Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Chapter 2467 - The Peaceful Times (2)

Chapter 2467: The Peaceful Times (2)

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Jun Wu Xie was soaking in warm water to relieve the aches and pain in her body. It was Jun Wu Xie’s first time being intimate and she was experiencing the after effects of it.

Suddenly, Jun Wu Yao’s figure appeared at her side and caused her to be momentarily distracted. She discovered that the expression on Jun Wu Yao’s face was unnaturally nervous, anxiety and worry flashed in his eyes.

Jun Wu Xie looked at him in puzzlement.

“Are you hurt?” Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie in worry. Last night, he went a bit out of control. Did he hurt her as he wasn’t able to control his carnal desires?

“No.” Jun Wu Xie shook her head as she didn’t think that her body had any injuries.

“You are not hurt? Then why are there traces of blood on the bed?” Jun Wu Yao was still distraught.

“…..” Jun Wu Xie’s face turned red in that moment, a pair of strained eyes looked away from him awkwardly.

“Exactly where did you hurt yourself? Let me see, I…. I lost control yesterday. Don’t worry about me feeling guilty. If you’re hurt, then we should get it treated immediately…” Jun Wu Yao was somewhat vexed as he obviously didn’t wish to hurt her, but why was he still so impetuous.

Jun Wu Xie completely made no sound, her body was almost completely submerged in warm water, leaving only the lips and above, her mouth making little bubbles on the water’s surface.

“Little Xie?” Since Jun Wu Yao didn’t receive a reply from Jun Wu Xie, he asked her again.

Jun Wu Xie mumbled, “Not injured.”

“Not injured?” Jun Wu Yao drew a blank.

“You are really an idiot.” Jun Wu Xie glanced at him, her eyes filled with contempt.

Jun Wu Yao was even more confused.

“Then what is going on?” Jun Wu Xie was still worried.

Jun Wu Xie waved Jun Wu Yao over, and he immediately leaned over.

With her wet hand reaching for his shoulders, her long wet hair spread behind her, Jun Wu Xie whispered softly into the ear of Jun Wu Yao.

Whispered words spread into Jun Wu Yao’s ear, and in that moment melted away his worries but replaced with a sense of ignorance.

Jun Wu Xie pushed him away once she finished whispering.

Although she was inexperienced, but as a doctor, she understood the human anatomy, and she knew that certain things happen. But this idiot, actually thought she was injured.

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes widened slightly as he looked at her, complicated emotions surged within his chest. After holding back for a bit, he asked “Then….. Will you bleed in the future?” This question held a bit of worry, and a bit of anxiety.

Jun Wu Xie gave him a supercilious look, “If you are gentle, then I won’t bleed.”

Jun Wu Yao’s expression became more complicated, he looked at Jun Wu Xie with a trace of apology in his eyes as he held her wet hand and kissed the corner of her lips.

“I’m sorry. Even though you are not injured, but because of me, in the future, I will…. Be gentle.”

Jun Wu Xie mumbled “You can control?” Last night with all its vividness of their love making, he did not once had the intention of being gentle. Even when she was whimpering out of breath he did not stop. If only she wasn’t confused and in a daze, she would have kicked him out of bed!

“I….. will try my best.” Jun Wu Yao, at this moment, did not dare to be strong-willed. At some points, even the will of the saint would collapse, he did not want to confirm.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at him and took her hand back as she said coldly, “I want to continue my bath.”

This was clearly an order.

Jun Wu Yao looked at his petite wife as he did not know whether to laugh or cry and reluctantly retreated from the bathroom.

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