, and gradually, the pain disappeared.

Instead, a dubious atmosphere rose.

“What if I massage your entire back?”


“This is indeed a hindrance, and I will unclasp it first…”

Zhang Han said to himself and put his hands on the buckles.

One, two, three, four.


As he finished unbuckling, Zi Yan’s entire back was completely exposed to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han pressed his hands on it.

In the beginning, he just massaged.


He started to fondle her back.


The temperature of the air around seemed to increase.


Zi Yan turned around.

Her beautiful eyes seemed to be moist, and then she reached out her arms, throwing them around Zhang Han’s neck and kissing him.


An indescribable affair, lasting for a long time, was happening.

Another half an hour passed by.

Zhang Han, who still felt unsatisfied, waited for three minutes at the door. Then Zi Yan, with a ruddy complexion, came out.

Except for the daily kisses and hugs, they did not do anything else.

Zhang Li, Zhou Feng, and Mengmeng were in the room, therefore, even if Zi Yan, who was shy at ordinary times, became more courageous, she did not dare to directly…

“Let’s go, I cooked you stewed sweet pear. Have some first and then we will go to the mountain.” Zhang Han walked downstairs with Zi Yan, holding her hand.

“Well, you’re so sweet.” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han with a smile and said, “By the way, will you go to the movies at night with me?”

“Great, what kind of movies do you want to watch? I’ll buy the tickets later.” Zhang Han replied.

“I heard that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was on.”

“Well, let’s watch this film.” Zhang Han chuckled, and then he took out his mobile phone to book. He inquired about the movie schedule of the neighboring cinemas, only to find that the good seats were almost sold out.

So, he called Zhao Feng, asking him to book a screening room.

When they went downstairs and arrived at the exit…

Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, and Luo Qing all looked over.

They fixed their eyes on Zhang Han’s and Zi Yan’s faces and found Zi Yan’s face was ruddy, which was exactly what they had expected!

“Tut, tut, Elder Sister Yan, is brother-in-law so durable?” Zhou Fei said in a strange tone.

It took nearly an hour for them from going upstairs to going downstairs, and 40 minutes had passed since Luo Qing went up to see them.

“What do you mean?” Zi Yan somehow responded.

After finishing speaking and looking at Zhou Fei’s expression, she froze.

She suddenly reacted and blushed, then said in anger, “Stop talking nonsense. Your brother-in-law just gave me a massage.”

“I see, I see. You don’t have to explain, Elder Sister Yan. Ha, ha, ha, stroke while massaging…” Zhou Fei laughed and said.

Zhang Li and Luo Qing also burst out laughing.

“Huh? What’s wrong? How do you come down so late? Mengmeng is waiting in suspense.” Mengmeng said as she pouted.

“We’ll go now.” Zi Yan ignored Zhou Fei, and came over to pick up Mengmeng.

“Don’t you drink some first?” Zhang Han asked in the kitchen.

“I’ll taste it after coming back. Let’s go to the mountain first.” Zi Yan said.


Zhang Han nodded and walked out of the kitchen, taking the lead to go outside.

Zhang Han drove the panda car as usual, and then they arrived at Mount New Moon.

On catching sight of Mengmeng, Dahei and Little Hei became very happy, running around Mengmeng.

Dahei’s eyes also recovered, and now it was in high spirit.

If they observed carefully, they would find that its mouth was still oily.

If they looked more carefully, they could see some sheep-pig’s hair at the corners of its mouth.

It was apparent that it slaughtered a sheep-pig and enjoyed it after coming back.

As the saying went, “Now that the host allows me to eat whatever I want, I’m going to taste foreign pigs.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan accompanied Mengmeng, playing in the pet area on the back hill for a while. Then the two of them sat on the mat brought by Zi Yan and watched Mengmeng playing.

At this time, the happiness bubbled up into Zi Yan’s heart.

She and Zhang Han cuddled each other, leaning against Zhang Han’s shoulder and enjoying the quietness of this paradise.

“Oh, by the way,” Zi Yan raised her head and said while staring at Zhang Han. “The shooting will last about three days, and there will be a press conference on the fourth day. I will go to the mainland to shoot in the afternoon of the fifth day. Therefore, I can take you to drop around that morning.”

“Drop around? Where are we going?” Zhang Han asked curiously.

“We won’t go anywhere else. Just on the New Moon curve, not very far.” Zi Yan answered.

