Gate of God

Chapter 903: The Village of Fang Zhengzhi

Chapter 903: The Village of Fang Zhengzhi

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“Guys need to be courageous so they can protect the village?” Looking at Little Radish, the Demon soldiers could not help but laugh.

A boy who was not yet six years old had stood in front of the Demon soldiers and said he wanted to protect the village, how hilarious was that?

“Hahaha…” The Demon soldiers laughed their hearts out. They were more than happy to get entertained by the boy who looked like a radish head standing in front of them.

However, they did not have the time. Furthermore, as Demons, they would not be too merciful towards humans, especially since Little Radish had exposed their plans.

“Hmph, why are you laughing?” Upon seeing the Demon soldiers who were laughing their hearts out, Little Radish was slightly angry.

Then, he scurried over to the front of one of the Demon soldiers at an unimaginable speed and threw a punch to the Demon soldier with his small fists.

“Little Radish!”


Upon seeing this scene, every villager was completely stunned. Nobody had expected Little Radish to have the courage to attack the Demon soldiers.

However, how would a boy who was not yet six years old have the real capability to fight afainst the powerful Demon soldiers?

“Scram!” As a cold voice shouted, Little Radish was sent flying to the back by a kick and he landed heavily to the side.

“Village Chief, is the decision made by your village?” After kicking Little Radish, the Demon soldier casually tapped away the dirt on his shoes and looked at Zhang Yangping.

His plan was to let Zhang Yangping gather all the villagers. Therefore, before this was completed, he did not have the intention of killing Little Radish.

Furthermore, the Vice Domain Chief had ordered for all the villagers in the village to be buried alive. Since they were to be buried alive, there should not be too much bloodshed.

“Little Radish!”

“Little Radish, are you alright?”

A lady who looked extremely concerned dashed towards Little Radish and hugged him in her arms.

However, Little Radish shook his head and coughed violently. Then, he spat out a mouth of blood.

“Little Radish, where are you hurting? Quickly tell auntie, please don’t die!” The lady panicked upon seeing this scene.

“Auntie, I am fine, I am a guy… Cough cough, this minor injury won’t hurt me, I… I still have to protect the village. Brother Zhengzhi had said before… He said guys must be strong and cannot… cannot collapse easily, so I must stand… stand up!” After completing his sentence, Little Radish struggled to push the lady’s hands away and stood up with a face of courage. However, there were blood stains on the corner of his small mouth.

Meanwhile, the Demon soldier who had kicked Little Radish did not bother about him at all. He looked at the Village Chief Zhang Yangping and waited for a reply.

“So? Village Chief, do the villagers want to resist and die? Or cooperate with us and remain alive? The patience of our Vice Domain Chief is limited.”

“No, no… Sir, everyone except for the hunting team… no, everyone… everyone in our village is… is present.” The Village Chief knew about the plan of the Demon soldiers, but it was impossible for him to do anything. He could only hope for the best and cooperate. After all, he would try his best to delay.

“Hunting team?” Looking at the stuttering Zhang Yangping, the Demon soldier frowned and turned towards the back.

Soon, the Demon soldiers standing beside the Vice Domain Chief nodded their heads and gave a hand sign that showed “23”.

Village Chief Zhang Yangping also saw the hand sign. Although he did not understand what exactly the Demon soldiers were talking about, he was extremely affected by the hand sign of 23.


Why 23?

“My son… Li’er!!!” Village Chief Zhang Yangping’s pale face turned green instantly. He shuddered and knelt down on the ground.

That was because the sum of the number of people who had participated in the hunt on the Cang Ling Mountain and their family members summed up to 23 exactly.

Most importantly…

His son, Zhang Li, the current vice team leader of the hunting team, was also included.

“Brother Yangping!” A deep voice was heard. Following that, a figure pushed the crowd aside and dashed towards Village Chief Zhang Yangping.

It was none other than Fang Houde!

“Father of my son…” Qin Xuelian also dashed out uncontrollably when Fang Houde did and ran towards Fang House.

However, when she dashed out and saw the Demon soldiers standing in front of her as well as their black armors, her expression completely changed.

The Vice Domain Chief ignored all of these. He raised his head towards the sky and waved his hand impatiently.

The Demon soldiers at the front complied with his order quickly.

“Alright, stop crying, we are not trying to invade your land. We are only trying to retrieve some of the treasures that belonged to the Demon race. If the villagers had not resisted, we would not have attacked.”

“Treasure?” The villagers looked at each other and did not understand what the Demon soldier meant.

“Hmm, you all would not understand even if I explained. Basically, one of our treasures is buried underground in your village. If you cooperate and help us get it out, we will let you off.”

“Do you think we are stupid? There’s no such treasure in the village!” The villages responded quickly upon hearing this.

They could not be certain about other things but they were very certain that the Northern Mountain Village definitely did not have any treasures.

That was because five to six years ago when Fang Zhengzhi had discovered strange phenomenons, he took something called the ‘compass’ and walked around the Northern Mountain Village.

Then, he started to preach to the villagers that there could be a historical graveyard underground.

Although Fang Zhengzhi was only twelve years old, he had an exceptional status in the Northern Mountain Village. His right to speak had already surpassed that of Village Chief Zhang Yangping.

Although the villagers did not believe him, after the passionate preaching and encouragement given by Fang Zhengzhi, they began to take action.


There was no ‘then’.

For six months, the village was turned upside down and yet nothing was found.

