Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Chapter 043 – Worth Over Ten Million Dollars!

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Rumble rumble…

The thunderous sounds of hooves rang out across the grassy plains.

Elephorses of differing colors were chasing an ash-green figure like a swarm of hornets whose nest was shaken, galloping all over the plains.

That ash-green figure, however, was a particularly majestic wolf.

Usually, there would only be wolves chasing horses. At this moment, however, the two had their roles switched, turning the situation into a group of Elephorses chasing relentlessly, while the ash-green wolf could only run for its life.

On the back of the big wolf was a human figure, his limbs locked tightly around the wolf’s body, afraid to make any slight movements at all.

“I freaking knew it; it’s impossible for the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly’s powder to be inexhaustible. It only knocked out about twenty Elephorses before it ran out. How useless!”

Although the Wind Shadow Wolf was running at an extremely fast pace, the experience of riding it was definitely worth less than a star, causing Zhang Che unable to do a thing except hug its neck with all his might, preventing himself from falling off.

With so many Elephorses stampeding behind him, if by chance his hands slipped, he could be directly used as filling for dumplings.

From the moment it began, this Elephorse-hunting operation had not adhered to Zhang Che’s script at all.

Initially, Zhang Che didn’t intend on using his ultimate killer technique, the sonic wave attack.

After all, this technique affects only an area in a sixty-degree cone,reached only ninety meters out, and had a cooldown of twenty minutes. Before reaching a situation that gave the best returns, Zhang Che would never use it.

Thus, after he charged into the highland plains, he got his subdued beasts to attract several dozen Elephorses, and let the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly administer its poison, wanting to harvest a bunch of them before deciding on his next course of action.

Alas, he never expected that the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly’s poisonous powder would actually be so useless!

Less than half of the herd of Elephorses that gathered from all directions were put down by the poison powder before they came stampeding over with an overbearing presence, leaving him unable to resist at all.

Helpless, Zhang Che could only recall his other three subdued beasts and jump onto the Wind Shadow Wolf’s back, running away in a hurry. One reason was to avoid the charge of the Elephorses, while the other was to also attract more of them, allowing him to find an opportunity to herd as many of them into the effective area of the sonic wave attack as possible

However, as the Wind Shadow Wolf started running, that was the beginning of Zhang Che’s tragedy.

He couldn’t freaking free his hands!

The Wind Shadow Wolf wasn’t a mount-type beast, after all. The ride was abnormally shaky; Zhang Che could fall off at any moment if he didn’t hold on tightly to it.

Of course, it wasn’t like there weren’t any gains from this ride. At the very least, Zhang Che clearly understood now that the Elephorses were indeed abnormally united. The initial herd of Elephorses kept crying out, and thunderous hoofbeats started rumbling in from all directions.

Thus, the current situation at hand happened; over three hundred Elephorses were stampeding, shaking the lands and mountains!

Seeing the herd of Elephorses behind him getting increasingly condensed, Zhang Che gradually revealed a gleeful smile.

“Come, bring out your fastest speed!”

Once the order was given, the Wind Shadow Wolf that was originally running several dozens of meters ahead of the herd suddenly accelerated, like a speeding car that had been fitted with a rocket engine, doubling its speed!

In just a few breaths’ time, the Wind Shadow Wolf pulled apart by over a hundred meters.

Once the distance was increased, the Wind Shadow Wolf suddenly slid to a stop.

Zhang Che jumped off the wolf’s back, and with a shake of his right hand, a green short sword appeared. He pointed the sword in front of him with a smile, facing the herd of Elephorses that was approaching like a tidal wave, without any hint of fear on his face.

The distance between them quickly shrank. A hundred meters, ninety, eighty…

Twenty meters!

Zhang Che’s pupils shrank slightly. The sonic wave attack was activated. The miniature Mutated Puffersword on the sword hilt opened its mouth slightly, and waves upon waves of invisible sound waves swept out in a cone.

It was like the galloping Elephorses ran into an invisible wall. Trails of blood burst out from all seven of their orifices, their limbs went weak and they collapsed to the ground.

Countless amounts of grass and mud splashed in all directions. Over half of the Elephorses were caught within Zhang Che’s attack area of effect and fell over like dominoes. The fraction of Elephorses who weren’t in the attack’s range couldn’t stop their charge in time either, and slammed into their companions ahead, falling one after another.

In just the short span of three seconds, not a single Elephorse was still standing!

“Now, we’ll harvest them as we like!”

Zhang Che waved his hand. The Fiery Scorpion and Brown-Haired Boar he had recalled into his spiritual sea appeared out of thin air. Along with the Wind Shadow Wolf, they followed Zhang Che’s footsteps and initiated a counterattack against the fallen Elephorse herd.

Bringing his subdued beasts with him, Zhang Che ignored the Elephorses that were knocked down by the sonic wave attack. After being struck by that, they were already on the verge of dying. They didn’t have to end their misery immediately.

The remaining thirty or so Elephorses, on the other hand, were currently impeded by their fellows, unable to bring out their speedy advantage at all. Facing Zhang Che, who was armed with a sharp blade, and his ruthless subdued beasts, they couldn’t muster much of a resistance and were killed right then and there.

Zhang Che finally experienced the exhilarating feeling of massacre. Every time he swung the Mutated Puffersword in his hand, an Elephorse would either die or be hurt. His killing rate was even higher than his own subdued beasts.

==[You Killed an Elephorse. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force.]==

==[You Killed an Elephorse. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Elephorse Card.]==

The sweet chimes of notification rang out in succession, Zhang Che was unable to hold it in and laughed out loud. Streak after streak of light dissipated around him, as if countless flames had exploded, giving off an exquisite visual experience.

Of course, what made Zhang Che excited the most was following the rapid killing of the Elephorse herd, the two-star black iron-quality beast cards fell one after another on the ground, like a wave of grey-black snowfall.

The massacre lasted for nearly ten minutes!

When the last incapacitated Elephorse was decapitated by Zhang Che, the area was left wrecked beyond recognition. A huge area of grass that was originally as tall as humans had been trampled flat, the yellow soil was overturned. It looked like the grass plains were infected with scabies.

Following that was the time to reap their harvest!

Zhang Che ran back and forth with a gleeful smile on his face, using both his hands to pick up the beast cards on the ground.

Fortunately, the beast cards emitted a certain glow. Otherwise, Zhang Che really couldn’t guarantee that he didn’t leave any behind.

“Hahahaha, this time I’m really going to be rich. A huge windfall!”

Looking at the bag full of ash-black beast cards before him, Zhang Che’s smile was so wide that his eyes were nearly concealed.

A total of sixty-two cards; this was the result Zhang Che got after counting them three times!

According to what Wang Dong had said, an Elephorse card was worth a little over 300k. With his gains this time around, he would earn eighteen million, at the very least!

What a terrifying amount this was!

With that, the expenses for the genetic repair medicine his mother, Sun Lan needed for the entire year was earned, just like that!

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