Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort

Chapter 1388 - The Inheritance (1)


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Wen Ya turned very pale in the face. She immediately lowered her eyelids, concealing the cold light within her gaze.

“Senior Brother Yun Yan, I understand. I can guarantee that I’ll never do this again.”

Upon hearing this, Yun Yan’s expression softened, “Alright, you may leave.”

Wen Ya took a deep breath upon hearing Yun Yan’s words. She then slowly left without another word. However, when she closed the door, her graceful and beautiful expression turned horrifyingly sinister.

In the room, Yun Yan stared at Wen Ya’s departing figure and entered into deep thought.

“This Wen Ya is not like anyone else!” He exclaimed after a long pause. “She could still manage to explain herself so calmly after I had chastised her, not many would have such wisdom! I want you to go pay Gu Ruoyun a visit now and inform her of this matter so that she can be aware that this had happened.”

“Yes, Senior Brother Yun Yan.”

After hearing Yun Yan’s instructions, the disciple by his side joined his fists in respect. His expression was filled with reverence.

Gu Ruoyun was seated cross-legged with her eyes closed in her room. A faint spiritual energy circulated around her body, expanding and contracting according to her pores before being absorbed into her being.

Suddenly, a knock on the door disturbed the peace and quiet of the room, snapping her out from her cultivation state.

“Come in.”

Gu Ruoyun replied calmly. The room’s door was then pushed open and a Secret Order disciple walked in. He joined his fists in reverence and said, “Lady Gu, I’ve come here under Senior Brother Yun Yan’s orders to provide you with some information.”

“What is it?” Gu Ruoyun paused and asked.

“Lady Gu, Wen Ya had visited Senior Brother Yun Yan and tried to manipulate him into attacking you. Senior Brother was able to see right through her schemes. Even so, Senior Brother asked me to report this to you and asked you to be more careful in case you end up falling into danger.”

After the Secret Order disciple had conveyed his message, a small smile formed on Gu Ruoyun’s face, “I understand.”

Wen Ya?

Looks like she still can’t get rid of her inclination to destroy me despite after contracting my poison.

However, I want to make the Wen family pay so I need to eliminate the entire Wen family in one stroke. Hence, it’s not the time for me to go up against the Wen Ya yet.

However, if Wen Ya really insists on attacking me time and time again, I’ll have to kill Wen Ya even if I end up alerting the enemy!

“Lady Gu, I’ve completed the task which Senior Brother Yun Yan has given me so I should take my leave now,” said the Secret Order disciple with a joined fist.

Gu Ruoyun nodded. The Secret Order disciple then slowly withdrew and closed the door to Gu Ruoyun’s room as he left.


A childish voice rang out from Gu Ruoyun’s side. She then saw the little Vermillion Bird who had appeared out of thin air by her side. Her adorable face was filled with rage, “I’m going to slaughter Wen Ya.”

Gu Ruoyun smiled and replied faintly, “I’ve already poisoned Wen Ya so she can’t create too much trouble. Now, the most important thing is the inheritance. Once I’ve accepted the inheritance, I can search for Xiao Ye and Big Brother.”

Gu Ruoyun had never considered Wen Ya as her rival from the very beginning. To her, Wen Ya was an insignificant figure so how could she be compared with the inheritance?

She smiled bitterly at the thought of this as her cool eyes turned towards the blue sky outside her window. “I don’t know where Big Brother and Xiao Ye are right now, either,” she murmured.

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