Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Chapter 007 – Maneater Leech

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However, the other types of beast cards were much rarer compared to original combat body types. At least, every beast card Zhang Che had seen so far was the original combat body type.

“It’s not good to think too far ahead. I’d better brand the Mutated Dark Carapaced Millipede card with my spiritual imprint first.”

Zhang Che shook his head and placed the first beast card he had obtained between his palms.

Although the Mutated Dark Carapaced Millipede was much weaker than the Fiery Scorpion or the Large Tusk Boar, this was the first beast he actually earned, after all.

When Zhang Che returned to his world in the future, he had to return the other two cards to their original owners.

-Aiya, why did I forget this!-

Zhang Che suddenly remembered something, and couldn’t help but sigh in frustration.

A tier one beastmaster could only use two one-starred beast cards at a time. Since he was already using the Fiery Scorpion and Large Tusk Boar, he couldn’t make use of the Mutated Dark Carapaced Millipede.

-Forget it. I can’t materialize it, so be it. That guy’s a little too weak anyway, and wouldn’t be of much help.-

Zhang Che could only console himself this way. He shook his head and kept the Mutated Dark Carapaced Millipede card into his shirt pocket. Before he withdrew his hand from his pocket, he suddenly went into a daze.

-That’s not right… I definitely started triggering a spiritual resonance with the beast card earlier. Why wouldn’t I be able to use it?-

Zhang Che immediately whipped out the beast card from his pocket once more.

He continued what he was doing earlier. Soon, light shone from the beast card held between his palms. Following which, the card vanished from his hand as willed by Zhang Che, and appeared in his spiritual sea.

“It actually succeeded!”

Zhang Che was greatly surprised. Could it be that I’m not a tier one beastmaster, but a tier two beastmaster from the moment I activated my spiritual sea?

-That’s impossible! I’ve never heard of such a thing!

-Then, perhaps it’s because I transcended into this world?-

Zhang Che blinked his eyes foolishly, feeling that this possibility was extremely likely. Otherwise, how did he explain his old garbage self failing the beastmaster aptitude test multiple times before he transcended, and him passing on his first try?

-Mmm After my soul transcended into this world and fused with the previous soul residing in this body, it could be said that our two souls now exist in a single body. So, my spiritual sea will naturally be twice as large as anyone else at the same tier, and it would make sense that I can still employ one more beast.-

“Doesn’t that mean that I can still place my imprint on one more beast?”

Thinking up to there, the corner of Zhang Che’s lips curled up into a smirk.

Being able to control twice as many beasts as others was definitely an extremely important trump card, be it hunting exotic beasts or fighting others.

Naturally, this secret must never be exposed, unless it was a life or death situation. He must never let others know the fact that he could summon twice as many beasts as others!


There was a dense forest ahead of Zhang Che. With his two beasts at his side, Zhang Che was deliberating whether he should enter the forest.

He was currently several kilometers away from the safe zone. Although he had hunted some beasts on the way, he had yet to obtain a second beast card. It showed that the rate at which beast cards were obtained was really low. It was no wonder even the lowest tiered, one star black iron beast card could sell for at least a thousand Alliance dollars on the market.

Of course, it could also be that Zhang Che was plain unlucky. After all, he had no idea how other beastmasters were doing in terms of drop rates, and could only make wild guesses.

There were a lot of weeds in the woods in front, with no signs of any human activity. Zhang Che hesitated for a moment. Relying on the fact that his two beasts were pretty strong, he carefully advanced forward while hiding some distance behind his beasts.

Although this area seemed a little off, he wasn’t really that far off from the safe zone. There shouldn’t be any beasts around that were too powerful for him to handle, as he had a silver-tiered Fiery Scorpion. He would be able to fight even if he encountered a two-starred bronze beast!

After entering the forest, everything grew darker. It was abnormally quiet; Zhang Che couldn’t hear a single sound, causing his hairs to stand on end.

Zhang Che advanced several tens of meters forward. Although he didn’t discover anything, he felt his surroundings were growing increasingly weird.

“Forget it. It’s better to turn back and head in a different direction.”

Just as he was about to order his beasts to turn around, A bunch of black shadows popped out from between the trees like drops of rain, pouncing towards his beasts.

“Shit, what are those?!”

Zhang Che was shocked. When he got a good look at what pounced onto his beasts, his scalp went numb.

The bunch of black shadows were actually leeches as thick as his thigh. Their skins were dark brown in color, with strange yellow patterns on them, looking extremely terrifying.


[Maneater Leech]

Level: Two Star (Level 15)

Quality: Bronze

Characteristics: Gathered in Groups, Tough Skin

Weakness: Vulnerable to Fire Attribute Attacks

Potential: C Rank: 50% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 3 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


“Cursed foul mouth! We actually ran into two-starred beasts, and in such a big group too!”

Zhang Che was on the verge of crying. Luckily, he was acting cautiously and didn’t follow his beasts too closely. Otherwise, he might already be sucked dry by those Maneater Leeches.

Although Zhang Che avoided trouble, that was not the case for his beasts.

The Large Tusk Boar, who was only a one starred bronze tier beast, and several maneater leeches were clinging onto it. It was crying out loud, randomly charging forward in an attempt to fling the leeches off its body, but its effort didn’t bear any fruit.

In just the time it took for a few breaths, the Large Tusk Boar’s body shrivelled noticeably. It was obviously unable to put up with this for much longer.

Zhang Che obviously wouldn’t stand by and watch while his beast died. With a surge of will, the Large Tusk Boar turned into a streak of light and drifted back into his brow, returning to his spiritual sea. That dark green card was now barely shining with light. Evidently, it had suffered a lot of damage. From the looks of it, it would need quite some time to recover, and Zhang Che wouldn’t be able to summon it for battle.

On the other hand, the Fiery Scorpion truly lived up to its name as a silver-tiered beast. Its carapace was extremely durable, and it was still in great shape.

Even when pounced on by several Maneater Leeches, the Fiery Scorpion displayed its ferocity instead. Although its large pincers were unable to attack the Maneater Leeches due to the awkward angle they were at, this ferocious poisonous beast still had the powerful stinger on its tail.

In the battles they fought earlier, the Fiery Scorpion had yet to use its stinger, due to how weak its opponents were.

Now, the Maneater Leeches had finally brought out the Fiery Scorpion’s temper, erupting instantly. With a swing of its tail, the red, glowing stinger violently pierced into one of the Maneater Leeches.

A red light flashed. The poison with added fire properties acted up, and the Maneater Leech’s soft body suddenly twitched about, falling twitching off the Fiery Scorpion’s body onto the grass. After struggling for a while, it turned into a streak of white light and dissipated.

==[You Killed a Maneater Leech. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force.]==

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