In response to this cruel reality, Fang Zhengzhi was not too surprised. He only looked up to the sky and sighed to himself, “The gift of Brother is indeed not here.”

Afterwards, Fang Zhengzhi smashed the ‘compass’ and began studying like he did in the past. Although the villagers were rather speechless and indignant, they suffered in silence.

Therefore, the villagers would believe anything the Demon soldiers had said except for the claim that there was a treasure underground.

“Why? Do you not believe?” The Demon soldiers were surprised as after all, they thought the villagers were extremely naive.

“Absolutely not!” The villagers affirmed without giving any thoughts.

“…” After seeing the determination on the villagers’ faces, the Demon soldiers were unable to make any more comments.

“Stop wasting time with this bunch of villagers!” Another Demon soldier stood out and glanced at the villagers with a cold gaze. “You have two choices. Follow our orders and dig, or die now, choose for yourselves!”

“Little Radish will not give in, Little Radish will protect the village!” The young voice was heard as a figure stood up again.

His frame was not huge and he did not even reach the waist of the Demon soldiers when he stood upright. However, there was an extraordinary determination in his big black eyes.

“Little Radish!”

“No, Little Radish, come back now!”

The villagers’ voice was heard again. The lady dashed towards Little Radish and tried to get him back once again.

However, the Demon soldier had already drawn his sword.

Clang! The long sword turned into a chilling sword light and stabbed at Little Radish;s throat.

After being disrupted by a boy who was not even six years old, the Demon soldiers had ran out of patience. They did not show any mercy and attacked him.

“Little Radish!” Looking at this scene, every single villager’s eyes were bloodshot. They hated their incapability.

However, Little Radish was not fearful at all.

He clenched his small fists. Without moving at all, he stared quietly at the long sword that was directed at him and raised his chest.

Ding! A crisp sound was heard and the long sword stopped in front of Little Radish. Then, cracks appeared on the long sword and in a second, the long sword broke apart.

Meanwhile, a figure zoomed past the Demon soldiers’ heads. Like a stream of light, it dashed towards the Vice Domain Chief who was sitting behind the green-scaled beast.

“Erm?! Rebirth State!” The Vice Domain Chief of the Demon Race widened his eyes. He saw the actions of the figure clearly. It had only made one strike since the start.

However, this one strike had shattered the long sword in the Demon soldier’s hand. After that, it penetrated the Demon Eye on the Demon soldier’s forehead and was aimed at the Vice Domain Chief.

As the Vice Domain Chief of the Demon Race, he had always been extremely cautious.

However, he was still rather surprised by the fact that there was a powerful person in the small village.

Furthermore, the presence of this powerful individual was not known to the villagers. Throughout the entire process, the villagers had almost given up on hope. However, none of them looked at the figure hidden within the crowd.

“Watch out, Sir!”

“Protect Sir!”

The Demon soldiers were astonished.

The expression on the face of the Vice Domain Chief of the Demon Race also changed completely. He instinctively reached out for his long sword but it was too late.

The strike was too fast and too sudden.

Left with no other choice, the Vice Domain Chief of the Demon Race could only leap to the back. Meanwhile, he covered his Demon Eye with one hand.

Crack! An arm was severed from the body and blood splattered through the sky. This entire process happened so quickly that it only lasted for the duration of a few breaths.

Furthermore, the sword did not stop there and continued to stab towards the Demon Eye of the Vice Domain Chief. It moved as quickly as the meteor from the sky.

At this moment, the green-scaled beast the Vice Domain Chief had been sitting on moved.

Roar! With a growl that sent a tremor throughout the forest, he slapped the approaching figure with his two sharp claws.

Boom! The figure retreated.

Meanwhile, the Vice Domain Chief of the Demon Race rolled towards the side. His left arm was severed and there was a large pool of blood on the ground.

The green-scaled beast moved again and stood in front of the Vice Domain Chief of the Demon Race. his two red eyes were flaming and he let out a deep growl.

“Who are you, how is it possible for there to be someone as powerful as you in the village?” The eyes of the Vice Domain Chief of the Demon Race were bloodshot and he was in agony.

The surrounding Demon soldiers also stood in front of the Vice Domain Chief quickly and pulled out their black longbows.

This happened very quickly.

Apart from the troop of Demon soldiers who protected the Vice Domain Chief, hundreds of Demon soldiers had also surrounded the figure standing ahead of him.

“It is Miss Qing Yi!”

“Isn’t Miss Qing Yi the servant whom Zhengzhi told to stay back to take care of the Fang family? How is she… so powerful, she could even kill the Demon soldiers!”

After having a clear sight of the figure, every single villager was extremely shocked. That was because Qing Yi’s presence was so insignificant in the Northern Mountain Village.

She looked ordinary and the way she did things was also ordinary. She rarely communicated with the villagers. Apart from knowing that she was a servant for Fang Houde and Qin Xuelian, the villagers had absolutely no knowledge about her.

Yet this servant…

Managed to kill a Demon soldier so easily and severed the arm of the Vice Domain Chief of the Demon soldiers. This stunned the villagers.

“Qing Yi?” After hearing the villagers’ words, the gaze of the Vice Domain Chief of the Demon Race became more cold. He smiled coldly as he looked at the lady dressed in plain villager clothes. “A powerful individual of the Rebirth State, what a surprise. Looks like this village is not so simple, there is a teaching Mister, a renowned college and now, a hidden ace. Tsk tsk tsk, if I am not wrong, this must be Fang Zhengzhi’s village?”

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