Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Chapter 516

Chapter 516: All The Hustle And Bustle In The World Is Only For Fortune

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Seeing the bearded man walking towards him, a strange smile appeared on Bei Feng’s face.

Lu Bu looked at the bearded fellow storming towards the Family Head, and chuckled in his heart. ‘There’s a path to heaven, but you refuse to tread it; there’s no way to the gates of hell, yet you insist on barging in.’

“The two of you, since we’ve escorted you here safely, you naturally need to pay the corresponding price. Give me your spatial rings.”

The bearded man scowled at them. He was not in a mood to put on fake expressions with the two, and directly stated his demands.

“Keke, this Han Tuo is so domineering.”

“Those two are in tough luck, huh. That Han Tuo fellow is a well-known troublemaker.”

“Ha, that Han Tuo can only bully people who are weaker than him. Keke, let him try that on our team! See if we don’t break his legs.”

Numerous cultivators turned their eyes, and looked in their direction as they discussed gloatingly.

Han Tuo naturally also heard those words. However, he endured their comments as his face glowed red. He was much weaker compared to those people.

“You want my spatial ring?” Bei Feng asked with a smile, his tone calm and light.

“Hand it over, and I’ll leave you a path to live.” Han Tuo furrowed his brows. This fellow was really ignorant of the situation.

“Sure, take it.”

Bei Feng took off the spatial ring on his finger and tossed it to Han Tuo.

“F*ck! Tere’s actually such a dumb cultivator!?”

“That’s probably a young master from a small family who’d come out to see the world? Han Tuo’s strength was too great for him, so he grew frightened.”

“Should he be called cowardly or adaptable?”

The bunch of cultivators were all watching the show and guessing how Bei Feng would handle Han Tuo, but no one would have expected that he would be so decisive.

“???” Han Tuo.

Han Tuo was also completely stupefied. He thought that this person would not be able to let go of his pride, and would at least say a few harsh words to criticize him in front of everyone, but as he looked at the spatial ring in his hand, he could not help but to feel a bit stunned. “When did robbing someone become so easy?”

Bei Feng looked calmly at the stupefied Han Tuo, and said leisurely, “I’ve given you my spatial ring, but it’s time for you to give me your life in exchange.”

Han Tuo was unable to react to Bei Feng’s words in that moment, and he stammered out with disbelief, “What kind of jok— you dare!”

“Eagle Bear Strike!”

Bei Feng did not hesitate, and after finishing his sentence, he immediately attacked. In an instant, his muscles reared up like a powerful dragon!

An impact rang out as he punched the other with a Giant Bear and a Sky Splitting Eagle wrapped around his fist. Space itself seemed to have solidified around the fist.

Han Tuo’s reputation was not undeserved, either; his body shook and his bones rang as he forcefully received Bei Feng’s punch!

Bei Feng did not pay any attention to him as his fist directly tore a spatial rift open!

Han Tuo roared heavily, “Seeking death!”

He had originally intended to let this fellow go, but who would have thought that he would attack first!


“Actually daring to fight back? He should have just gone and accepted his death obediently!”

Han Tuo’s teammates were not the kind of honorable people who believed in fair fights. Without any hesitation, they directly attacked.


A loud sword keen rang out as Lu Bu’s figure appeared before the rest.

“Interesting, they actually started fighting.”

“Just take it as watching an entertaining show. If there’s no victor within five minutes, let’s just kill them all for wasting our time.”

The leaders of a few other teams were gathered together and talking casually among themselves.

Han Tuo carried a faint smile on his face as he charged forward. A mere primary stage Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer kid dared to bare his fangs against him? Did this kid really think he was a soft persimmon just because he was bullied by the other leaders?


Two attacks collided together, and a powerful shock wave surged out in all directions.

Han Tuo was forced several steps backwards, while his arm went somewhat numb. However, he did not stop. Instead, with a stamp of his foot, he shot towards Bei Feng with greater speed than before!

Bei Feng was similarly unafraid as he stood on the spot like a nail, using his powerful body to resist the opposing force. After that, he charged back into the fray!

The two clashed together again, and numerous arm afterimages appeared in the air, like an incarnation of the thousand hands buddha.

On the other side, Lu Bu was in a somewhat miserable state. One person fighting against 17. Or perhaps, it should be called 17 people beating up one.

Although the strongest out of this group was only at the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer late stage, it was still difficult to hold back so many people!


Bei Feng extended a leg out, swiftly kicking away Han Tuo’s half-extended foot. His left hand grabbed tightly onto Han Tuo’s palm, and his right hand stabbed a finger into Han Tuo’s forehead like a sword!

Numerous layers of blood Qi gushed like the ocean’s wave into Han Tuo’s sea of consciousness, turning his brains into mush.

“If you must blame someone, just blame yourself for being too weak.”

Bei Feng looked at the dead Han Tuo at his feet, and at the injury on his left hand. He shook his arm casually, and as his blood Qi flowed into it, the bruise began to dissipate.

Bei Feng’s cultivation was not stronger than Han Tuo’s, but the strength of his body exceeded the latter’s by a large amount. He simply took one of Han Tuo’s strike forcefully, and dealt the killing blow before Han Tuo could react.

“Eh? Han Tuo actually died.”

“This is what it means to be chasing after wild geese everyday only to be pecked in the eye by the geese.”

“Keke, Han Tuo thought that he was bullying a harmless little animal, but it turns out that the other is actually a ferocious hungry wolf!”

The group of cultivators who were all watching the show at the side all gasped with surprise. No one had expected that the situation would change so quickly.

