Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Chapter 045 – Let’s Have a Pleasant Transaction Then

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Ever since the three of them had appeared by the entrance, Zhang Che’s eyes were narrowed slightly.

From the looks of it, these people didn’t come here with kind intentions!

The distance between the two parties were only around a hundred meters, and Zhang Che happened to be able to see the attributes of their beasts.

Although he wasn’t able to tell which subdued beast belonged to whom, the group of subdued beasts were three-stars at the very least, with a couple of them even as high as five-stars!

This also meant that these three beastmasters were at Tier Three, Tier Four, and Tier Five. One low-tier, and two-mid tier beastmasters; a strong party.

What made Zhang Che feel a slightly nervous was that the five-star beasts weren’t of trash quality either; there was even one that was gold-quality.

Not to mention others, just that five-star gold-quality beast alone could roll over Zhang Che with ease.

But Zhang Che wasn’t afraid!

Looking at their expressions, it was likely that they had realized that he’d massacred the herd of Elephorses. With that, they had no way of knowing his power level. Even if they had any designs on him, they would restrain themselves.

Moreover, Zhang Che still had the Mutated Puffersword’s sonic wave attack. If he made a sudden attack, although he couldn’t dare guarantee he’d kill the three of them in an instant, there was a good chance of severely injuring them. After that, he only had to quickly finish them before their subdued beasts could react. No matter how powerful their subdued beasts were, they were nothing more than drifting clouds.

Not having sufficient individual strength was the greatest weakness of beastmasters!

It was slightly better in beast worlds. Once they left the beast worlds, if caught unprepared, even a high tier beastmaster couldn’t win against a sniper rifle bullet.

This was also an important reason why after the world had changed so drastically, the state of the Hua Xia region was still so stable. Due to gun restriction laws, the army was akin to the Sword of Damocles hovering over the heads of every beastmaster. No one dared to challenge the dignity of the army.

From what Zhang Che knew, in the Bei Mei region where guns had spread unchecked, there would be shootings every day. Many powerful beastmasters didn’t die in fights against exotic beasts. Instead, they fell to the shots of their fellow men! It truly left one sighing in regret.

The party of three stopped for a short while. After conversing for a little, they walked directly towards Zhang Che. Looking at their attitudes, it didn’t looked like they were going to attack him.

Even so, Zhang Che didn’t dare to lower his guard. He was on alert, ready to strike at any moment.

The three approached, and the handsome young man in the middle smiled politely, greeting Zhang Che first. “Let’s get to know each other. I am Zhang Yujie, the young master of Qian Wei Ding Feng Corporation. How should I address this brother?”

Qian Wei Ding Feng Corporation?

As a Qian Wei native himself, Zhang Che naturally knew of the renowned Qian Wei Ding Feng Corporation.

Before the world turned upside down, Ding Feng Corporation was already a first rate corporation in Qian Wei City. After the new age was ushered in, with their financial strength, Ding Feng Corporation quickly entered markets relevant to exotic beasts, and grew even further.

From what Zhang Che knew, of the beast card trading hubs in Qian Wei City, the Ding Feng Corporation’s was the largest, apart from the one owned by the government.

Not only that, it was said that the Ding Feng Corporation cooperated with the Qian Wei military and established a exotic beast material research facility, specializing in the development of new composite materials.

Whether it was financial strength or influence, the Ding Feng Corporation was at the top of Qian Wei City.

This young man before him who identified himself as Zhang Yujie actually dared to claim to be Ding Feng Corporation’s Young Master. Then he must be the son of the Ding Feng Corporation chairman, Zhang Shaochong!

As expected of the son of a rich family, he actually owned a five-star gold-quality beast. Rich second generations were just on a different level!

“Sun Che.”

As the saying goes, you wouldn’t rush to hit someone who’d already admitted fault. Since Zhang Yujie was acting so politely, it wasn’t proper for Zhang Che to ignore him, either. He nodded slightly and responded.

This name was, of course, made up.

Seeing Zhang Che acting somewhat distant, Zhang Yujie didn’t take offense, and maintained the smile on his face, asking curiously, “Nice to meet you, Brother Sun! Pardon my asking, but if my guess was right, the Elephorse herd should have been killed by you; I wonder if you’re willing to sell the beast cards you obtained here?”

-Is he testing me, or is he testing me?-

Zhang Che didn’t mind it, however. He nodded with a calm expression, “Sure, it makes no difference to who I sell them to. It only depends on your sincerity.”

