Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 723 - Why So Innocent

Chapter 723: Why So Innocent

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Han Qiqing hooked her arms around her neck and chuckled. “The same thing that you have done with Ye Sijue. You two did it, right? Stop being embarrassed. We’re all sisters. Share with me.”

Although she knew what sex was, she had never experienced it! So she really wanted to know what it felt like, alright?

“What I did with Ye Sijue…” Mo Xiaomeng was startled. “We only kissed each other.”

“Ah?” Han Qiqing couldn’t believe it. “You two only kissed? For real?”

Mo Xiaomeng nodded. “For real.”

Han Qiqing said uncomprehendingly, “Xiaomeng, aren’t you an American? Aren’t you more open-minded about these things? When I watch those American dramas, the men and women start rolling in the sheets the moment they catch each other’s fancies. Why are you so innocent?”

Mu Xiaoxiao nudged her, rolling her eyes at her as she said, “Don’t tell Xiaomeng these things!”

“What’s the problem? At this age, it is time that we should understand the physiology of these things.” Han Qiqing said forcibly out of a sense of righteousness. Actually, she was also a layman. She only learned about these from novels and never experienced it first hand.

Mu Xiaoxiao laughed, “Qiqing, you seem very eager to experience it yourself. Are you that… thirsty?”

“Who’s thirsty! I’m just… curious! I’m only curious! We’re not elementary school students anymore. We’ll be adults in a few years. It’s only normal to be curious about these things.” Han Qiqing quickly defending herself.

Mo Xiaomeng asked curiously, “Qiqing, do you have any boys you like?”

“Yes,” Han Qiqing answered very naturally.

Mo Xiaomeng’s eyes lit up, smiling sweetly as she asked. “Is it Song Shijun? Are you two together?”

Han Qiqing almost choked on her saliva. “How could it be him! I like another person, but unfortunately he didn’t come today.”

She felt gloomy upon being reminded of this.

Lu Yichen was already in Year Three. She thought she could come to the autumn outing with him and create wonderful memories together.

Mo Xiaomeng said regretfully, “I see that Song Shijun seems to like you very much. and he treats you well. I thought you two were a pair…”

“Who’s a pair with him! I’m telling you. The person that I like, is excellent, a hundred times better than Song Shijun!”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded.

But upon thinking about it, she still defended Song Shijun, “Qiqing, don’t talk about Shijun like that. Shijun has his merits. To say more accurately… they both have their merits!”

Mo Xiaomeng nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I think he is pretty good.”

Within the group, Han Qiqing was closest to Song Shijun. Han Qiqing certainly knew what kind of person Song Shijun was. Though she spoke about him in distaste, it was only a habit of joking about him.

After all, Song Shijun was the mayor’s son. Although he always appears to not be serious, he wasn’t a superficial person. It was only that his merits tended to be overshadowed by Yin Shaojie.

Han Qiqing waved her hand and said, “Okay okay. Let’s not talk about him. Back to the topic. Xiaoxiao, you and Yin Shaojie…”

Hearing her circling back to the topic, Mu Xiaoxiao was getting a headache, and she quickly tried to escape.

“Aiyoh! I’m hungry. I wonder if they are done. I want to eat barbecue soon…”

“Don’t try to escape!”

The three girls chatted happily on the large rock and almost slipped from the rock several times but they still continued laughing about it. Then, the three boys saw them.

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