Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Chapter 046 – My Son’s Taste Can’t Be This Unique

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The transaction was completed successfully. A huge sum of nearly twenty million went into his pocket.

Zhang Che suppressed his impulse to return home and visit his mother, telling her about having earned a huge sum of money. Instead, he entered the spatial gateway once more.

Three years was neither a short time nor a long time. Zhang Che had to make every second count, raising his strength as much as possible. That was the only way to have any chance of finding a healing-type beast to fully cure his mother’s illness.

Zhang Che had, on more than one occasion, thought of the terrifying possibility that even a healing-type beast wouldn’t be able to cure his mother. What would he do then?

Thus, he could only raise his own strength as best as he could to handle that kind of unthinkable aftermath.

In the military camp, Zhang Yujie smiled thoughtfully as he watched Zhang Che’s back slowly disappear into the blue curtain of light of the spatial gateway, instructing the person who came to deliver the money, “Go check on this guy. See what kind of a person he is.”

“Yes, Zhang-shao.”

The person in charge nodded respectfully and took a few steps back, then turned around and headed back towards the Ding Feng Corporation’s mall in the military camp.

Xiaoru didn’t understand Zhang Yujie’s actions and asked, puzzled, “Zhang-shao, if you wanted to investigate that kid, why did you give him a purple crystal card? Can’t you just ask for his personal terminal to transfer the money?”

Zhang Yujie shot a glance at Xiaoru, chuckling, “Dummy, it’s too obvious that way. That Sun Che would surely terminate the transaction. Where else would I go to find so many Elephorse cards?”

“Oh, so that’s why.” Xiaoru nodded and no longer spoke.

On the other hand, the vulgar man by the side, Old Gang, looked at Xiaoru in disdain. He revealed a flattering smile, bowing to Zhang Yujie, flattering, “Zhang-shao is wise indeed! In my opinion, under your leadership in the future, Ding Feng Corporation will definitely grow at a quicker pace.”

Zhang Yujie looked at Old Gang after hearing this. He chuckled, then opened his personal terminal and directly transferred a sum to his account.

“Although there is a slight hiccup this time, I am still a man of integrity. What should be yours won’t be any less.”

Old Gang received the notification of the transfer, his smile grew even more flattering. His bent waist lowered even more, “Thank you Zhang-shao! Thank you Zhang-shao! If there’s any matter Old Gang can do for you in the future, just say the word. I’ll even go to a mountain of swords or a sea of fire!”

Zhang Yujie only smiled slightly at Old Gang’s flattery before waving his hand at him to leave.

Watching Old Gang leaving the room with light steps, as if fitted with springs on his legs, Zhang Yujie revealed an inconspicuous ridiculing smile. Earlier when Old Gang looked at Xiaoru in disdain, thinking that he was being discreet, it was actually caught by him.

“Hur, this kind of person can only be used, and not trusted. Unlike Xiaoru, although his brain has more muscle than juice, he’s obedient and loyal! With that, intelligence and wits is not important at all.”


Dok dok dok, dok dok dok…

Sun Lan heard knocking sounds on her door amidst her hazy consciousness. She tried her best to open her eyes, happiness evident on her face. -Is Xiaoche back? Didn’t he say he’d be gone for a long period this time around?-

Although she was injected with the genetic repair medicine and her condition was under control, her body couldn’t be compared to healthy people, after all. She wasn’t nearly as energetic as before, and had to take a nap every day.

Currently, she had been napping for less than half an hour. Just as she was sleeping soundly, she was woke up by the knocking. She couldn’t muster the strength to get up on her feet so suddenly, and could only ask, “Who is it?”

“Auntie, may I ask if this is Zhang Xiao… Zhang Che’s home?” A young girl’s voice rang out from outside.

Sun Lan immediately quivered and sat up on her bed.

-A girl’s voice, and she is here to look for Xiaoche.

-Could it be that Xiaoche had gotten himself a girlfriend at school?-

“Yes, yes. Just a moment please. I’ll open the door right away.”

Sun Lan hurriedly pulled off her blanket. She put on a coat and her slippers, walking into the living room.

Outside the door, Huang Tielan stuck out her tongue. -So close! I almost said Zhang Xiaoche by mistake.-

The worn door was pulled open. Sun Lan saw a large figure appear before her that nearly blocked off all the light from outside.

Right in front of her at eye level were two mounds of considerable size. Even with a loose T-shirt on, one could see the obvious outline.

Sun Lan was taken aback. She took two steps back and raised her head. She saw a chubby face around the height of the door frame.

“Hello Auntie. I am Zhang… Zhang Che’s classmate. I’m here to visit you as he asked.”

-Oh my, whose daughter is this? How was she raised into this? It’s ok, it’s ok. Xiaoche would probably not find such a girlfriend.-

Sun Lan recovered a little from her shock. She hurriedly stepped to the side and welcomed with a smile, “Ah, you’re Xiaoche’s classmate? Come in, come in!”

“Thank you, Auntie.”

Huang Tielan entered the house, carrying a few boxes and bags. One look was enough to know they were tonics.

“Aiya, look at you. Why bother to bring anything here?”

“It’s fine, Auntie. I took them from my house. It’s just a little token. Please accept them.”

Since Huang Tielan put it like it, it wasn’t nice for Sun Lan to reject, either. She hurriedly invited Huang Tielan in to the living room and sat her down, looking at her with a curious gaze as she thought, -Something’s not quite right. With how introverted Xiaoche normally is, even if he asked a classmate to visit me, he would have asked a male classmate. Why would he ask such a… girl, here?-

Being looked at by Sun Lan, Huang Tielan’s face suddenly flushed. She sat there uneasily, regretting her impulsive decision.

“Aiya, just look at me. I forgot to bring you some water.”

Sun Lan was unsure of the relationship between her son and this girl before her, and thus didn’t know how to start a conversation with her. As such, she could only stand up to fetch some water, relieving some of the awkwardness between them.

Huang Tielan hurriedly jumped up, stopping Sun Lan. “No, it’s fine, Auntie. I’m not thirsty!”

It was her first time here. How could she let Zhang Xiaoche’s mother bring her water?

Sun Lan insisted on doing so, however. When Huang Tielan was hiding her awkwardness with the drinking, Sun Lan asked inconspicuously, “Right, did our Xiaoche ask you to tell me anything?”

Huang Tielan was drinking her water nervously. After hearing the sudden question, she forgot to think before blurting out, “Oh, Zhang Che said to let you recuperate in peace and not to worry about him. He’ll look after himself. Also, regarding the matter about the healing-type beast, not only will he try his best to look for one, I’ll also ask my fath…”

Speaking up until here, Huang Tielan finally realized that her words were a little improper and hurriedly stopped.

Hearing this, Sun Lan couldn’t help but reveal a look of shock, her inner heart rumbling with thunder.

-Not good, Xiaoche that child even told this miss about my illness, and asked her family to help look for a healing-type beast?

-Is this still a platonic relationship between classmates?-

-It can’t be, it can’t be. My son’s tastes can’t be this unique!-

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