At this moment, the burly man who had been listening silently by the side stared at Zhang Che angrily. “What do you mean by that?! Would our Zhang-shao shortchange you?”

“Silence, Xiaoru!” Zhang Yujie turned his head and chided Xiaoru, then smiled apologetically at Zhang Che, saying, “I’m sorry. What an embarrassment this was. However, you can rest assured, Brother Sun. As for the price, I definitely won’t make you take a loss!”

-Hmm? This fellow could actually keep his composure. He’s not like those usual antagonistic, brain-dead rich second generations.-

Usually in novels, shouldn’t this type of character use his powerful backing as a shield and bully the weak, forcefully acquiring the beast cards at a horrible price, and when he spoke out against them, they would grow enraged and proceed to kill him and rob his belongings?

As expected, novels were full of lies. Who said that rich second generations were brain-dead?

The smartest ones were usually this type of people.

“Then, how much are you willing to offer?” Zhang Che asked straightforwardly. If he could sell the Elephorse cards at market price to this young master of Ding Feng Corporation, he would be spared much trouble.

In any case, Zhang Che was currently donning the appearance of his previous life, and he wasn’t afraid of the other party finding out any information on him. All was fine as long as he had the money and was willing to pay a suitable amount.

Zhang Yujie immediately broke out in laughter, “Alright, Brother Sun is straightforward, indeed. We shan’t haggle over it, either. Let’s go with the market price, at three hundred thousand per card. How about it?”

“Deal!” Zhang Che nodded in satisfaction.

Actually, the price of 300k per card was absolutely not high by any means. If he sold them separately, he could probably fetch about 320k each, but that was too troublesome. It wasted both time and energy.

To be able to sell them all in a wholesale manner for 300k each, why wouldn’t he do so gladly?

“Alright, deal!” Zhang Yujie’s smile grew even brighter. He asked, “I wonder how many Elephorse cards does Brother Sun has in his hands?”

The transaction had reached a preliminary agreement, Zhang Che finally revealed a slight smile, “Not much, only fifty-eight of them.”


Zhang Yujie’s party couldn’t resist sucking in a breath of cold air. -Fifty-eight cards; how many Elephorses did he have to kill to obtain that many beast cards?-

What was even more horrifying was that this guy took less than half a day’s time to gather that many beast cards. It went to show how unfathomably strong this guy was!

Zhang Yujie swept his gaze calmly across the three subdued beasts behind Zhang Che, noting inwardly, -Fiery Scorpion, one-star silver-quality; this one is probably a Wind Shadow Wolf, a two-star bronze-quality at best; as for this strange butterfly, who knows what level or quality this beast is at? It is probably the strongest one.

-Even so, it is impossible to hunt a huge herd of Elephorses with just these three subdued beasts. That means, this guy’s real subdued beasts are hidden away. Who knows what Tier of a beastmaster he is?-

It went without saying that it was impossible to complete the transaction in the beast world. Both parties had to return to the safety zone first and go through the spatial gateway, returning to the real world to process such a huge transaction.

Among the party of three, only Zhang Yujie has his own mount. In order to save time, Zhang Che directly gave them three Elephorse cards in advance. Following that, a two-star black iron card appeared between his fingers, turning into a tall Elephorse with a body as black as ink.

-This is the fourth subdued beast.-

Zhang Yujie swept his gaze across the Elephorse intently, feeling that this person was even more unfathomable.


Half an hour later, a group of people passed through the spatial gateway and returned to the world of Mercury. With a phone call from Zhang Yujie, the person in charge of Ding Feng’s mall in the military zone immediately delivered a purple crystal card over.

“Brother Sun, there’s 17.4 million in here. Check it.”

Zhang Che took over the crystal card and scanned it with his personal terminal. After taking a look at the number indicated on the screen, he nodded in satisfaction and opened his backpack, handing a filled cloth bag over to Zhang Yujie.

The security level on the purple crystal card was very high, and was endorsed by the Hua Xia Bank. Zhang Che didn’t have to worry that the opposite party would tamper with it and find out information about him via it.

Zhang Yujie received the cloth bag and opened it to take a look. He was almost dazzled by the stack of grey-black beast cards contained within. After checking on them, he extended his hand toward Zhang Che.

“Brother Sun, pleasure doing business with you. If there’s any more good stuff in the future, please take care of our Ding Feng Corporation.”


Zhang Che shook Zhang Yujie’s hand with a smile. A pleasant transaction was successfully conducted just like that.

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