“Oh, okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Let’s visit Aunty Tang. I think that she will be scared as she sees you and Mengmeng.” Zi Yan said and grinned.

“Aunty Tang is your relative?” Seeing Zi Yan smiling, Zhang Han also asked with a smile.

“We’re not relatives, but we’re on good terms. She used to take care of me.” Zi Yan replied.

At this point, Zi Yan wanted to take Zhang Han to visit Hong Qitao’s family.

But Hong Qitao and other masters were pondering to visit Master Zhang of New Moon Bay.

In the living room of the No. 3 mansion.

Hong Qitao, Tang Jiayi, and Peak Strength Warrior Lin Shan were sitting together.

“Alas, I didn’t expect that even Master Leng failed to persuade Gu Chuanlong. He seemingly insists that Xiaoli and Nini should apologize to him in person.” Tang Jiayi put on an anxious expression and sighed.

“Now the most powerful man we can find is Master Leng. Since he has failed, who can we ask for help?” Hong Qitao was no longer calm, but took on a bitter face.

“Shall we try to ask the superiors of the National Security Agency for help?” Tang Jiayi said tentatively.

“I have tried, but they don’t want to get involved.” Hong Qitao said as he shook his head.

“What should we do? Do we eventually send them over?” Tang Jiayi said in anger.

“Of course not. I’ll contact other friends and cast about for a way to solve it.” Hong Qitao sighed.

“Brother Hong.”

At this moment, Lin Shan, who was sitting beside them, hesitated to say, “What if we contact Master Zhang of New Moon Bay?”

As soon as he finished his words, Hong Qitao’s eyes lit up. Then, however, he hesitated and said, “Master Zhang is awesome, but can he defeat Gu Chuanlong?”

“I have no idea.” Lin Shan shook his head and said, “But as far as the situation on that day is concerned, Master Gu did lose in that battle. Although he claimed that he did not do his best, we did not know whether it was true or not. However, Master Zhang’s strength is obvious. He defeated five masters within five movements, so I think he may be equal to Master Gu. Moreover, Master Gu also said that he would definitely take revenge in the future. I think this is also an opportunity. Now that they are bound to fight against each other, why don’t we ask Master Zhang for help to solve this problem in advance? If Master Zhang wins, we won’t have to be worried, if not, we can only find another way.”

“That’s right!” Hong Qitao’s eyes narrowed and he said, “It will be feasible to ask Master for help. Ah Shan, inquire about Master Zhang’s residence and we’ll visit him in tomorrow morning.”



On the other side, in a private mansion.

Jiang Zonghao was weak and was lying in the bed of a room, still feeling sore all over. He had been treated by a Heaven-stage Master with outstanding medical skills and used a lot of heavenly treasures, which were collected by himself for many years. They helped him recover in three days.

However, there was also bad news, like a bolt from the blue. After recovering, his cultivation would stagnate, at the peak of the Profound-stage, and it would be ten times more difficult than before if he wanted to be promoted again.

Jiang Zonghao’s mind was imbued with hatred. He had contacted a custodian of the National Security Agency, intending to punish Master Zhang.


Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and then a middle-aged man, with a square face, in his forties came in.

After seeing him, Jiang Zonghao said in a weak tone, “Custodian Nan, you should help me.”

“What do you mean?” The middle-aged man said plainly.

“Sanction Master Zhang.” Jiang Zonghao said with full expectation.

“Ha, ha, ha.”

The middle-aged man shook his head and chuckled.

Jiang Zonghao faintly did not feel good when he saw his behavior. In fact, he had promised to help him last time, but it seemed that he did not intend to offer his help this time.

He calmly said, “Your superior told me that you should adopt the policy of conciliation when you were on task, but the battle on Mount Yun Ding did take place. You’re the only person to blame. My superior also heard about what had happened, and he told me this matter should come to an end. If you want to take revenge, you should figure out a way by yourself.”

The instant he finished his words, Jiang Zonghao’s face changed over and over again.

“What does he mean?”

Under his gaze, the middle-aged man did not explain, but turned to leave.

When he walked to the door, he stopped and turned his head slightly. He looked at Jiang Zonghao from the corner of his eye and said the last word, “I still want to remind you that you’d better not provoke Master Zhang. You cannot afford to provoke him because of his identity!”

Then, he quietly left.


It seemed that a thunder burst in Jiang Zonghao’s heart.

His mind was filled with those words, “His identity.”

“You cannot afford to provoke him!”

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