Divine Brilliance

Chapter 44 - Battle Martial Body

Chapter 44: Chapter 44 Battle Martial Body

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The end result of teaching the sword technique was Zong Shou taking out that Spiritual Breathing Fist Method before he was able to make the furious Chuxue smile.

Only after Chuxue left was Zong Shou able to start drawing with the brush to create that ‘Luck’ Word talisman.

“That little cat’s combat strength is actually so strong, her speed is also actually so scary. To explain it with the talent of the tiger cat race doesn’t make sense. Does she have the legendary Battle Martial Body? Keke! If I had her talents, why would I need so much time to research and develop all these martial arts sword theories? Truly making one envious and angry…”

The so-called instinct of a martial cultivator was knowing what to do that would be most beneficial for oneself during a battle.

Chuxue was now only at the most surface level, but she had started to show her shocking talent. As long as she did some specific training in the future, her combat ability would soar.

People like Zong Shou, on the other hand, used their own intellect and experience to calculate and analyze. In battle both sides had their pros and cons, but the amount of effort he had to put in was several times greater than her.

Sighing in dejection, Zong Shou calmed down. With a palm he crushed the seal on the black can. He activated the Energy Swallowing Technique, absorbing all the remaining soul power and essence energy of the Sparrow Hawk within the can.

His body saw an instant rise in his spirit power. The excess seeped out from his soul, turning his eyes purple.

He started to draw on that yellow talisman paper without hesitation.

Without the God Talisman stone stelae helping, the entire drawing process was several times more difficult. Zong Shou could only rely on the God Talisman seed in his soul ocean, moving the brush according to those spiritual energy channels. as well as between the resistance forces of heaven and earth, trying his best to ensure that the lines of the talisman didn’t deviate too much.

“As expected from the God Talisman, this spirit power is used up so quickly! The essence energy and soul power provided by a Grade Four beast is actually not enough…”

Without hesitation, Zong Shou raised his hand and grabbed a few beast spirit stones. The Energy Swallowing Technique ferociously absorbed it all, crushing the stones in his hand into dust.

His dried-up soul ocean was instantly revitalized. Threads of spirit power were directed to the tip of the brush in his hand and gathered on the rune he was drawing.

When the last stroke was completed, the entire yellow talisman instantly glowed with a dim rainbow light.

The other God Talismans would instantly cause changes in the surroundings, but this time the only effect was that the wolf-hair brush in Zong Shou’s hands instantly exploded into many pieces.

Zong Shou took a long deep breath, focusing on the God Talisman in his hand. Although the writing was really ugly, after the entire talisman was completed it gave off an unusual aura.

Overall, it didn’t look that ugly. However exactly what use would this Luck talisman be after it was completed?

Thinking about that, Zong Shou’s expression revealed some distress.

In his last life, although he had also copied the last ‘Luck’ God Talisman, he had only simply copied it.

He wasn’t a spirit master, drawing out a talisman at the Xiantian Realm naturally had no effect. He also didn’t have any understanding of the true meaning of this God Talisman.

During that period in the game world, no one had used similar God Talismans.

Today, he could be considered to have truly understood the meaning of the talismans left behind by the Lingyun Ancestor.

However, the “fortune is caused by misfortune, misfortune is caused by fortune” as well as the “fortune and misfortune happen because of oneself; retribution is formless and invisible” within it gave him a headache. He had no idea what the use of this Luck talisman was.

“It seems like I need to find a person to test the effects of this talisman…”

This Luck God Talisman was the most special one out of the twelve talismans within his soul ocean.

Not only did he obtain the most complete seed, the amount of spirit power he used when he drew it could be controlled by him, using one of nine levels.

Zong Shou could naturally only draw the one that needed the least spirit power, the effects of this talisman were also naturally the lowest and would last for around a half-hour.

If he didn’t use it, he would be unable to find out the exact effect of it.

He frowned for a long while before he stowed away all the drawing tools.

The other God Talismans were far from being perfected. For him to draw them, even the most simple ones required him to wait until he reached the Xiantian Realm. With his current Focus Concentrating stage, he couldn’t even think about it.

At the current moment, the one he cared about most was still the talisman in his hand.


Two hours later, that torn and tattered carriage, with only twelve Cloud Stepping Foals pulling it, arrived in Xiaoyuan City.

The moment they got close, the Wind Talisman Formation he had fixed totally collapsed. Luckily, they were not far away from the city gates.

Zong Shou had never been to this eastern mining capital, so famous in the future. However, Yin Yang seemed to be quite familiar with it.

After entering the city, he easily led them to a street with various blacksmiths as well as weapon shops.

Not only did they sell agricultural tools, armor, and weapons, they also sold the various types of metals that they mined. Many forged fine steel and red copper items were shown in an orderly manner in the various shops.

Among the shops were some who sold carriages. However, there were only a few merchants who were able to build and craft such huge items, naturally the ones whose stores looked the most grand.

Standing at the opening of the street, Zong Shou’s heart moved as he thought about the talisman in his sleeve.

His eyes immediately floated between Yin Yang and Chuxue with much hesitation. Anyways, he didn’t dare to use himself as a guinea pig.

Yin Yang felt a chill go down his spine, like he had a feeling about what was about to happen, looking towards Zong Shou warily. He decisively stepped forwards, “Young Master, wait here, I will go ask around to see if anyone can fix the carriage!”

The moment he said that, Yin Yang disappeared into the endless stream of people.

Zong Shou felt some regret in his heart as he looked warmly towards Chuxue.

She couldn’t help but shake, feeling a chill for no reason, asking curiously, “Young Master, why are you staring at me like that?”

Zong Shou coughed softly, not making a sound. He took out the Luck God Talisman that he drew with much difficulty and stuck it on Chuxue’s back. He acted like nothing had happened, “Uncle Yin probably needs some time. Since we are free, let’s go walk around..”

In his heart he was thinking about the hundreds of talismans he’d scoured from the body of Qi Xiao. Since he couldn’t use them, if he sold them all he would be able to buy beast crystals and beast soul stones that he badly needed.

Chuxue didn’t notice the his actions, instead feeling that what he said made sense. “Let’s go take a look! If there is a branch of the Sanlu bank, we can take some money out. Buying Cloud Stepping Foals and repairing the carriage requires money. Luckily when Ruler told us to fetch Young Master from Linhai College, he stored four thousand Grade Three beast crystals in this bank. However, Young Master, the beast crystals you have are being used a little too quickly…”

Zong Shou visibly shook. He knew that his father, the Monster King of Gantian Mountain, would definitely have made some arrangements for him, not letting his only son fight alone outside. As for Chuxue’s grumbling at the end, Zong Shou acted like he didn’t hear her.

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