Bei Feng waved his hand, and Han Tuo’s spatial ring floated into his hand. His powerful mental power instantly wiped away Han Tuo’s mental imprint.

A 30-meter-big space instantly appeared in Bei Feng’s perception. “Although this ring is much inferior to my old one, it’ll do for now,” Bei Feng muttered.

After taking a brief glance over the items in the ring, he shook his head with disappointment. The over 600 Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer Demonic Cores were still passable, but the other items were complete garbage.

Not bothering to take a closer look, Bei Feng’s body flashed as he appeared behind Lu Bu.

“Giant Bear Strike!”

“Heavenly Sky Wings!”

Bei Feng was like a man taking a stroll through the crowd. Punch after punch was thrown out, and each time he punched out, a cultivator would be killed!

In just a brief moment, Lu Bu and Bei Feng had killed their way through over 15 cultivators.

The last two felt their legs grow weak as they exchanged a glance. Suddenly, one person shouted, “Split up and run!”

“Can you run?” Bei Feng shook his head as he blasted Eagle Crumbling Mountains and Rivers at the two!

A fully black 10 meters tall Sky Splitting Eagle manifestation appeared, its wing spanning tens of meters. A howling wind swept out, instantly appearing behind the two escaping cultivators. The eagle’s sharp wings glowed with a golden light as they grabbed towards them!

When they heard the commotion behind them, not only did they not turn around to block the strike, their speed rocketed forward by another level.


Two crisp sounds rang out as if something had been shattered.

“Murder and arson is still the most profitable, huh.” Bei Feng played with the five spatial rings in his hand and laughed.

“Choose one and keep it.”

Bei Feng stretched out his palm to Lu Bu.

Lu Bu did not pretend to decline; without even looking, he picked a ring at random.

Bei Feng took out 300 Demonic Cores from Han Tuo’s spatial ring, and brought Lu Bu to the leaders of the other teams, handing them over nonchalantly.

The Demonic Cores had reached a sufficient amount, and after receiving them, the old man directly kept the Demonic Cores, and took out all kinds of materials as he laid out a formation. The formation stirred up a large amount of mist, which blocked even the mental power of the crowd.

Everyone only felt the awesome power from the formation, but inside the mist, the old man was actually smiling from ear to ear as he kept all the Demonic Cores into his spatial ring.

A red ripple soon appeared around the mountain, and a door wide enough for 10 people to enter opened. The group of cultivators no longer hesitated, and they rushed inside quickly.

Bei Feng faced Lu Bu. Before disappearing into the distance, he said, “I won’t be going in; if you get seperated, just wait for me at the mountain gorge from before.”

What he was after was the Celestial Emperor Bamboo, and not weapons. As Lu Bu watched Bei Feng’s back, he swore deeply in his heart that he had to grow stronger! This kind of feeling was too unbearable.

Bei Feng rushed towards the mountain in the middle. As the saying went, a horse ran itself to death by setting its sight on the mountain that seemed close by. Even with Bei Feng’s speed, he still used over an hour to reach the foot of the mountain.

Seeing the large numbers of dead or injured gangster rabbits and human cultivators on the ground, Bei Feng loosed a sigh of relief. His only fear was that he would have come too late. However, judging from the scene here, he was not late.

The faint cries of battle could be heard further up the mountain. Bei Feng did not hesitate anymore as he rushed up the mountain rapidly.

The further he went, the more dead gangster rabbits he found. In contrast, the human cultivators had lost far fewer in numbers.

Perhaps it was because most of the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer gangster rabbits had been killed on the outside, but Bei Feng mostly saw Hundred Year realm Second or Third Layer gangster rabbits here. Only a few were at the Fourth Layer.

“Kill! Kill all these damned rabbits, and the lucky opportunity shall be ours!”

“Such a large spirit herb field, what rights do these lowly Demonic Beasts have to occupy it!”

“Heaven Star Fruit, Black Dragon Root, Mystic Luck Flower, these are all incredibly valuable spirit herbs!”

Halfway up the mountain, Bei Feng finally caught up to the group of cultivators in front.

The first thing he smelled when he got near was the thick fragrance of herbs, followed by the stench of blood.

Thousands of gangster rabbits were guarding a large patch of spirit herbs. Their eyes were red, and they refused to budge even a single step. Without a care for their lives, they descended into a fierce melee with the three, four hundred cultivators.

Every moment, there would be Demonic Beasts and humans falling to the ground. Indeed, all the hustle and striving in the world was only for the sake of wealth!

This group of gangster rabbits was all at the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer. This was also the reason why the cultivators were unable to continue forward.

“They can’t hold on,” Bei Feng muttered as he watched the cultivators forge forward madly. The gangster rabbits fell back repeatedly, unable to withstand the onslaught.

The gangster rabbits’ casualties were heavy, and after leaving behind over 700 bodies, they were forced to flee towards the mountain peak.

The cultivators seemed as if they’d been shot with chicken blood as they rushed into the medicinal garden. Without even pausing to regulate their blood Qi, they began to grab and dig out the spirit herbs madly.

Every stalk of spirit herb they dug up would be greeted with gasps of disbelief. In just a few minutes, the entire patch of green medicinal garden was reduced to shambles.

Shui Yuntian stood calmly on a vantage point. A group of black-robed men stood behind him. Seeing the bunch of cultivators below scrambling for the spirit herbs below, he suddenly opened his mouth and asked as if he was talking to himself, “Why aren’t you going forward to pick the spirit herbs? Some of those are beneficial to even Thousand Year King realm experts.”

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