Dominating Sword Immortal

554 The Ex-Lover

"Is this the first girlfriend that Mister Murong had mentioned before?"

Ye Chen started to examine these two ladies. It was very easy to tell who Murong Qingcheng's mother was, since she gave birth to her, and they would look alike regardless whether it was their appearance or aura. It would be something that could not be hidden. After knowing who Murong Qingcheng's mother was, it would not be hard to figure out who the other person was.

Su Ruhui had noticed Murong Zhishui's expression. She made a slight unnoticeable face, but she did not say anything. Instead, she stood on the side and chatted with Murong Qingcheng quietly.

"After all those years, are you alright?"

In the last thirty years, Murong Zhishui had been waiting to say this for the longest time. Today, he finally had the opportunity to say so. He did not know why, but the second he laid his eyes on her, he did not even think to say it and it just kind of happened naturally.

The lady thought for a bit before nodding slightly.

A forced smile appeared on Murong Zhishui's face, "Alright, as long as you are doing well, I will not have any regrets. After separating from you, I was living in hell until Ruhui walked into my life."

Hearing Murong Zhishui mention herself, Su Ruhui was quite happy, but she pretended that she had heard nothing and continued talking to Murong Qingcheng. However, she was paying more attention to the conversation now.

Hearing what he had just said, Yan Xiner was not happy for a split moment. Even though it was quite unnoticeable, it still caught Ye Chen's attention. He could see the dissatisfaction, jealousy, and anger, which was polar opposite of how she portrayed herself.

Glancing at Murong Zhishui, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'Mister, your first love might have changed drastically by now.'

"Sister in law, this is your future relative. She's named Murong Qingcheng." Right then, Yuwen Jin opened up again. The reason he called her his sister in law was because Yan Xiner had married to his second brother, Yuwen Xiong, who was currently out for business and not in town. He could not come back until three months from now, which was the planned wedding date for Yuwen Ye but had been pushed earlier.

Yan Xiner looked away from Murong Zhishui toward Murong Qingchen, who was standing just right next to Su Ruhui. A surprised and impressed expression flashed past her face. It was her first time seeing Muorng Qingcheng, but she had to admit that this girl's appearance and aura was extremely rare in this world. Obviously, there would be just as pretty ones, but as for the ones who had a beauty that exceeded her, she had never seen one before. Perhaps, the Mysterious Queen could win against her, but the former was still a Life and Death Realm warrior after all.

It was indeed Zhishui and her daughter!

Yan Xiner bit on her lips for a second and laughed, "Big brother in law, Ye is indeed lucky to have managed to find such a beautiful wife! Only with Yuwen Ye could they be the best-looking couple. I, as the second aunt in law, I will be happy for him. Oh right, why isn't the wedding continuing?"

Yuwen Jin glanced at Murong Zhishui, "Someone rejected the marriage, and there is nothing I can do now. Ye and Hao'er have both been wounded. They are still in a coma right now."

"What! Who dares to wound Ye and Hao'er!" Yan Xiner flicked her eyebrows.

"It is indeed me." There was no need for Ye Chen to wait for the response, so he admitted it without a hesitation.

Yan Xiner glanced once at Ye Chen, "Do you know? The members of the demi demon family will not marry anyone outside the family. Therefore, nothing can happen between you and her. Just let go of it now, then we can all walk away with no real harm done. There is no need of breaking up a couple, you know?"

"Whether they were a couple or not, you should be quite clear about it. If they were an actual couple, then no one would be able to break them apart. If not, then they would not need me to do the breaking. All I have done is something I thought was right to do. The ones who should stop making things worse would have to be the Yuwen family."

Yan Xiner said lightly, "There is no perfect couple. There is bound to be a process of learning about each other. They both have the perfect bloodline, so they will be attracted to each other in no time. Of course, it would be under the condition that you are not here to mess things up."

Ye Chen could not help but chuckle out loud. This woman in front of him was so full of herself. "So, with your logic, being one man and one woman, they are a couple? So, if you break up a wife and husband, and force one of them to be with another person of the opposite sex, then would they also be a couple? What you have just said does not mean anything at all. You might as well have not said it."

"You are quite good at talking, I see...But, you seemed to forget that they had been engaged two years ago. So, you are definitely the outsider."

Ye Chen looked at Murong Zhishui and continued to say, "This marriage was decided by the Yuwen family. I don't think you do not know about it, so I will not explain further."

Yan Xiner took a deep breath. She had realized that she might have underestimated this young man in front of her. He seemed to be more complicated to handle than how he looked; he sounded so calm yet so sharp.

Turning to look at Murong Zhishui, Yan Xiner frowned slightly, "Are you still mad at what happened back in the days? The past is in the past. No matter what you do, it will not come back. If you do not want your daughter to marry into the Yuwen family just because of that reason, you do not have to make a point anymore."

Murong Zhishui looked a bit surprised. He did not believe that it had just come out of Yan Xiner's mouth. Vaguely, he seemed to understand something as he said, "I will not joke around with my daughter's life. If my daughter and the guy from the Yuwen family were actually happy together, I would not have said anything, and would agree with the marriage right in the beginning. But, if she was forced, then I, as the father, cannot do nothing."

"You really think so?" Yan Xiner did not believe him at all.

Murong Zhishui said with clear eyes, "Naturally."

"Are you still mad about what happened back in the days?"

