Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 005 – First Entry Into The Beast World

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Zhang Che was confused. He didn’t know anyone from the military…

However, he still responded immediately. He knew that the only ones who were aware that he was entering the beast world were the school leaders who prepared his certificate, his homeroom teacher, Han Sheqing, and his classmate Huang Tielan.

Even his mother, Sun Lan, was unaware of Zhang Che’s plans. He didn’t want her to worry and hid this matter from her, lying to her that his school had organized some activities and he needed to be away with his teachers and classmates for some time.

As such, it was obvious who prepared this backpack for him.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be the school staff, nor Han Sheqing. They would have given it to him back at school otherwise.

Evidently, the backpack was prepared for him by Huang Tielan.

After thinking this through, while Zhang Che was considering whether to accept it, the staff started hurrying him, “Take your things and hurry on. There are many others waiting behind you.”

Left without a choice, Zhang Che could only accept the backpack and go on his way.

Standing over a flat plaza, an elliptical curtain of blue light over ten meters tall that seemed to be something from the fairy tales suddenly entered Zhang Che’s sight.

“So this is what a spatial gateway looks like. This thin layer of light doesn’t look impressive at all, yet it cannot be destroyed no matter what methods are used. How mystical!” Zhang Che couldn’t help but exclaim, looking at the curtain of light before him.

Over the past several decades, the Alliance’s coalition government had tried on many occasions to completely destroy the spatial gateways that had appeared out of nowhere. However, they never succeeded, no matter what weapons they used against them. They even tried digging up the ground underneath them, but nothing happened to the mystical gateways.

Following the people before him, Zhang Che entered the spatial gateway excitedly. As he did, not even a ripple formed on the curtain of light.


The moment he crossed the gateway, the scenery before him changed abruptly.

The gloomy sky was like the base of a gigantic grey pot. Looking into the distance, there were only mountains and hills of different heights in all directions.

Zhang Che was standing on a plaza, surrounded by a crudely constructed camp on the flatland between the hills.

The base was spaced out over a large area, with rows upon rows of wooden buildings. It resembled a small town, with people everywhere. It was a very lively place.

“So this is the rumored safe zone. How interesting.”

Although this was Zhang Che’s first time entering the beast world, he had learned from relevant classes that there wouldn’t be any exotic beasts appearing within a kilometer around the spatial gateway. It was only during the once-a-decade beast horde that the beasts would come swarming in from all directions.

Zhang Che had no intention of resting in the camp. He decided on a direction and started walking. He rejected a few group of people trying to strike up a conversation with him on the way, and soon entered the mountains.

One might get into a dangerous situation at any moment after leaving the safe zone. Zhang Che didn’t dare to be careless. The dark green card lying in his spiritual sea suddenly appeared between his fingers after he willed it.


[Large Tusk Boar]

Level: One Star (Level 8)

Quality: Bronze

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Strong Defense, Excels at Charging Forward

Weakness: Lacks Flexibility, Slow Turning Rate

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


After activating his beast card, a 1.5 m tall wild boar covered in black fur and with a pair of sharp tusks about half a meter long appeared in front of Zhang Che in the next moment.

“Tsk, Teacher Han’s taste is really…” Zhang Che clicked his tongue, looking at the ferocious-looking wild boar before him. He was at a loss for words. It doesn’t look impressive; why would Han Sheqing like this kind of animal?

“Well, I’d better look at what Huang Tielan prepared for me…”

Zhang Che shook his head. He was in no hurry to venture deeper into the mountains, anyway. He opened the backpack Huang Tielan had prepared for him, and discovered that there was a complete combat suit, in addition to a knife about a foot long.

The combat suit was the latest invention of the Alliance. It was made using some tough materials harvested from the corpses of exotic Beasts, and provided impressive defense. Ordinary steel weapons were unable to penetrate it.

The foot long knife was no ordinary object, either. It was similarly mixed with materials harvested from the corpses of Beasts. Not only was it much sharper than traditional weapons, it was also much tougher and more durable.

Just these two objects combined were worth at least a hundred thousand Alliance dollars. It showed just how much Huang Tielan cared about Zhang Che.

Zhang Che sighed. Since he had already accepted them, he shouldn’t let Huang Tielan’s good intentions go to waste. It was best to equip them first; it was, after all, another layer of safety.

To his surprise, the moment he unfolded the combat suit, he saw a silver colored beast card fall out from the suit.

“Damn! This girl is really willing to spend!”

Zhang Che was thoroughly speechless. He didn’t expect Huang Tielan to even contribute her beast card. What was he supposed to say?

A one starred silver beast card was worth a hundred thousand Alliance dollars on the market at the very least! The better ones could even sell for several hundred thousand dollars!

This favor was truly too much, causing Zhang Che to feel apprehensive.

-Even if I sold myself off, I wouldn’t be able to afford a silver beast card!-

That wasn’t right. If Zhang Che wished to sell himself, Huang Tielan would gladly buy him for sure!

“Although it’s said that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I just… Forget it. I’ll just find a better beast card and gift it to her as repayment. It’s impossible for me to betray my body.”

Shaking his head, Zhang Che put on the combat suit and picked up the silver beast card on the ground. The card’s data flashed before his eyes.


[Fiery Scorpion]

Level: One Star (Level 9)

Quality: Silver

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Poison Attribute Attacks, Strong Defense

Weakness: Vulnerable to Ice Elemental Attacks

Innate Attribute: Enhanced Fire Attribute Toxin, Able to Destroy Enemy’s Physical Body Faster

Potential: D Rank (25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times)

Cultivating Directions: …


Zhang Che was nearly moved to tears. This one starred silver-tier Fiery Scorpion could sell for at least two hundred thousand alliance dollars!

The problem was, the better the items he got, the bigger the favor he owed…

This was truly a blissful trouble…

Zhang Che simply dropped all thoughts on how to face Huang Tielan in the future. He closed his eyes and focused his mind, holding the silver card between his palms. A ray of light gradually shone on his palms, indicating his successful triggering of the spiritual resonance.

In the next moment, the silver card suddenly disappeared from his palm. It appeared in Zhang Che’s spiritual sea, becoming a beast card he could call upon at will.

If a beastmaster wished to make use of a beast card, they had to first trigger spiritual resonance with the card and store it in their spiritual sea, before branding them with their Spiritual Imprint.

Similarly, if a beastmaster wished to gift or sell their beast card to others, they had to first remove their spiritual imprint. Otherwise, even if the opposing party had the card in hand, they wouldn’t be able to use it at all.

After successfully leaving his spiritual imprint, Zhang Che called forth the beast card once more. With a focus of his will, it turned into a streak of light and fell down before him.

This was a huge scorpion, with a length of approximately 1.5m. Its carapace was deep red in color, and it had a big pair of sharp pincers at its front. One could tell that it was strong just by the looks of it. It also had a tail curving to the front, with a stinger about fifteen cm long, flashing with a chilling red glow.

-What a beast! The Large Tusk Boar there pales in comparison to this Fiery Scorpion!-

“Let’s set off!” Zhang Che said in high spirits. He waved his hand, moving out towards the mountain forest in front of him, along with his two beasts.

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