Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 17: Being caught

Chapter 17: Being caught

Freshly cooked meat buns, three copper for one, six copper for two.

Chen Ning and Xiao Ru had one each. Eating it made their eyebrows raise.

There was fragrant stuffed pork meat and there was lot of meat with little dough. As soon as they bit into it, oil began to flow and it was incomparably fragrant.

“Young miss, this really is the most delicious meat bun I’ve ever had.” Xiao Ru finished the last bite of her meat bun and licked the oil on her fingers.

“Xiao Ru, you can relax. From now on, I’ll let you eat things that are even more delicious than this meat bun everyday.”

Chen Ning used the napkins give to wipe her hands and confidently said these brave words.

Although her pocket was completely empty, she still believed that with her photographic memories, she would be an empty handed white wolf as she ruthlessly earned her fortune!

She already had a preliminary plan and now that she was full, it was time to begin.

Chen Ning got up from the stone she was sitting on. She patted her skirt and turned to beckon Xiao Ru.

“Xiao Ru, let’s go……”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly felt a pain in the back of her head as if something had just hit her.

What happened?

Her vision turned dark and her body trembled, then she fell onto the ground as she lost consciousness.

“Young miss!”

Right as Xiao Ru cried out, she was also knocked out.

A few men came out from who knows where holding sticks. They opened some sacks and stuffed Chen Ning and Xiao Ru lying on the ground into the sacks. They stuffed them into a carriage and drove off.

The whole process was very clean and did not leave any evidence.

Right as the horse carriage turned around the corner, the blue clothed youth Xiao Si had just arrived.

“Yi, where are they?”

He stared at the empty alley and was stunned.

How strange, why was there no one here?

He had clearly see the two girls buy the buns and come into this alley. How did they disappear in the blink of an eye?

Don’t tell me that they escaped into the sky!

Xiao Si scratched the back of his head as he confusedly looked on.


My head hurts…….

Chen Ning quietly woke up and could only feel the pain on the back of her head. She reached out to touch it and could feel that it was swollen.

Dammit, they had been sneak attacked!

The first person she thought of was Xiao Ru.

She stood up and immediately saw Xiao Ru. She was lying in a pile of grass in front of her with her eyes closed, clearly unconscious.

“Xiao Ru, Xiao Ru!” She called twice, but Xiao Ru still didn’t open her eyes. But hearing her calm breathing, her heart finally calmed down.

The air was filled with a musty smell.

Chen Ning surveyed their surroundings.

This was a simply arranged wooden shed. There was a pile of firewood and there was a rotten bed in the corner.

How familiar.

Chen Ning’s lips drew back and revealing a faint smile.

She recognized that bed and this wooden shed.

When she had crossed over, she had woken up in this room and in this very bed.

“I never thought that even after escaping, I would still be unable to escape Chu Shao Yang’s grasps.” Chen Ning frowned as she spoke to herself.

She now realized that the people who had knocked them out, they had to be people sent by Chu Shao Yang.

She never thought that this fellow would have this much influence. She had really underestimated him.

She had just escaped the king’s palace and he had already sent people to chase after her.

Since he used such a brutal method to bring her back, it seems like he wasn’t prepared to let her go.

Only, what kind of methods would he use to deal with her?

Chen Ning remembered Chu Shao Yang’s expression in the wedding hall and his look filled with hate. She suddenly felt a chill pass through her body!

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