"Of course, I am not happy about it. But that kind of emotion has already faded away many years ago. Just like what you have just said, what has passed is already in the past. No matter what I do, it will not change anything. Also, Ruhui and I are doing really well. Losing her would actually be the hardest thing for me to go through. Therefore, it has nothing to do with what happened in the past."

Su Ruihui did not say anything at all. It was the tradition for the women to stay quiet when the men were doing the talking. Even if the former lover of her man was right in front of her, she would have to be patient and listen all the way until her man finished talking. It was until Murong Zhishui finished his last word that a joyous expression appeared on her face. It was like all of those past dark days she had lived had disappeared completely, and she suddenly felt so much better. For all those years, she always knew that there was someone else living inside her man's heart. She had stressed out about it before and felt depressed over it. And this time coming to the Yuwen family was indeed for her to see this woman with her own eyes. After seeing her, she secretly compared herself with her and decided that she was not that much worse than her.

Right now, after hearing what Murong Zhishui had said, she suddenly realized it as well—although it was a fact that someone was living in her husband's heart all this time, it was nothing but some unfinished business. Now that they had met again, all those memories would officially slowly fade away. She was now clear that Murong Zhishui would only have her in his heart for the rest of his life.

All of a sudden, Su Ruhui felt quite happy that the two had actually met up this time. Otherwise, she did not know how much longer she would be sad about it.

It was almost the same time that Yan Xiner started to look bad all of a sudden for no obvious reasons. No one knew what exactly she was upset about, as no one knew what Murong Zhishui had said to influence her mood.

Back in the day, she was indeed in love with Murong Zhishui; that was until Yuwen Xiong had laid his eyes on her. To be very honest, she did not hate Yuwen Xiong at all, so she had considered about it actually. When she was facing the pressure from the Yuwen family, besides the fact that she still very much loved Murong Zhishui, there were no other reasons stopping her.

After marrying into the Yuwen family, her status had gone up drastically. She had been living a very wealthy life, and after all this time, she had changed quite a lot. It was by accident that she heard about Murong Zhishui and his rapid growth in cultivation after splitting with her. And now that he was one of the top martial geniuses in the family, she could not help but get happy about the news: the man she had been with before had turned out to be extraordinary. She felt quite happy that there were two men fighting for her.

After seeing him after all this time, she expected to see some kind of emotion toward her from Murong Zhishui, and surely some love. But, she was disappointed; besides the excitement from the beginning while remembering the old days, there was nothing. Especially after hearing the fact that he had let go of all those things happening in the past, she could not help but feel furious.

It was the kind of anger as if someone had taken away her toys.

After she cooled down, Yan Xiner said, "Can you not jeopardize this marriage for our old time's sake? Actually, it would not be bad for your daughter to marry into the Yuwen family. It would be great actually. She will be able to get access to more resources, and will be able to accomplish more."

"Why do you want my daughter to come into the Yuwen family? Just because the Yuwen family is the main family for demi demons?" Murong Zhishui answered with a question.

The former froze a bit, "Is it not good to marry into the Yuwen family?"

"You have changed…" Murong Zhishui took a deep look at Yan Xiner, "…I cannot recognize you anymore." He then took a deep breath and said determinedly, "I will not agree with this marriage. My daughter's happiness should be decided by her. No one should mingle with it, including me."

"You are so stubborn!" Yan Xiner said with anger.

"Yes, I am! But as long as my family is happy, then what is wrong with that?"

The perfect bloodline was very important to the Yuwen family. Otherwise, she would not have begged Murong Zhishui at all. His cold attitude toward her had made her starting to hate him.

"No way." Murong Zhishui said without hesitation.


Yan Xiner bit on her lips as she pointed at Ye Chen and said with a cold voice, "Murong Zhishui, do not forget that demi demons can only marry within the family. You bringing him here is breaking the longtime rule of the whole family."

"I do not know what will happen to them in the future. All I know is that my daughter does not want to marry into the Yuwen family for sure, and it is something that no one will force upon her."

"Huh!" Yuwen Jin sneered, "How do you know that your daughter does not want to marry into the Yuwen family? Or perhaps, it was your idea this whole time?"

"All you need is to ask, you know?" Murong Zhishui said with a pissed-off expression on his face. He turned his head to look at Murong Qingcheng, "Qingchen, do you want to marry into the Yuwen family? Marry the son of Yuwen Jin, Yuwen Ye? If you don't want to, then you can say it out loud. They cannot do anything to you."

Murong Qingchen was just about to say that she was not willing to do so when Yuwen Jin passed a Zhen yuan message into her mind, "Little girl, to be honest, I really like you. Your talent is not that much weaker than Ye. If we train you in the future, you might be able to become a Life and Death Realm warrior one day. Therefore, marrying into the Yuwen family would be your best choice. Do not hurry to say no, as your mother has already consumed the Shadowless Poison. You have probably heard about it before. It is not traceable at all, and there will be no other treatment out there. Even if it is a Life and Death Realm warrior, she might still not be able to cure herself. There is only one antidote. If you say no, then I will dispose that within a heartbeat, and your mother will die because of you. Are you willing to sacrifice your mother for your own happiness?"

"Think about it carefully. Do not disappoint me… and your mother."

Hearing him, Murong Qingcheng's expression changed drastically; she looked shocked and frightened. She looked at Su Ruhui, then at Ye Chen. She was torn.

At the same time, Ye Chen started to look shocked as well. Those eyes of his could not look colder within that silvery light.

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